Las Vegas Trip 2014 – Part 1

I still haven’t blogged about Disneyland and that was in April, but I’m going to start with our most recent trip to Las Vegas because it is fresh in my mind and won’t take as much time as Disney.

When I was sixteen, I met a great family, the C family.  They quickly became my second family.  They were a family of five – Dad – J, Mom – M, Daughter (my closest friend) – JT, Son – N and Daughter – C.  The oldest daughter and son are close in age and I’m in between them.  The youngest daughter is 6-8 years younger than the others.

Growing up, they had a close family friend with all boys (three), the middle son, was best friends with N but ended up marrying JT and they now have four boys.

When we got married, I really only wanted one person to officiate the wedding – J.  Thankfully, he agreed.  Over the last 10 years of our marriage, Zach has grown close to J, M and C.  They are some of our favorite people and seriously, we think of them as family, not friends.

N and I used to be close, we used to lead youth group together, but over the years we’ve gone down different paths and although we see each other at “family” functions, that’s about the extent of our relationship.  When I learned N was engaged to a wonderful woman, I was super excited for him and couldn’t wait to hear about his big day, although I didn’t expect to be invited…and then…we got an invite.

They choose to get married in Las Vegas and we decided that this year, we could make it happen and it would give us the opportunity to travel with our second family.

We decided to make a round trip….Colorado to Utah to Nevada to Arizona to New Mexico back to Colorado.  It’s a lot of driving and a lot of states in just seven days, but we wanted to get to AZ to see my grandmother and visit with some of our good friends who moved years ago.

Originally, we’d thought we’d leave on Thursday morning and drive through the day and geocaching and stop a lot.  As the time got closer, Lynzie showed that she is not that fond of traveling and sometimes is quite a pain to get back into the car.  We amended our plan to leave at around 8 PM on Wednesday and drive straight through to Zion National Park, about a 10 straight hour drive and we knew that wasn’t going to happen.

My car had been having challenges starting after sitting over night and Zach didn’t feel comfortable driving across the country with that problem.  We took the car to our friendly neighbor the Saturday before and were informed that we needed to replace the fuel pump because it wasn’t keeping pressure in the line.  They were going to have it done by the end of the day.

And then the nut wouldn’t come off.  They would have to break it, but didn’t have a replacement.  They would have to order it.  It would get to them on Tuesday at the earliest.

We’ve been parking the car outside because most of the crawlspace is still in the garage.  I spent a good chunk of time on Sunday re-organizing it so that the car would fit, but it’s still a bit tight.  On Monday, Zach texted me and said if I could get the car in the garage I should because I bad storm was coming.

I rushed downstairs and made some modifications to the arrangements, pulled the car in a squeezed out the side, closed the garage as the first rain drop fell.  Rushed to shut all the windows and then it really it.  It woke Lynzie up and as I was standing next to her bed, I watched golf ball hail fly diagonally into the window.  It was a crazy powerful storm, but we didn’t get the worst of it.  Even still, our kitchen window was broken in the storm.  We’ve had a lot of crazy storms this summer and it makes me so thankful we have a newer roof.

On Tuesday, the part came in as Zach was coming home.  He dropped it by the shop and I was going to pick him up with the second car, but Zach forgot and took the only keys we have with him.  Whoops!  When he went back to get the car to come get me so we could all go back, they just offered to drive him home.  It was perfect.  The car was done in a few hours and we picked it back up….grabbed dinner and then went home.  Because the fuel tank had been open, it was a little smelly in my car, so we decided to pull it into the garage to roll the windows down over night.  The car didn’t want to start.  It was even worst than it had been and it wasn’t even sitting!

We decided that the next morning (Wednesday – the day we are leaving) Zach would try to start it before he went to work.  He had an all day training at a different location that was close to Zach’s dad’s place, so was planning on taking Lexi with him and dropping her off for the week.  This meant he was leaving a little bit before he needed to.

