5AM at the airport

I’m sitting at the airport at 5am on a Monday, waiting for my flight to Philadelphia. I’m going on my second ever business trip. I’m leaving my kids for the first time ever and my husband for only the second time in your almost 11 years of marriage.

In December I interviewed for two internal positions…I was offered both. I spent a miserable few days trying to decide which job to take. They were opposite sides of the coin…the extremes of my old position. One was local and I’d get to work with my old boss. The other was based out of Philly, but I would continue to work from home, with the exception of a few business trips.

You can probably guess which one I chose. I’m pretty darn excited, but I’m also a bit overworked at the moment. You see, I’m still supporting my old position until the 30th. Not only that, but I’m also training the new person. That in and of itself is a lot, but then I’m trying to learn about my new job, new boss and all the new people I’ll be working with. It’s been a bit crazy, but I know it’ll settle.

I have one more trip at the end of the month. Then we are putting the house on the market and moving on up. 2015 is looking to be an interesting year.


The Top of Our World

I talked Zach into driving to the top of Mt. Evans for his birthday.  He told me he didn’t want to spend the whole day driving or hiking and I figured it was a good compromise.  I’ve always wanted to go and it’s not too far from us.

Mt Evans Road is the highest paved road in the North America.  A short hike from the parking lot leads to the top of the mountain where you can stand proud at 14, 263 feet and look around for miles and miles.  Well, if you didn’t go when we went.

The drive up the mountain had me pretty nervous.  I’m not too into mountain driving and we were driving in and out of the clouds so at times we couldn’t see but 10 feet in front of us.  I felt like we were going to drive off.

As we approached the top we ran into a heard of Mountain Goats that actually followed us up to the parking lot where a baby and mama walked right in front of Isaac, about two feet away.  It was pretty crazy and fun.

We watched the clouds come and go and the wind blow.

After a bit of investigating, we headed up the trail to the top of the mountain.  At the top the clouds really blew in.  We had a brief moment to see exactly how high we were.

But as Zach and Isaac stood at the top most point, there was nothing but a white wall of clouds.

We heard some thunder, so headed down the mountain as fast as we could. Mountain tops are not the best place to be in a thunder storm!  We lost the trail and ended up having to boulder down to the car.  It was a good thing I wrapped Lynzie up or I don’t know how we would have managed it.

Back at the car, I started to get a headache.  We drank water and then went in search of a geocache.  We saw a Marmot and Isaac build his very own Rock Tower.

We eventually, got back into the car and started the drive home.  I wasn’t feeling too well, but we decided to try to find another geocache on our way off the mountain.  I knew I was having altitude sickness, although this was a first for me.

As we parked and were searching for the cache on a switchback, a bunch of Sheep came out and eventually drove us back to the car, where they surrounded us.  It was serious fun watching them so close.

I began to feel worse, nausea on top of the headache, but we still stopped by the garden center to explore.  The birds were singing and it was so quiet and peaceful.

 Finally, we headed home.  I got a bit worse, but then began to feel better.  But by the time we got home I was miserable.  I thought I was going to throw up.  Thankfully, my headache had gone away.  I drank a bunch of water and went straight to bed.

Three days later, I was still feeling off.  I was light-headed, sick to my stomach, extremely tired, having trouble catching my breath and had this burning pain in my back.  After Googling (don’t do this), I began to convince myself that I might be having a heart attack and the anxiety of this thought was making it worse (I’m convinced of this).

We were supposed to be going camping with family in Wyoming the next day, but that didn’t seem like the best idea if I was really sick.  After Isaac’s T-Ball game we headed to the ER.

Two hours later and a bunch of test (totaling almost $10,000) I was diagnosed with low potassium, given potassium, told to eat lots of potassium and that I should be okay because everything else looked fine.

It was a scary day, but it gave us the opportunity to talk with Isaac about emergencies and what to do.  Poor kid had no clue, which is completely our fault.

We slept the night and then packed up for camping in Wyoming.


2011 Road Trip – The End

Day 9:

From Tacoma we drove through the night, well Zach did.  At two AM we had a tour of Spokane (I’d always wanted to go to a college there) and even Isaac woke up.  It is near impossible to find a place to go to the bathroom at 2AM, so we had to get out of there and drive to a rest stop – thank goodness for those.  Isaac and I walked a bit and he talked so loudly about all the people sleeping in their cars…I’m sure he woke some of them up.  I still can’t get that kid to understand “quiet” and “whisper.”

