5AM at the airport

I’m sitting at the airport at 5am on a Monday, waiting for my flight to Philadelphia. I’m going on my second ever business trip. I’m leaving my kids for the first time ever and my husband for only the second time in your almost 11 years of marriage.

In December I interviewed for two internal positions…I was offered both. I spent a miserable few days trying to decide which job to take. They were opposite sides of the coin…the extremes of my old position. One was local and I’d get to work with my old boss. The other was based out of Philly, but I would continue to work from home, with the exception of a few business trips.

You can probably guess which one I chose. I’m pretty darn excited, but I’m also a bit overworked at the moment. You see, I’m still supporting my old position until the 30th. Not only that, but I’m also training the new person. That in and of itself is a lot, but then I’m trying to learn about my new job, new boss and all the new people I’ll be working with. It’s been a bit crazy, but I know it’ll settle.

I have one more trip at the end of the month. Then we are putting the house on the market and moving on up. 2015 is looking to be an interesting year.



WOW! What a long day! I didn’t sleep well last night…I was all anxious about this trip. I was out of bed at 6:30…completely packed, internet checked, ready to go watching NCIS by 7:30….Ron was suppose to pick me up at 8 to take me to the airport and this was actually 30 minutes earlier than we really need to leave, but better early than late.

We stopped by the bank to get some cast. Then at the airport, I got myself checked in–man, the check-in process has changed a lot since 2004…my driver’s license gave the computer all it needed, finally that strip does me some good. I got through security…..and was at my gate probably within an hour of when I left the house….so I had a hour and a half to wait. I scheduled some flights for my boss….ate some Quiznos breakfast and watched the people around me.

We boarded a bit late and then a 2 and a half hour flight. I attempted to play my CSI game for my DS…but it makes me mad and I feel asleep while playing. Got to Nashville….navigated this unknown territory….went pee…found my luggage….found the shuttle….got checked in at the hotel…found my room and decided I didn’t want to do anything outside my room. Figured out the internet…unpacked my entire bag (I never do this)….and then I was lonely and hungry and wanted some milk. I was driven by my desire for a nice cold glass of milk. So I ventured out. This hotel is huge….I got lost trying to find the shuttle and just barely missed it. Attempted to ride the city bus accidentally while I waited 30 minutes for the next shuttle. Just to take me five minutes down the road to the outlet mall….which for those of you in Colorado is almost exactly like Colorado Mills….except its Opry Mills. 🙂 Walked the whole circle….got back to the food court to decide to go to TGIFridays….mashed potatoes and a bit of chicken and a large glass of milk….mmmm, so good. Then I ordered an oreo cake and large glass of milk to go and watched the shuttle back to the hotel drive by while I paid….so instead of waiting for the next shuttle, I decided to walk…..I passed tons of people walking to the Grand Ole Opry and you’ll never guess what I saw growing between some yellow flowers. My purple plant….yep, that’s right – my prized purple plant that my grandfather gave me grows like weeds here and such a vibrant purple….at home it doesn’t get quite enough sun, so it’s a little green. I took a picture that will probably end up in my project 365 in the next few weeks. It took me 22 minutes to walk….I would have still been waiting for the shuttle.

Now, I’m tucked in bed watching American Idol and typing. My ankles hurt…my back hurts every time I breathe…my body aches….I need to go to sleep and back home it’s only 7:30…this is pitiful.

Well, I’ll end with this map of states I’ve visited, idea courtesy of Gina. For being such a home body I’ve made a good effort on my states. I need to get south a bit more and east, but excited to explore Tennessee the next few days.

create your own personalized map of the USA


Oh my! I knew I hadn’t written in a while, but I didn’t realize it had been 15 days! Crazy.

I guess not a lot has been going on or maybe a lot has and I’ve just been too busy. 🙂 Zach has two online classes and has had tons of homework, so I’m getting kicked off the computer more. And really, what can I say…at least he work on something productive.

I’m hoping to update my Project 365 today…Zach has to work late, so I have a bit of time to kill.

I just received a phone call from my principal from last year. It was an accident, but it was good to talk to her. She said she misses me, but who wouldn’t? 🙂 I know a lot of the people I worked with last year can’t stand her, but you know, we all have our problems and things we do well and things we do poorly. I have to say, running a school, all employees and students, is not easy and she always has a smile on her face and that means something.