The car didn’t want to start and this time Zach got to experience it.  The shop opened at 7 and it was 6:40, but we quickly made the decision to get the kids in the car, take the car to the shop (we were going to leave the keys in the night drop) and then we’d all drive Zach to his training and worry about Lexi later.

I was super busy at work…I had both kids and no support…Isaac had to go to school…Isaac had to be picked up from school.  I was a ball of stress.

Just after I dropped Isaac off, I got a call from our neighbor.  They’d fixed the car, a washer was split and causing improper pressure, because he knew we had a lot going on and didn’t want to make us pack up the kids and such, he was bring the car to me and would catch a ride back to work with his wife, who was home for lunch.

Being so busy at work, I got off late and Lynzie wanted to cuddle (we wasn’t in a great mood all day because of the early wake up), so we didn’t even start packing until about 7PM….yep, we didn’t leave on time.

Around 9PM, just after Ron and Cody picked Lexi up, we grabbed dinner and a few miscellaneous things at the store and started driving.  It was raining and we knew the mountains would turn to snow.  I don’t like driving in rain and I don’t love driving in the mountains, but Zach kind of enjoys both.  He was our first driver and took us to the Utah/Colorado border at about 3AM.

I drove a bit, about 2 hours, before I got so tired I decided to pull into a rest stop and rest.  Lynzie was restless and hadn’t really let the “sleeper” sleep for either Zach or I.  We pulled the kids out of the carseats, cuddled in some blankets, locked the doors (switch kept locking and unlocking, so we unlocked them) and slept for an hour.

As the sun rose, I began to drive again.  I really kinda wish I’d seen from the border on in the sunlight because it looked so beautiful.  I’ve never seen that part of Utah before and as the sun raised it was amazing and beautiful and such and enjoyable ride.  We got to Zion around 9 or 10 I think and drove from the East end to the West and decided to park and hike around a bit.  Just outside of Zion (about a 1/4 of a mile) we found a spot on the road and unloaded and headed out. I packed up the sandwich the kids didn’t eat for breakfast and some water, but we really were just going to ride the bus, walk a bit and see if Isaac could get his Jr. Ranger Badge.

The bus ride was pleasant and the kids sat next to each other and cuddled was so sweet.  In order for Isaac to get his Badge, he had to attend a ranger talk and the only ranger talk left for the day meant we wouldn’t be able to hike.  Isaac made the decision that he would rather hike, so we got off the bus and headed to the river bed.  We walked and walked, and the kids were slow and eventually, I spilt from this to see the “end” of the trail….it wasn’t worth it, no different that the other part and I would have been happier to enjoy the family enjoying the river.

The kids got hungry and were starting to be a pain, so we pulled out the sandwich and it turned out it was only the last two bites of mine that I had meant for the trash – Mommy fail!  We got back on the bus and were in a hurry to get back to the car to find a place to eat.  We had a few snacks, but no real food.  Both kids fell asleep on the bus, Lynzie on my back in the wrap.  As we pulled close to our car, I thought I saw are parking lights flash.  I didn’t think anything of it, until we tried to unlock the doors and they wouldn’t (this only happens when the battery is drained).  We used the key to unlock the door and the the car wouldn’t start and then it locked the doors again.  It continued the game of locking and unlocking the doors for the next two hours.

Several months ago, Zach decided he wanted AAA because we go on so many trips and it would be nice to have the security.  This happened, no big deal, we’ll call AAA and get someone to jump us.  Easy pease….until you are on hold with AAA for 40 minutes and have two hungry kids and no food….the restraunt across the street that you decide to go to is closed until 5.  Every person you ask to jump your car says they have a rental and don’t feel comfortable.  When you finally get AAA on the phone, your husband has gone business to business to see if someone will jump us and since you aren’t the policy holder, you need him and in packing up the kids, they start crying and the person on the phone can’t hear anything you say and then when you find your husband he tells AAA that he has someone that is willing to jump us and hangs up.