After that I slept until about 7 when we got to Missoula.  We switched places, so Zach could get some rest.  I think he slept two, maybe three hours.   I was tired.  I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I stopped at an Albertson’s.  I sat in the car and slept, but after a while Isaac woke up and Zach dealt with that.  We ended up putting a blanket out on some grass under a tree and letting Isaac play cars, eat and relax.

Zach became the driver again and we decided we were going to camp in Wyoming.  For some reason, I didn’t have a problem staying awake when I wasn’t driving, so Zach and I continued to listen to Under the Dome by Stephen King and Isaac watched movies and dozed.

I found a RV Campground in Buffalo that looked good and would put us within six hours of home.  I was a little worried to camp at an RV place, but we needed to sleep.  When we got there, we found a nice grassy, creek area to put our tent, free wifi, a swimming pool and showers.  It was great.  After dinner, we took Isaac to the pool.  He was a little hesitant to get in, but once he did he had a blast.  They had a big two foot area, that Isaac could walk around in and he liked to try to run.  He went all the way under once and got a little scared, but recovered nicely.  He also liked to get out of the pool and jump into Daddy’s arms.  It was the first time Isaac had loved the pool.  Every other time we’ve taken him, he has been pretty scared of the whole thing.

We decided to leave the scream porch on the tent open and the rain fly off.  It almost felt like we were outside, minus the bugs.  And the ground wasn’t so hard like the other places we’d stayed. It was a great nights sleep.

Day 10:

In the morning, I drove…and drove…and drove.  We listened to the book again, but it really felt like we were getting no where – both in the book and on the road.  The only exciting thing that happened was when I deer snuck out on to the highway in front of me.  He was hiding in grass and just before he stepped on to the highway I saw his antlers.  Then of course he walked into the middle of the road and stopped in my lane.  Why, oh why, do deer thing that is a good idea.  I slammed on the break and prayed we’d stop…we were going 80MPH, but thankfully there were no cars around us.  We stopped within a few feet….he continued to stare for a few seconds and then walked to the other side of the road.  Freaked me out.  I shook for a while.

Near Cheyenne Zach took over driving and got us home.  Home Sweet Home.

We unpacked everything, started laundry and gave Isaac a bath.  I cooked rice and peas.  Isaac’s bowels are still messed up, so I’m hoping the rice will help.  And then we went through photos.  He was great to just let Isaac play and play he did.  He got lost in his bedroom for a long time and we didn’t have to worry that we’d lost him or that he was getting into anything.  We had a great trip, but it sure is good to be home – even if we came home to a gallon of dog hair on the floor.

Summer Daydreams

Back in 2007 we went on a road trip to Oregon and Washington.  Zach’s Uncles’s ex-wife lives in Washington.  She is also one of Ron’s best friends and as such we just pretend like she is Zach’s aunt.

DeDe and her husband live on this amazing piece of land.  The highway that runs through town has mountains on one side and water (ocean/strait/bay, something big with Canada on the other side) on the other.  They raise dogs, have chickens, a garden for fresh veggies and lots of strawberries and herbs and other fun stuff.  The land is surrounded by trees and they’ve developed little areas all around – the wedding site, mexican lounge, swings.

Their house is tiny.  Years and years ago they had it moved from town out to the “farm.”  It is probably the tiniest house I’ve ever been in, but what is so great is it doesn’t matter.  When you are there, you go into the house to pee.  The rest of the time you spend outside, playing, sitting, talking, just enjoying the world God gave us.

This year we want to take Isaac up there.  We’d like to stay longer than the night (or two) we stayed last time.  We figure will bring out tent and camp out.  It’ll be a great experience for Isaac and it’s about the most relaxing place I can think to go.

So, today, as I watched the snow fall and found out that all schools have been cancelled tomorrow due to sub-zero temperature, I was dreaming of laying in the mexican lounge with the sunlight piercing through the trees creating the perfect napping atmosphere.  (Okay, okay, I was also thinking about the best shower I’ve ever had in the amazing outdoorish shower house they have, but the mexican lounge just sounded better.)