But really, none of this is what brought me to WordPress today… 🙂

Apprehensive….that’s the best word I can find to describe how I’ve felt about a lot of things lately.

I want to have kids and be a mother, but recently the idea seems to scare me. The name change. Having mom and dad be grandma and grandpa. Having someone else to worry about. So much can happen….miscarriages, still borns, infants dying, children being killed, teenagers injuring themselves. Maybe I don’t want to get pregnant. Maybe I don’t want to have kids. It seems they can only make life more stressful or more loved, depending on your thinking. I haven’t talked to Zach about this, I’m trying to remain calm. But inside I’m freaking out.

I think it’s all stemming form the fact that my good friend is about to have her baby. The little one is due on St. Patty’s Day and she is the closest person I’ve been to, who has been pregnant. And this is her first baby and I think part of me puts myself in her shoes and that’s when I freak out. I mean it’s still something I want, but not, all at the same time. How is that possible?

I contacted Stacy the other day. I wasn’t going to. I felt it was time she put forth some effort. I seem to always be the one to salvage and repair things. Does that mean I’m the only one who cares? I don’t know. It took her two days to respond, but she did and agrees we should talk. So, we are having lunch/margarita’s on Saturday. I’m a bit nervous about this. How is this sort of meeting suppose to go down? I don’t want it to be one sided. I don’t want to just get mad at her. I want her to understand where I’m coming from. I want to hear her side of everything. I want things better, but does she? What if she won’t talk (High possibility from what I know about her)? What if she lets me talk, but doesn’t really listen (usually happens)? What if we just blow up at each other and nothing is resolved? This “meeting” is going to happen, so all I can ask is for your prayers that all goes well and we can come to a mutual resolution.

Nashville. Right, what does this have to do with apprehension? Well, let me explain a bit. One of my big customers is being passed over to a new group in our company this year. Traditionally, the rep and my VP go to this customers be meeting every year. I went one year, but that was because it was here. I seem to be the best at the meeting, because I work closest and know everything about the customer so can answer there questions, but I didn’t work for the company last year, I was teaching, so I didn’t go. Well, this year, it has recently transitioned, since the new group didn’t have anyone to fill my shoes at first, I’ve stayed on until June and am now slowly passing things off to the person who will handle my roles. Because this is such a recent transition and I really know the most about the customer, they want me to go to the big meeting in Nashville in May. I know, people travel for business all the time, but it’s freaking me out.

First, I’ve only been away from Zach for one night since we were married almost four years ago. I know it’s not good to be so dependent on someone, but I don’t know if I want that to change. I like sleeping next to him. I’ve toyed with the idea of him joining me out there at some point, but the fact of the matter is, I will be busy most of the time.

Second….the meeting is Friday and Saturday….setup has to be done on Thursday by 2….soonest I could get in is 2:30, so I have to fly in on Wednesday and leave Sunday, which means more time away from home. If I can get Zach out and talk them into letting me extend my flight to a later date, I might stay and be a tourist for a few days, although I know no one in Nashville or TN for that matter and I’ve never been to the south, so I’d have completely no clue what to do.

Third….I don’t fly well. It makes me nervous and to fly by myself…..crap. I don’t know if I’ve flown since we got married. And then I’ll have to catch a shuttle or taxi to the hotel and I’ve never in my life done that and how do get back to the airport and what if I get lost and how much money do I have to take, how do I take my laptop through security, what do I do after I’m “off” and I’m only at the hotel and I’m by myself? If you know me at all, you’ll realize these seem like stupid questions. I’m independent, resourceful…I’ve got my act together, or at least that’s what the world thinks. As you can see, I’m scared to death and I’ve got two more months to stress about it. Great!

See, I’ve had a lot on my mind the past few weeks, just haven’t taken the time to write about it.


This is an email I just received from upper management in the company I work for:

I am pleased to announce that Mary ** and Jennifer ** are the December winners of the “Achieve Awards” – our monthly sales team nominated award program that recognizes individual excellence by demonstrating core values and impact to our business through integrity, service, reliability, and innovation. Both winners will be receiving a $100 American Express gift card in recognition of their excellence!

