Graduation for a Special Someone

My hubby graduated today!

He started going to school within the year we first started dating….10 years ago!  He had taken a semester off here and there for various reasons, but it’s still been a long haul.  I’m so very proud of him and effort he has put into school, especially after we had Isaac.

I remember when I was working on my last semester after we had Isaac, it was hard.  We were both in school and balancing a newborn.  We’d take turns….you get two hours for school, then I get two hours, and on and on.  I was miserable, and frustrated and didn’t want to do my work.  I remember throwing fits.  Yelling about it being the stupidest thing I ever thought of…to go to school with a baby….complaining that I just couldn’t do it.  Zach never did this.  He just quietly worked and worked and worked and now he made it.

We are happy to have him back with us all the time.  No more, Daddy’s in school or Daddy has work to do….at least for a while. 🙂

Here are some photos from the day….it was HOT!  Graduation was at 1 in the heat of the day, but we all made it with limited sun burns….just a bit on one of my arms and well, Zach didn’t use sunscreen, so he is red as a cherry, now, not in the photos.

His cheering section:

Our Family:

Father and son:

Zach with Cody and Ron:

Zach with Isaac and his mom, Sue:


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