And then someone comes, we connect the batteries (we had jumper cables in our car by accident) and the alarm goes off, the doors are all locked and the only open door is the back passenger door.  I jump across the car seat and the car, grab the keys that are on the seat and turn the car on…it starts for a brief moment and then nothing….it won’t even attempt to turn over.  We thank the helpful young man and go back to calling AAA.  Zach’s phone battery is at 60%….mine is at 6%.  The data connection is horrible and I’m unable to research anything AND I have to pee.

We spend the 30 minutes on hold with AAA reading the manual to the car and learning that when you have one remote in the car when you lock it it can cause a malfunction (we had a spare with us that we left in the car) and if you try to jump the car while the doors are locked (which they were due to the malfunction) the engine will immobolize because it thinks it’s being stolen.  All we needed to know was how to tell the car we were the owners.

AAA offered to tow us, but we didn’t know if a local place would know/be able to fix the problem or if we’d need a dealership or even law enforcement involved.  This has never happened in the six years we’ve owned the car.  As Zach talked to AAA I decided to call the police.  I called 911 and told them it wasn’t an emergency and they gave me the non-emergency number.  I spoke with the person who answered explained the situation.  He was no help.  He told me to call a tow company.  I said I didn’t have a number as I wasn’t from the area.  He said he couldn’t give me anything because that would be showing favoritism.  It wasn’t until I broke down in tears that he even asked if we were safe.  Ugh!  I don’t think police are in it to help the community.  I have never once met a police officer that was willing to HELP anyone.  I think they get into that profession for the power.

About the time I hung up, Zach hung up.  He had two numbers…the closest dealership and a local shop.  It was about 5:20….He called the dealership and with my remaining power I decided to call the local guy.  Zach got the run around and they said they would have to hook the car up to the machine in the morning to see what was wrong.  I got an answering machine and as I started to leave a message a lady picked up.  I explaining the situation as quickly as I could and she said, “Oh, I’m sure Bill can fix it, here he is.”  WHAT?

I explained to Bill what happened and he proceeded to tell me how I COULD FIX IT without his help!  Then I mentioned the battery not being charged and having no one to jump it.  He stopped telling me what to do and said he’d be there in 16 minutes.    Oh the relief!

I sat in the grass next to the car with Isaac and we colored his homework and I tried to de-stress.  Our hood was open for this entire time and people we walking by and driving by and staring, but did one person ask if we were okay or if they could offer any assistance?  Nope.  None.  In fact, when I needed to pee and walked to the local shop, I was told I needed to walk to the Zion visitor center 1/4 a mile away….I let Isaac pee in the tree.

Bill arrived.  A bit later than he told me, but it was by 6…maybe he’d said I’ll be there at 6.  I was a little emotion and could have misunderstood.  He had the great big yellow van and pulled out a battery tester/charger.  Within 5 minutes the car was on.  We let it charge for a bit, paid Bill far less than deserved, got some good advice for Colorado drivers in Utah and directions to the nearest fast food.

No tow.  No overnight stay.  Just about 2.5 hours of inconvenience.  We missed the Packers Game.  We didn’t get to enjoy the evening with everyone.  BUT…we were safe and on our way.


2011 Road Trip – The End

Day 9:

From Tacoma we drove through the night, well Zach did.  At two AM we had a tour of Spokane (I’d always wanted to go to a college there) and even Isaac woke up.  It is near impossible to find a place to go to the bathroom at 2AM, so we had to get out of there and drive to a rest stop – thank goodness for those.  Isaac and I walked a bit and he talked so loudly about all the people sleeping in their cars…I’m sure he woke some of them up.  I still can’t get that kid to understand “quiet” and “whisper.”

After that I slept until about 7 when we got to Missoula.  We switched places, so Zach could get some rest.  I think he slept two, maybe three hours.   I was tired.  I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I stopped at an Albertson’s.  I sat in the car and slept, but after a while Isaac woke up and Zach dealt with that.  We ended up putting a blanket out on some grass under a tree and letting Isaac play cars, eat and relax.