Mary and Jennifer have significantly supported the company’s transformation by leveraging their industry knowledge and enhancing the overall client experience! Please join me in congratulating them for their outstanding contributions!

[Deleted paragraph]

Jennifer is a Senior Sales Support associate and plays a critical role specifically for Shari **’s account team. Aside from the more traditional aspects of a sales support associate, Jennifer spends a great deal of time working on customized reports that bring tremendous value to her team. She prepares two different forecast reports each month that helps the team better track and forecast revenue streams for their clients. She prepares a customized pipeline report for the group each week and a revenue tracking document each month. She created a detailed program to establish membership for [Specific Customer]. This process not only includes membership but the exchange of information that must be shared with [Specific Customer], [Specific Customer]’s decision engine provider and corporate. She created another process to track delinquency, termination for non-payment and reactivation. Jennifer has willingly shared these customized reports with other account teams. Mostly recently, Jennifer agreed to take on the additional responsibility outside of her immediate area for file investigations supporting [Specific Customer]. Jennifer consistently identifies ways to improve processes and create efficiencies. She is eager and willing to support the team at any time. Jennifer does remarkable work and we appreciate all that she does for us.

Congratulations, Mary and Jennifer! We appreciate your support and our customers acknowledge the value you bring to our sales efforts!

A very nice New Year Surprise. 🙂

Great Misery

I’ve been irritable lately and very snappy.  I was beyond annoyed all day yesterday, but I knew this, so I was avoiding people.  My plan was to come home and go to bed, not to sleep, just to watch TV and do Sudoku or something.  But we had to figure out dinner first…..

 Remember a few days ago I was suppose to be putting together a menu for the week and going to the store so I can lose some of this darn weight?  Well, yep, I didn’t work on it that day, but completed it on Monday.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the store that night because we went downtown to see the play Pride and Prejudice.

side-note:Pride and Prejudice was great.  Zach saw the flyer at school when he got his student ID and it said with our ID we’d get $10 tickets.  Amazing.  We’ve spent so much time at the DCPA lately and everything has been so cheap (except the parking).  Anyway, I ran into Pride and Prejudice movie (2005) at the beginning of the summer.  I’d never been interested at all in the book or movies, but I was sick and it was on TV and was the only movie that had just started.  I fell in love.  I was so intrigued by the characters.  A month or so later I picked up the book on CD at the library and fell even more in love.  I couldn’t put it down.  When I was home I was reading the book (I’d had an old version on my shelf for years), in the car and at work I was listening to it.  I couldn’t stop talking about it, so when Zach say that is was showing, he said he wanted to take me.  WHAT!!!  I know, my husband wants to go to a play and more than that, Pride and Prejudice???  I told him several times I’d go with my sister or someone else, especially with the end of the semester and all, but he was insistent.  So, on Monday we went.  It was my first professional play and the stage was amazing and the lighting and sound and everything was great.  Zach laughed, I laughed, it was so much fun.  I did have to help explain the story to Zach because it moves so fast and is so involved, but he enjoyed it.  🙂  And I so loved it.  🙂  I suppose I should go read some other Jane Austen stuff.  🙂

 Anyway, back to the diet-food issue.  So we went to GoodTimes–Not diet food–and what did I get?  A cheeseburger with mayo only and a side of BBQ sauce.  Not so bad, right?  But then I got a whole order of chicken dunkers, I ate half Zach’s fries and drank half his Pepsi and I still wanted custard….but I did say no to that.  YAY!  🙂 

Tonight, I’m shopping on the way home.  Then I’m only getting the stuff on the list, except for Friday night (Cody’s birthday dinner), and Saturday night (Brian’s Christmas party).  Then I’ll have to create a new menu for next week, but then we are sticking to that until Friday (Zach’s Christmas party).  Holidays are the worst for food.  Ahhh….

