I started this blog back in 2007…you can read my “About” from then.  A lot has changed, so I decided it was time to update this.

About My Blog: Welcome to my blog.  It is January 2010.  I’ve recently decided that I need to return to my blogging roots…meaning blogging for me…not for how many readers I have.  Once upon a time I was the main blog on WordPress life category.  I had a lot of traffic and when I suddenly wasn’t there anymore, I missed the interactions with others…so I started linking my blog to everything else I did on the Internet.  This made me think more about what I put out there…not that anything I write is really terribly offensive, but ya know.  So I’ve unlinked and am going to try to be more consistent in my writing.  My blogging is for me, but also for my kids and grandkids….so that someday they will know who their mother/grandmother was at this point in her life.

About Me:  I am 29 years old.  I’m married to an older man.  Just kidding…he is only 32.  In April we will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.  You can read more about our story here: My Love Story.

Until I got married I lived in the same house since I was three.  My parents have been married for 33 years and I have one sister, Stacy, who is 6 years younger than me.  My mom, Cher, is truly my best friend and my sister is close behind.  My sister just recently got married and move across the country to be with her husband.  I miss her lots.

Zach, my husband, and I bought a house the year after we got married, but are starting to out grow it.  We have two dogs, Lexi and Guinness.  But our pride and joy is our 13 month old, Isaac.  Isaac was born in December 2008 and has been a blessing ever since.

Zach works at a local elementary school.  He is also working on his teaching license and should be graduating in May 2011.

I work in the corporate world, but I’m lucky enough to work from home and as such I get to spend all day with Isaac.  What more could I ask for?  I have my teaching license and taught high school English for a year.  Then I decided to get my masters….so now I also have a MA in Information Learning Technologies, specifically eLearning.  I’d like to go back to teaching once Zach is done with school.


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