I can’t wait for summer!

Sisters & Switchfoot

My sister and I have a love-hate relationship.  I’d like to say as we’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten better, but that might be a stretch of the imagination.  In reality all I can say is that we might actually listen more now.

When we get together, it is generally just a matter of time before we have an all out fight.  The funny thing is that we have had so many of these blow ups that we actual are careful about what we say and how we interact with each other.

Needless to say…on our recent trip to Virginia…there was a major blow up.  The fight lasted about a day I think.  We yelled, screamed, and cried.  We spoke some truths and said somethings that were mean, hateful and that we just didn’t mean.  Bags were packed, walks were taken.

In the end, she was right, I was right.  She was wrong, I was wrong.  We apologized and forgave all in time to go to see Switchfoot.

Years ago…October 2006…Stacy and I went to our first Switchfoot concert.  Nothing is Sound had just come out.  It was at the Ogden here in Denver.  It was a great concert.  We had an amazing time.  We turned into giddy, high schoolers.  Stacy even “touched” Jon and of course that was worth it all.

They didn’t come back to Denver for a while.  They finally returned last summer, but they were the opener for a band that has fans in a different crowd than Switchfoot fans.  They were rude and mean and I was told not to sing along….who goes to a concert and doesn’t sing along to the songs they know?  It felt like a fail and this time it was me, Stacy, Susie and Zach.  Thankfully, as we were sulking our way back to the car, we ran across the band outside their bus chatting with fans.  We got some pictures, got to listen to the new CD and even got to enjoy one of Jon Foreman’s now semi-famous Aftershows.

Several months later, Zach and I got to see them again where I’d originally seen them – the Ogden.  This time we choose the balcony, and the concert was great, but it was just different with my hubby and not my sister.

So…when we saw that Switchfoot was stopping near Stacy and Mom didn’t have a job and could go visit Stacy, we planned a trip.  We figured it just might be the last time we get to enjoy Switchfoot live, just the two of us.

In our typical fashion we got lost getting to the place – which happened to be in Downtown Norfolk – a place Stacy hadn’t been yet.  Then we had to find parking and didn’t have any cash – yep, were smart about stuff like this.  Thankfully Stacy had just enough change in her ashtray to get us into  a parking garage a few blocks away.  Funny thing about this parking garage – every space had a “fortune” – more on that later.

We enjoyed the concert.  And much like the last time we’d gone together, the songs speak to where we are in life at the moment.  At the end of the show we debated on whether or not we should hang around to see the band, and eventually decided we were old and tired and headed back to the car.

But….we couldn’t remember which level we were on.  We thought we’d recognize it based on the fortune, but somehow we ended up on the top level and hadn’t found it yet.  We decided to walk through the garage….which only begged for us to take pictures with our favorite fortunes:


Four Airports, Three Travelers, Two Laptops, One Trip

I recently returned from a trip across the country with my mom and Isaac.  We went to see my sister – Mom hasn’t seen her since last December and since she isn’t working at the moment I thought it would be a good time for her to go, but she needed a push and a person to help her.

Getting Mom to agree to the trip in the first place took weeks.  At first she was excited and then she backed out, stating that she needed to be home to take care of Dad.  We finally convinced her that Dad is a big boy and can take care of himself for a week, so we purchased tickets and then there was no backing out.

I actually think the real reason Mom thought twice about this trip is because she has trouble walking – more trouble than I think she really lets on.  And I think the only reason she went on the trip was because she values her family and she really wanted to spend some time with her girls.

We left early morning on a Sunday.  Mom had been up so several hours, but was alert and happy and ready to go.  We got checked into the airport, checked my bag and walked to security, stood in line, walked some more and got to our plane with just enough time to go to the bathroom and then board.  We arrived 2 hours early, we were at the first gate outside the train, security did take a bit, but mainly we were slow walkers.

You see – they have services at airports that help those who have trouble walking the distance – they are free, you just have to ask.  But Mom is stubborn, she wants to be healed so bad, that she refuses to admit and give into the fact that she is disabled.  So she walked.

