A Little Listener

The week I read The Devil’s Arthemetic by Jane Yolen.  If you haven’t read it, quick explanation is that it is a young adult book about the holicast.  I don’t remember exactly how I began reading it out loud to Isaac, but I did.  And then he would go play and return and ask me to read it again.  I pointed at the words as I read and he followed my finger.  He began staying for longer and longer periods.

The next day he saw it on my dresser and picked it up and said “read Jesus book.”  I guess up until now the only adult book we’ve read out loud is the Bible, which he calls the Jesus book.  I told him it wasn’t a Jesus book, that it was about Jews, so he said “read Jews book.”  In his tiny little voice it was so cute, we read.  Later that night I finished the book.

But, the next day, Isaac again saw it still on my dresser….”read Jesus book?”  I explained to him that I was done reading that book, but we could read another book.  So he is now listening to The Phantom Tollbooth and some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book.


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