After dinner I went home put my “sleeping clothes” on and watched TV.  I’m better mood wise today, but an email my husband sent me first thing this morning almost put me over the edge.  It wasn’t from him, but to him from a co-worker.  I’ve since calmed down and won’t go into the specifics.   And then, I get a voicemail on my home phone from one of my new customers.  Whose the wise-a$$ that gave them my home phone number?  Especially when I’m working in the office today???  Oooooo…..just made me so mad.  I told my boss about it and it pissed her off too and that made me feel better. 

Oh…ps….I changed my header to a Winter theme….what do you think?

Long Day

I worked long today. I normally get off at 4 and I didn’t walk out of the building until 6:30. It’ll work it’s self out, because tomorrow is the day I go to the high school and visit help out, so I lose hours. It wasn’t the typical rushing to get work done, long, it was I just wanted to get something finished up long. I hate getting into a rhythm and then quiting just to have to pick it up again later, so today I just stayed. It was almost calming, relaxing being in the office all alone. As much as I like working at home, I love the space at the office. If it was closer, say 10 minutes, I’d be there every day. I might even go on weekends to do my school work.

Six years ago (before I went and taught) I worked for this same company. We had an office downtown that the company had been in for years and years and years, it was the same office my mom had worked in when I was a little girl. It was too big for the people we had and outdated — so we moved. At building number 1 the walls were white, the carpet was blue, everything was bright. I remember when my boss took us to the new building to show us around and find out what we thought I was horrified. The walls were a tannish color and the carpet was a brown. When I stated that everything was “too dark” and that I didn’t want to leave the old building, my boss harrassed me about not adapting to change well and explained she picked the colors she did because they are suppose to be calming. Haha. That’s not what I thought. Now five year after being in the new building, I do find it soothing. The colors are warm and relaxing, not the high tension white hospital walls we had before. Inviting.

I’ve also learned to adapt to change better, for those who are wondering. In fact, last year, when I was teaching, I’d venture to say I was one of the more adaptable teachers at our school. I just kinda go with the flow and realize not everything is going to be my way and it’s not worth the effort to fight every inch of the way on every issue. You’d be surprised how many teachers don’t really get this concept….especially English teachers.

This morning I had a dentist appointment at 10AM. It was going to be perfect. I worked from home this morning, drove the five minutes to the dentist, that would take about an hour and I’d be driving to work just in time to grab lunch. But nope, I get to the dentist office and they don’t have me scheduled. They wrote it on my card a week ago, but it is nowhere in there system. This is only my second appointment as we are new patients at this dentist office, so it’s not really helping their image. I’m pretty pissed, they give me tons of options and I decided to go tomorrow morning. So, back out of the dentist at 10:10. Hungry. Need food, but no one sells lunch at 10AM! I don’t want breakfast. I’ve gotten myself all psyched up for lunch, not to mention I’m not much of a breakfast type of gal. So I head to work. It’s a bit of a drive and I figure I’ll get around there at 10:30, the time McDs sells lunch. Pull up to the McDs that is right on the way, I’m 4 minutes early…..nope they won’t be selling lunch for 15 minutes. Ridiculous. So I go to the next one that is a block past work. I get there 2 minutes after 10:30.

“Are you selling lunch?”

“Nope, not for another 5 or 6 minutes.”

“Can I order it now and wait?”

“I don’t know. Let me ask. [Long Pause, as a person pulls in behind me] Yes, you sure can.”

Yay….I get my chicken nuggets and Mr. Pibb. The lady at the window was so nice and so was the guy giving me my food. It perked me up a bit after fuming about the dentist for 20 minutes.

Oh, I forgot to mention….my cell phone was completely dead, so I went to charge it. The charger was stuck under the drivers seat, so I gave it a yank. It came out, but the part you plug into the phone was just two wires. 😦 So now, I need a new car charger. Then I come home, and for once remember to bring it in to charge it and go to plug it it just to find two wires!!!! Guinness must have eaten the end off again. He seems to like electronics. He’s chewed through oh, about four cell phone chargers now and my vacuume cleaner cord. He is so sweet and lovable, but I swear I could strangle him from time to time. Now I have no way to charge my cell phone and have to go get two new chargers! Blah.

How Rude!

I’ve been watching Full House during the day…..Stephanie always says “How Rude!” That’s how I feel today.