Not only was I dealing with handicapped Mom, but I was dealing with needed to be alert and aware to Isaacs needs.  He was awake much earlier than normal, he wants to wear undies, he wants to get into everything because he is curious.  Thankfully, he was strapped to me and was enjoying looking at all the people.  I could have never managed the airport with two carry-ons, Mom and her carry-on and a stroller or Isaac walking.  And, to help further relieve my stress, when you go through security, you don’t have to take off your carrier or baby.  Makes life much simpler.

With Isaac strapped to me, I realize, if he pees – I’m wet too and I only brought extra clothes for him.   All my clothes are in my checked bag.  Thankfully, Isaac likes peeing on public potties.  The only challenge is removing at least one shoe and he pants/undies from one leg so he can spread wide enough.  And he likes to “push the pees out”, so even if he doesn’t have to go, he’ll empty his bladder just so he can flush.  I took every opportunity to take him potty, and in general I had to go to, so it worked out.  But do you know how many people told me where the changing table was or that I was going the wrong way in the bathroom?  Ha!  And I’m sure on the airplane people were wondering too, but hey, I wasn’t going to get peed on if I could help it!

Isaac slept most of the trip out to DC, but then we had to catch a second flight to Virginia.  Somehow in my short period of time, I managed to get us all pottied and lunch purchased (but not eaten), we then had to load the plane.  And this one was tricky.  It was a small, small plane, so we had to gate check our carry-ons, but it was also a plane without a JetBridge.  Which meant, we had to go outside, walk down a flight of stairs and then leave our luggage to climb the stairs back into the plane.  Did I mention that stairs our a challenge for Mom?

I stopped at the top of the stairs to wait for Mom and tell her to leave her bag, I’d come back to it.  Everyone else stopped to listen to our conversation.  There was plenty of room to go around us, but they preferred to stare at us open mouthed (or so it seemed) and create a traffic jam.  Thankfully, one of the ground crew saw me with a baby and ran up the stairs to get my bag and a nice man grabbed Mom’s bag and brought it down for her, which allowed me to assist her with the steps.

Our trip to Viriginia was 28 minutes.  We ate, then Isaac was bored, but there isn’t much time to get anything out in 28 minutes, so he cried most of the time, especially because all he wanted to do was stand, so when I couldn’t let him do that he screamed.  Poor little guy.

In Norfolk, I got us as quickly as I could to baggage claim, at this point, I’m tired, stressed and ready to just sit and not worry about things.  It was raining, so we were waiting for Stacy in the rain, but only drizzle.  As I’m trying to install the carseat, it starts raining harder and from all this rushing around I’m hot and sweaty.  I was miserable and done.  I can explain it beyond that, but I’m sure those of you who have traveled long days with kids can imagine.

Once we got to Stacy’s house, we put Isaac down for a nap and Mom and I tried to watch a movie while Stacy went to the store.  Yep, I think I lasted five minutes….Mom lasted longer, but I think even she took a nap.


Our return trip was a bit different.  We left in the afternoon, so we got to sleep in.  No rushing around.  We’d (I) had determined we were getting assistance in the airports.

We arrived at Norfolk with enough time to get lunch before going through security and the airport is small enough that we didn’t need extra help there.  But we put it on mom’s ticket, to have someone meet us in Chicago with a wheelchair.

When they announced our arrival gate on the airplane and where our next departure was I told mom, “I don’t know if we even need the wheelchair.  It’s so close.”  She said, “Oh, it’ll be fun.”  What a change from her stance before!

And, man, I was so thankful for that nice young man that navigated us through the ORD.  If you’ve ever been to O’Hare, you know it’s BIG and confusing….and despite what they told us on the airplane, our two gates were in two different terminals.  Had we not had help:

  • I’m sure I would have been lost.
  • I’m sure we would have had potty accidents.
  • I’m sure it would have taken the entire two hour layover to make it to our gate.
  • We would not have had ice cream.
  • We would not have been able to hydrate.
  • We would have been sore.
  • We would have been stressed.

The plane ride to Denver was a little stressful.  Isaac had taken a thirty minute nap and was very tired, but very hyper.  He didn’t sleep a wink.  We had to get potty twice.  And they made me hold him during the entire decent and he only wanted to stand on the floor…so screaming ensued for the 20 minute decent…I’m sure everyone around us was thrilled.

