The Cough

Isaac has had this on-going cough for months now.  It started shortly after we got back from Arizona.  It only happened like once a week in November, we went to the doctor in December for it.  We were told it was spasmodic croup and given prednisone.  It helped.

Then around the first of the year it came back, but for some reason January is a bit of a blur for me.  Then in February we all got sick.  Zach was sick for three or four weeks and Isaac was showing similar symptoms.  I only got sick for one week, but I’m healthy like that.  We took Isaac to the doctor at the beginning of the month.  She gave him an antibiotic since the cough seemed to be getting worse.  Then just over a week later, I could hear wheezing/rattle in his lungs, so we went back to the doctor.  She said he had early stages of pneumonia and prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days.  Within two days his cough left and was gone until two or three days after the prescription was out.

We’ve been paying very close attention to this cough.  It was happening almost every night between 8-10 and would last an hour or more.  Sometimes there was wheezing when he breathed in, sometimes when he breathed out.  Sometime he had problems truly breathing altogether.  Sometimes the coughing was barky.  Sometimes it was just so violent he threw up.

We were kinda waiting it out to see if we could get to his well care visit at the end of March, since it was most likely spasmodic croup again or asthma, which needs more time to document.  But on Monday it was a nice beautiful day.  Mom, Zach and Isaac were all out front playing with bubbles and chasing them around.  When they came in for lunch Isaac’s cough had returned, so I decided to call the doctor.

Because it is winter season and it is his first year in school and around kids and there are some pretty long lasting viruses out there she didn’t give much of a diagnosis.  She did send us home with a nebulizer and two neb treatments.  One is a control that Isaac has to do twice a day and the other is just to “rescue” him if he is having a bad coughing/breathing moment.  She wants us to do it for several weeks and then reevaluate.

Thank goodness Isaac doesn’t have a problem with the machine or the mask.  We did try to hype it up and he knows its the help the cough and I think he is pretty much over coughing as much as we are, plus he gets to watch a show and he loves to watch a show.

So far, I don’t know if it is working.  He isn’t coughing as much during the day, but he has had two episodes of the bad coughing.  One time it was first thing in the morning before we really woke up and the “rescue” did work pretty well and allowed him to go back to sleep, but then just the next day he had an episode again at night.

He has also had a stuffed up nose for quite a while, but not runny and no fever.  This kid never gets a fever, so maybe it’s all allergies and asthma.  I feel so bad for the guy and it completely stresses me out, but I am thankful that we can do something about it and that my insurance is good.  I don’t know how the parents who have to pay for everything do it….we brought home over $500 in prescriptions on Monday for just over $30.  I have to remember to be thankful, to look at the good instead of dwelling so much on the unknown and bad.