Zach became the driver again and we decided we were going to camp in Wyoming.  For some reason, I didn’t have a problem staying awake when I wasn’t driving, so Zach and I continued to listen to Under the Dome by Stephen King and Isaac watched movies and dozed.

I found a RV Campground in Buffalo that looked good and would put us within six hours of home.  I was a little worried to camp at an RV place, but we needed to sleep.  When we got there, we found a nice grassy, creek area to put our tent, free wifi, a swimming pool and showers.  It was great.  After dinner, we took Isaac to the pool.  He was a little hesitant to get in, but once he did he had a blast.  They had a big two foot area, that Isaac could walk around in and he liked to try to run.  He went all the way under once and got a little scared, but recovered nicely.  He also liked to get out of the pool and jump into Daddy’s arms.  It was the first time Isaac had loved the pool.  Every other time we’ve taken him, he has been pretty scared of the whole thing.

We decided to leave the scream porch on the tent open and the rain fly off.  It almost felt like we were outside, minus the bugs.  And the ground wasn’t so hard like the other places we’d stayed. It was a great nights sleep.

Day 10:

In the morning, I drove…and drove…and drove.  We listened to the book again, but it really felt like we were getting no where – both in the book and on the road.  The only exciting thing that happened was when I deer snuck out on to the highway in front of me.  He was hiding in grass and just before he stepped on to the highway I saw his antlers.  Then of course he walked into the middle of the road and stopped in my lane.  Why, oh why, do deer thing that is a good idea.  I slammed on the break and prayed we’d stop…we were going 80MPH, but thankfully there were no cars around us.  We stopped within a few feet….he continued to stare for a few seconds and then walked to the other side of the road.  Freaked me out.  I shook for a while.

Near Cheyenne Zach took over driving and got us home.  Home Sweet Home.

We unpacked everything, started laundry and gave Isaac a bath.  I cooked rice and peas.  Isaac’s bowels are still messed up, so I’m hoping the rice will help.  And then we went through photos.  He was great to just let Isaac play and play he did.  He got lost in his bedroom for a long time and we didn’t have to worry that we’d lost him or that he was getting into anything.  We had a great trip, but it sure is good to be home – even if we came home to a gallon of dog hair on the floor.

2011 Road Trip – Day 8

Friday. The day we are were supposed to head back home. Our plan included stopping in Tacoma at the zoo with my cousin and having some seafood. Then heading our for a night of driving.

Unfortunately not all went as planned. Isaac woke crying in the early morning and we pulled him into bed with us. An hour or so later he was tossing and turning and whining. He finally said he needed to go poopy…but he already had, and not the healthy kind. Thankgoodness he was wearing a diaper! He said his tummy hurt and felt a little warm. Poor little guy!

A few hours later he seemed a bit better and we started packing up, but it was already after when we were supposed to leave. At that point I gave up on the zoo and good thing cause it still took four more hours to get out of there!

After we were packed we took Holden, Logan and DeDe out for what was supposed to be a quick geocache (so the boys would know what it was), of course it took longer than expected. Both boys found one though, so that made for a good experience for them. Isaac fell down on the trail and got a good scraped up bloody knee. Only calmed down when we asked him if he wanted to keep walking and he immediately stopped crying, but would whine anytime his knee was touched for the rest of the day.

We then had to get stocked up on stuff like ice and munchies and lunch for our trip back, so we stopped at Safeway followed with a trip to Swain’s to use a gift certificate Zach had gotten for his birthday. In the mist of these shopping trips we realized we needed to return to the house to get some things we forgot – guess you can’t remember everything he first time. Oh, I forgot to mention that Greg sent us home with a maple and some roses.

Finally on the road, four hours late, meant we missed the zoo, but we decided to still meet up with my cousin at Point Defiance Park. Guess what we did there? Geocached! And I took a lot of photos at the rose garden. We looked at the water and it’s crystal clear! I just can’t get over it! We saw a few dead jelly fish and three live ones.