He also began screaming again as soon as I strapped him into the ERGO because we weren’t moving.  Thankfully we had some really nice men on our flight who got out (both mom’s and my) luggage out of the over head bins and even carried it through the plane for us.  So helpful.

When we arrived in Denver we had another chair waiting for us and they took us all the way to the curb.   They were so nice!  I’m sure my mom will always use them in the future, she had a smile on her face the whole time.  Nice end to our week long trip.


We went camping last night.  Before we left, Cody came over to watch the dogs, because of this, we didn’t lock the dogs up before we left.  Zach had the car doors open in the drive and I had my hands full of the last minute things, when both dogs bolted out the door, climbed in the drivers seat and found spot in the car.  All the while, we were all yelling at them to get out and back in the house.  Guinness made himself at home on top of our pillows and Lexi decided on the front seat.  I finally got them both out, only for them to jump right back in.  It took a lot of neogotigating, but we finally got them out and in the house.  It was quite the fiasco.

We had a nice twoish hour drive.  Isaac was fine the whole time, which was awesome.  We got to our site, which was right on the water, right as the sun was setting.  We had to stop a few times on the way to look at the cows.  Isaac loves cows.  We got the tent setup, which was a bit of a challenge in the semi-dark with Isaac getting upset with the too tall grass.  We then had a nice little campfire and looked at the stars – there were sooooo many!

Sleep was not fun.  It was COLD.  Isaac doesn’t like covers and would scream every time we tried to put under the covers.  I was so glad when morning came.  Isaac was awake with the sun, but he just hung out and read his books for an hour or so, then covered me in kisses to wake me up.  It was so cute!

We had breakfast, with a minor meltdown when we wouldn’t let Isaac go to the water.  Then we did some geocaching.  Unfortunately I left my camera battery at the house, so I didn’t get to take any photos except with my phone, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  We had a great day and made it home, so we were gone for less than 24 hours.  We still have our Sunday left of our weekend.  Great time.

NC – Part III

The last part of the trip is the reason we went to North Carolina – to participate in the spreading of Zach’s mom’s mom’s ashes in the ocean.

Zach and I began Thursday at the beach.  We left Isaac and Stacy at the hotel in bed and enjoyed a sun rise on the beach with all the surfers.  Unfortunately, it was still yucky weather…it was overcast and cold, but it was still fun to cuddle on the beach – something we’d never done.

After the sunrise, we went back to the hotel to get ready to meet Zach’s Mom, Sue, her husband, Jack and her cousin and aunt.   We then headed back to the beach.  It was windy and cold, but it felt like the beach shared the emotions of the group.

I never really got to know Jean.  She spent the last few years in a nursing home and had just started showing true signs of dementia when Zach and I started dating.  From what I know about her, we would have loved each other.  He house was filled with books and photos.  She loved to travel and be around her family.

After the walk on the beach, we went out to lunch.  After that we were supposed to spend the day with Sue and group, but we weren’t invited to whatever they planned.  This caused a lot of stress and frustration in our little group.  Technically, we flew all the way out here for this, to spend time with Zach’s mom and she (and group) were acting like they didn’t want us around.  A lot of yelling between Zach and I transpired and we spent the afternoon in the hotel, napping and doing pretty much nothing.

We met back up with Sue and her family for dinner.  Jack and Sue have always talked big about the two places we ate with them, but Stacy, Zach and I all agreed it was the worst food we had on our trip.  Neither place would we recommend or go back to on our own.

After dinner, we did go to a park with everyone, (which we were planning on going to before we went to dinner), but it was rainy, so it was kinda cold and not too fun.  Stacy and I tried to find two geocaches, but we didn’t have much luck.  As we went to leave it started pouring, but Isaac needed one last run across the playground.

Back at the hotel we had a bowl of ice cream and were going to watch a movie, but I started feeling bad, so went to bed.  Isaac didn’t sleep well, and by morning we decided that we were going to enjoy our day and not have breakfast with Sue and group.

First thing in the morning, we had a backup in the bathroom, which overflowed the toilet all over the floor and our beach stuff.  It was gross and getting it fixed and cleaned up while we were trying to take showers and pack was not ideal, but we managed.  We said a sad goodbye to Stacy as she headed back to Virginia and we began the trek back to Raleigh.  My stomach was still not feeling 100%, so we did have to make a few quick stops along the way.