Ever since I went back to work, I’ve been working up cleaning up a mess with a certain customer. They have thousands of retailers and each has a different code and billing address. A lot of the invoices have been being returned, so I’ve been searching for updated addresses. The most effective way to go about this is to send them an email asking for their new address. Almost everyone is so nice about it, until I got this one:








I couldn’t believe it. Now, you have to understand. I am the ONLY employee that deals with this customer. I get all their emails, and returned mail. Accounting will generally send letters for non-payment, but every thing else is me. So, she is directly insulting me. Hmm…. And why, if you are so mad you have to type in all caps do you sign “THANKS”? Hmmmm…..

By the way, the invoice I had was from before she changed her address and the address had been changed in the system we just had a random invoice floating around.

I called the police!

We live on a corner the mailbox for the street is on the side street at the back of our yard.  In that same corner, but the neighbors yard is a huge maple tree.  Lately, I’ve been noticing people using this spot.  A few mornings ago, there were some guys drinking at the mailboxes, a few months ago a big make-out session, last night a huge cry-fest at 9:30.  Every time I’ve said we should call the cops.  Zach doesn’t agree, so we never do.

Today I was home working.  Our office is in the back of the house on the second level, so I have a great view of said street.  About 10AM a car parks under the tree and starts playing loud rap music.  I don’t mind the music that much, in fact I know several of the songs, but it’s the fact that it’s not his house to park in front of and he is just sitting there.  So, I look the police up on the internet and give them a call….the non-911 number.  I get to dispatch and explain my situation.  She asks for all the details, which I have, including the license plate number and says she’ll send someone out and if he leaves just give them a call back and let them know.  She also said that we can call anytime, day or night.  That made me feel better.

Anyway, now I feel I’m responsible to see if this guy leaves.  Normally, I wouldn’t pay that much attention, but I don’t want the cops out her and no one to be there…..then I will look stupid.  So, I rearrange myself and sit on the desk with my laptop in my lap at an angle where I see my screen and out of the corner of my eye the street.  My legs start to fall asleep and I’m getting very uncomfortable, when an unmarked cop car pulls up behind the car.  The cops sits for a while, then get out of the car with his night stick.  Walks over to the red car and starts asking questions.  I could only hear bits and pieces.

“Is this your car?”
“No, it’s your mom’s car?”
“Do you have her number?”
“Call her”

He goes back to his car.  From my great view, I can see into his car.  He is typing into his computer and calling someone on the walkie-talkie.  A few minutes go by and a mercedes convertible drives by, it pulls up in from of the red car and I can’t see it through the trees, but a lady and a teenage girl walk up to the cop car.  This time I can only hear the lady:

“I was in the shower”
“Yes, I’ve told her that.”
“I understand”
“She knows…”
A lot of “shes” and looking at the teenage girl.

They go to leave but stop at the red car and go off in Spanish.  I don’t know who is doing the talking, but there is a lot of talking going on.  Teenage girl goes back to cop car and asks a questions.  They get back in mercedes and turn around and go back to where they started.  There is a man driving.

More minutes pass, and suddenly there is a marked police car parked between the fence and the unmarked car in the middle of the street.  The two cops approach the red car together, and I go get the dogs in the house, by the time I’m downstairs, they have the “kid” out of the car and are handcuffing him and checking all his pockets and everything.  They walk him over to the mailboxes and tell him to sit down.  Cop #2 (a woman) watches him, while the other cop goes through the entire car.

He comes back to the kid and makes him stand up.  Again, only bits an pieces.

“I’ve found what I need”
“You’re 18 now”
“I’m trying to give you options.”
“Do you understand?”
“Same as what I found in his pockets.”

Then he is put in the back of the marked car.  A tow truck comes.  So do the Mercedes people.  For teenage girls cell phone or something like that.

Cop #1 continues to go through the car.  He dumps a package of cheetos on my newly cleaned street (street sweeper came 20 minutes before the cop showed up).  I see him take, what looks like a gun to his car.  They load the car into the tow truck.  Lots of talking, but with two cars and the tow truck running I can’t hear much of anything.

Cop: “I have……..38.”

Then everyone is gone.  They all drive off together.

10AM – Car parks
10:20 – Call police
11:29 – Police show up.
12:14 – Everyone leaves.