We found a seafood restaurant on the pier and I even had fish! But the biggest surprise was that Isaac LOVES calamari.

We drove along the sound and said our goodbyes and headed out of town.

2011 Road Trip – Day 7

Hello from Tacoma!
That’s right this is a guest post from yours truly-Big Z! While your normal host drives us on our long trek home I will update you all on yesterday’s events. So on day 6 some of my family from California arrived. This group consisted of my 2nd cousin Andy, his girlfriend Jorge (Jordana is her real name-don’t ask me, I don’t get it!), and Andy’s sons-Wilder, Holden, and Logan. Big group of people to organize and move in a timely fashion like going on a hike to the Hoh Rainforest.
As you have probably guessed our goal for the day was to get up and all travel to the Hoh Rainforest which was easier said than done! DeDe spent hours it seemed making breakfast for everyone while everyone showered and got ready. Even after breakfast was done we were far from prepared. Jenn, Isaac, and I were ready but something was holding half of the group from being ready. While waiting, we decided to go look for a geocache near the house with Holden, Logan, and DeDe who may be the newest and most enthusiastic member of the geocaching community. After tromping through wet brush and taking about 30 minutes to do so without even coming close to the cache, we decided to head back and see if everyone was finally ready to go to the rainforest.
Miraculously everyone was ready and we started our drive to the rainforest. Along the way we drove by a place called Crescent Lake which was very beautiful with it’s clear blue water. Even more exciting was the next stop in the town of Forks.
Incase you don’t know (and don’t feel bad if you don’t-really), Forks is where the Twilight story takes place (only fictionally though). This fact alone has made this little logging town quite popular to adoring young women across the country and apparently they flock here in droves so that they might be able to feel some of the sparkly vampire on werewolf action that takes place there (fictionally). Well we stopped at a hamburger joint for a quick bite (pun intended) where you could order things like a Bella Burger and a Twilight Lemonade. I am sure the giggling tween girls taking pictures of themselves at the Welcome to Forks sign would soon find there way there! We soon got back on the road and passed a lodge where Bella’s red truck complete with a dent on the driver’s side (once again, if you don’t know what I am talking about-congratulations, make sure it stays that way!) sits. Apparently the town bought it from Hollywood or something. It was really amazing to see how this book series has caused such a craze for such a little town.
Eventually we made it into the Hoh Rainforest and were delayed in our drive by a pair of Elk roaming the sides of the road and eating. Everyone stopped to take photos, it was a real touristy moment straight out of the movies when everyone surrounds wildlife and takes thousands of pictures while the wildlife does something spectacular like lift its head. Anyway I was one of the gawkers and I am certain you will see the resulting photos before too long. It really was very cool!
Finally we made it to the trails. The rain-forests in the area are not your stereotypical tropical, Jaguar and Toucan filled, watch out for poison darts kind rain forest. These are more like trees that you typically see in the mountains but much, much, much bigger and completely covered in thick green moss that hangs down and creates this amazing curtain like feel. There are plants everywhere that seem like they were the type that dinosaurs were tromping around. And yes it rains there like all the time as it did off and on during our time there. It was an amazing sight that I think everyone should experience sometime. Giant slugs, nurse trees, and amazing views!
During this hike Isaac had a blast with his new friend Jorge! He did his best to stay with her and hold onto her and even pet her when he could (Ashley’s new competition!). He also fell in the mud a time or two and was very concerned about getting dirty but learned to use Daddy’s pants as a napkin so everything was ok.
After we were all quite satisfied with our hike, we got back into the cars and headed back home. Along the way Isaac sang us songs and kept us very entertained as Wilder slept and the rest of us snacked. We were all very tired as we got home and ate delicious hoagies and went to bed!
Another great day with DeDe and Greg!

