A Sweet Boy

Sometime in the earlier morning Isaac came in.  I remember him saying, “I don’t see Mommy.”  I reached down and helped him up into the bed.  He snuggled in between us and went to sleep.  Fast forward a few hours.  I hear him tell Zach that he is hungry and then he tells me something.  I don’t respond.  Then he says, “She is sleeping with both eyes closed.  She can’t hear me.”  Sometimes I wish it was that simple, but this morning, I was happy to hear his little thoughts.

He was very affectionate today.  Kisses and hugs and sweet thoughts.

I could talk about being in a bad mood…of throwing a grown-up fit….of crying….but really the sweetness of my little boy is all that matters, including how he just climbing up on the couch next to me with his book and read it to me. 🙂

Good Night…and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there.


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