In a matter of two hours, I contributed to someone being arrested….or as I told one of my co-workers today, “I had someone arrested today.”  Ha.  Anyway, it was exciting…..I just wanted the police to scare whomever it was off.  I guess we all got more than we bargained for today.

Mountains under the Rainbow

The mountains are in the west….duh!  I know.  But because of that and the fact that we get storms in the afternoon, it rarely happens that you see a rainbow over the mountain.  In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing it, until this morning that is.  As I was driving to work, it was the most beautiful sight.  A full rainbow, that didn’t fade, sitting over the mountains.  I wish I hadn’t been running late.  I would have stopped and taken a beautiful panoramic shot……but I was already almost an hour late.  So, you’ll just have to envision, sitting on a hill, overlooking the city and the mountains and a beautiful rainbow on top. 🙂

Wish the rest of my day had gone that wonderfully.  In order to get in-state tuition, I had to go sign and affidavit and let them look at my unexpired driver’s license…….today was the last day and I just got the letter on Tuesday.  So after getting to work and realizing all of our systems were down and wouldn’t be up for a while, I headed downtown.  Got lost in the north building…….filled out my affidavit…..went to pull my wallet out, just to realize that I’d paid bills last night and left my wallet and the bills that needed to be mailed on the office desk!  I was able to talk them into allowing me to get it notarized….and my mom works in an office full of notaries, but man did it make me mad.  Got back to the office, the computer systems were still down…..so I went to my mom’s office…..then headed home.  Visited with Zach for a bit, which was nice because he has had class every night this week, including tonight, so I feel like I haven’t seen him and now, I’m suppose to be working.  And I am, but it was kinda mindless work and I needed something to wake me up…..this is my tired time……always between 2 and 4, for as long as I can remember, I can hardly stay awake.

Does anyone know where you can get panoramic shots printed?

Happy Running

Today was a good day, but I’m beat.  I went with Zach to Great Clips to get his hair cut, (I know, I know, I normally cut it, but it’s been over six weeks and we just haven’t gotten around to it.  It’s the clean up.), anyway, after he was done he came over to me to leave and I could barely stand up, he had to pull me up and then I kinda wobbled to the car.  I suppose it was funny, but I felt ridiculous.  I guess running kinda kicked my butt today, but it’s all good.  I’m still enjoying it and my calves are looking mighty nice.  Too bad I don’t wear more dresses. 🙂

So I went to Gateway today.  It was great to be around students again.  I really, really do miss them, and I miss the interaction with people.  I mean today I sat in this big office with four other people total, and that was only at one point, most of the day it was three of us.  I never thought about that when I worked there before, I guess your perspective changes over time.  Just like, I really don’t care that I’m giving up two hours of my life once a week and not getting paid for it, but last year I’d have thrown a fit.  Hmmm….  I hope the student are okay with me hanging around.  I hope Corrie is okay with it.  I hope that the students realize it is still her class (and I think they do).  I hope we all get along all year.  I hope I’m a blessing to Corrie and not a burden.  I hope this keeps me happy until I go back.  I hope school is everything I’m looking for.  I hope leaving teaching for a few years doesn’t come back to haunt me.

Zach laid eight tiles today!  YAY!!!  They look great and we are slowly getting closer.  If it didn’t get so darn hot in the house, if we didn’t have Zach’s math and if we could both stay healthy on the same days we’d be done already.  Argh.  But it’ll come.

Funny, I started this blog to write about Running and what happened, more about other crap than running.  Well, I can run walk twoish miles every other day.  I think that’s pretty good for a person who was convinced a few month ago that she’d never be able to run because of her messed up ankles.  Yes, my ankle has bugged me a bit the last two times, but it’s not keeping me down.  On a side note, now that I’ve commited to this grand running program…..watch me get pregnant and have to stop.  Ha!  Okay, I’m not pregnant for those who are now freaking out.  Only God knows when that will happen, so stop asking. 🙂  I’m just always thinking of excused to stay fat and un-fit. 🙂  I’m an over-thinker.

To bed I go and it's oh, so early, but as I stated earlier, I'm beat and no one really reads these anyway, so I don't suppose it needs to be a book.  Good night all!