2011 Road Trip – Day 6

Setting the alarm on vacation always seems wrong, but we wanted to be on the first ferry to Canada so it was a must. We had a quick bowl of cereal and DeDe drove us to the dock. It was a cold dreary day, so I was a little concerned to be out on the water, but it all worked out.

Zach and Isaac both rode free. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday. We arrived in Victoria about 10AM and it was dry.

Victoria is such a beautiful city-clean, flowers, well manicured gardens, water and the nicest people. We really just spend a few hours wandering around the city. Zach’s only requirement was to have a Canadian beer in Canada and a few geocaches. I was really amazed by the way all car stop for pedestrians no matter where you are. You don’t need to look, just walk on out and all cars, buses, etc. will stop. It was pretty amazing.

We returned home and had an evening cookout with DeDe and her son and grandsons from California that arrived just in time for dinner. Isaac found new friends and we had a bonfire.

2011 Road Trip – Day 5

Isaac had an accident in the middle of the night, which resulted in him being naked in our bed. He needed to to pee in the morning and walked over to the the door, walked outside and peed off the deck. It had to be one of the most natural things in the world. But then it took me a while to get him actually dressed. He wanted nothing to do with them, so he first left the cabin with only his shoes.

Once we got going, we went into town. We visited the pier and a marine life museum, where we got to play with star fish, urchins, crabs, snails and sea cucumbers. We also got to see some fish and some octopus. We then wandered around the port geocaching and chatting. It was quite an enjoyable day.

By the time we got back to the house it was raining, but we had a nice dinner in and had some fun listening and watching the owls on the way home.

2011 Road Trip – Day 4

July 11th. We woke early to beautiful blue skies above our heads. There really is something to waking up in nature (and not all hot a sweaty that can happen in a tent.). Isaac was still tired and grumpy, so we let him watch a movie while we packed up the tent.

Then we drove and drove. Isaac slept for a lot of the day, so we listened to our book. Isaac did ask the dreaded “why?” for the first time…and soon followed up with “how does that happen?” As in, “how does the rain fall on my white car?”. So thoughtful this little man of mine.

We arrived at our final destination only 30 minutes after my planned time. And we had a no accident day!

Isaac was so exited to arrive. He ran in circles. Ran down the path, swung on the swing, saw the chickens and met the dogs. The joy on his face was so evident. We had trouble convincing him to come in for dinner.

After a nice dinner we retired to the little cabin where we all snuggled in and slept in oh-so-comfy beds.

2011 Road Trip – Day 3

Yesterday was a pretty mellow day. It started at 8 when our tent got to hot. We put a naked Isaac outside to pee – sorry to all those around, he soaked all the clothes and blankets we had in the tent and he had to pee.

We did some quick geocaching so we could get our Utah badge. Unfortunately we let Isaac drink an entire box of milk and didn’t believe him when he said he needed to go potty because he’d just gone. About ten minutes later, as we were driving at 80MPH, Isaac was urgent that he needed to pee. The look he gave me made me realize he couldn’t hold it at all. Zach pulled to the aide as quickly as possible, but it wasn’t quite quick enough. Isaac leaked enough to get on his seat, but not enough for a huge puddle to soak the seat. I opened my door and put him on the floor so he could pee out the door-gotta love having a little boy! We had many more of these quick stops through put the day, but no more accidents.

We stopped in Boise for a late lunch at Pita Pit and some playground time. Then we continued on to our camping stop in northeastern Oregon. Isaac and I slept along this part of the trip

We arrived early enough to set our tent up in day light. We decided to leave the fly off (after consulting the weather) so we could see the stars. When it got dark it got really cold, so we piled on blankets and decided Isaac could sleep with us. Soon enough we were all out.

2011 Road Trip – Day 2

Yesterday was a great day…but so long!

The night before we got to my aunt and uncle’s house. They let us stay in their basement. We pit Isaac’s sleeping bag on the floor and he had no problem going and sleeping on it when he was ready to sleep. About 6 Isaac woke up and wanted in bed with us. I took him to the bathroom and then he snuggled with us for a few hours.

We got on the road and headed to Salt Lake (about 1.5 hour drive) for a family picnic in the park. Most of my mom’s family lives in SLC. It was organized at this big park with a covered shelter with lots of tables and several play grounds, one of which was like a little old west city. It was hard to keep track of Isaac in the one.

I had made strawberry lemonade cake pops to share and they were a big hit. Thankgoodness…I was a bit worried when no one wanted to try them because they didn’t know what they were. Silly people.

Isaac was a bit tired at the park since we had to wake him up to go, so he was a little grumpy and hard to deal with but it was still good to see everyone.

After the park we headed to Tracy Aviary. My cousin works in the bird show and I’ve always wanted to see the show. She puts a lot of effort in to training and writing the show. We were a little early and Isaac had fallen asleep in the car so we let him sleep for about 20 minutes.

We got in and Steph had worked it out for us to feed the pelicans, and later the conures, but first Zach got to hold a toucan, Inca, who even smiled for pictures. She was quite cute and Isaac had a huge grin.

A few minutes later we were given dishes of whole fish to toss to the pelicans. Isaac whacked Zach in the head and isn’t quite as food at throwing a slimy fish as he is at throwing a ball.

We then wandered around the aviary for a while, running into my cousin again who was out with a turkey vulture. Isaac ran eight up to her, I think he wanted to give her a hug! She was pretty sweet and kept sunning herself with her wings open.

Then we moved on to feeding the conures. In Denver you can feed them to, but you just get a cup of sugar water and are only supposed to feed the ones in the tree. Here we were given apples to hold out and the birds would swoop down to eat. I think we all had four or more on us at one time. Isaac wasn’t scared, it was all quiet fascination. He even got to feed some seed.

Then it was time for the bird show. Isaac was hot, tired and thirsty by this point so it was a bit of a challenge to keep him sitting and now screaming, bit the show helped. The birds flew often and are so amazingly trained. Zach got to volunteer and have a red-tailed hawk land on his arm several times. And after the show we walked up to talk and Isaac got to play with a well trained, loud crow. We were going to get to see more birds from the show, but it was starting to storm.

We headed out to my cousin’s cousins house for dinner and to let the kids play. She has a four year old and a dive month old. Isaac and her dour year old hit it off better than I have ever seen him hit it off with anyone. They played trains forever, had conversations, played in water, chased each other with water guns, laughed and gave each other hugs. And all this allowed me to cuddle with a cute five month old and just enjoy spending time with my cousin and her husband. Nothing warms a Mom’s heart like observing her kid have a great time.

We were only in the car, on our way to our final destination of the day, for five minutes when Isaac feel asleep. I tried to wake him up so he’d sleep at night, but he was having none of that, so he was still asleep when we arrived at our camp site. It was almost dark, so we got straight to work on the tent. We got it all setup and Zach went to check on Isaac. He was awake and told Zach he cried “because you didn’t get me.”. How sad! But then he was awake and so excited about the tent. He ran round and round, but when it was time to go to sleep he went right over and cuddled in his sleeping bag…until he had his first accident of our trip in the middle of the night. He then slept naked between Zach and I for the rest of the night.

Absentee No More

I’ve been gone from the blog for a little over a week. I wrote about all the excuses yesterday, but I had no 3G and lost it all. Instead of rewriting it all (who really cares?) I’m just moving on…

We are on vacation!!!!! A much needed, long vacation. We packed up the car with 10 days worth of stuff and started driving. I drove quite a long way…I’d be tempted to say a little over halfway.

We geocached a bit. We listened to an entire book. Isaac slept, watched a few movies, ran around rest stops and in general was a perfect kid. He didn’t have an accident and we didn’t have make any extra stops for him.

It was a pretty good day for driving. The weather was cloudy and a bit raining, but not real hard. We got onto my aunt and uncle’s place in Evanston, Wy just about 9PM – an hour after I expected, but pretty good considering we left three hours late.