We got back to deliver the rental car and made it to the airport just on time.  We were questioned at the ticket desk for Isaac’s birth certificate (the first time ever in the nine airplane trips he’d taken), which was at home in CO.  Thankfully, they let us on the airplane.  At security, it was a fiasco.  We had to laptops and Isaac’s stuff and such.  They made us separate, needed to recheck Zach or something, but that left me to repack our laptops and bags, collect our stuff, put my tennis shoes on and put Isaac’s shoes back on all on my own, while the security person impatiently waits so she can check our baby liquids.  It was miserable.

Thankfully, when we got to the gate and went to gate check Isaac’s carseat, we learned that they had extra seats and if we wanted, we could have one for Isaac.  Of course we did!  That was nice, and the rest of our trip home was uneventful.

NC – Part I

Our trip to NC can be split nicely into three different parts…mainly based on who we were around.

Part I – Raleigh/Fayetteville and Syble

We chose to fly to Raleigh is the only city in NC we could get a direct flight to and it happened to be a little cheaper, so we went with it.  It was a 3 and a half hour flight with about 4 hours total on the airplane.  Isaac didn’t sleep a wink, but we were lucky enough he didn’t fuss too much either.  I think we had about 2 – 20 second meltdowns.

We arrived and got a rental car….that was fun….three bags, a carseat, a pack n play and a kid on a shuttle bus to the rental car place.  Haha!  We got better at that later, but that first trip we were a mess!  We called my sis to see where she was.  She was driving down to meet us from VA.  She didn’t know where she was and we didn’t know how long it was going to take us to get to the highway she was on, so we decided to call each other when we got to a certain exit.  Turns out we got there first, about three minutes before her.  What perfect timing!  We ate dinner before the last leg of the trip into Fayetteville.

Zach’s great Aunt Syble lives in Fayetteville and we were staying with her for the first few days.  She made just Banana Puddin’, which was oh-so-good!  We spent an hour or so talking and then headed to bed.

On Friday, Syble made us all breakfast and then sent us on our way.  We drove back to Raleigh area to go to Duke.  If you know my husband, you know he is a HUGE Duke fan, but had never been to the campus, so it was kinda a must as we were so close.

The campus is beautiful.  I love the stones they use to build everything.  We stopped at Cameron Stadium.  Unfortunately, it was graduation weekend and they had the floor covered and chairs set up, but he still got to go there.  We also made a stop at the gift store, and Isaac pretented to play ball on the practice court.

For lunch we had to go to Pita Pit.  Pita Pit is one of our favorite places and happen to only be on/near college campuses.  So we drove the 10 minutes to Duke’s rival the University of North Carolina.  Which is also a beautiful campus.

Before we headed back to Fayetteville, we stopped by our first ever geocache.  It was a virtual cache, which means there is no container or log book to sign, it is just a place….in this case a historic site.  Of the biggest surrender of the Civil War.  Really a pretty cool story and a fun place to take pictures.

When we got back home Syble had dinner waiting for us.  Her daughter joined us for a delicious, relaxing dinner.

We spent Saturday relaxing and hanging out with Syble.  She really is a great lady with lots of stories to tell.  We love hanging out with her and really wish she lived closer so we could see her more often.


WOW! What a long day! I didn’t sleep well last night…I was all anxious about this trip. I was out of bed at 6:30…completely packed, internet checked, ready to go watching NCIS by 7:30….Ron was suppose to pick me up at 8 to take me to the airport and this was actually 30 minutes earlier than we really need to leave, but better early than late.

We stopped by the bank to get some cast. Then at the airport, I got myself checked in–man, the check-in process has changed a lot since 2004…my driver’s license gave the computer all it needed, finally that strip does me some good. I got through security…..and was at my gate probably within an hour of when I left the house….so I had a hour and a half to wait. I scheduled some flights for my boss….ate some Quiznos breakfast and watched the people around me.

We boarded a bit late and then a 2 and a half hour flight. I attempted to play my CSI game for my DS…but it makes me mad and I feel asleep while playing. Got to Nashville….navigated this unknown territory….went pee…found my luggage….found the shuttle….got checked in at the hotel…found my room and decided I didn’t want to do anything outside my room. Figured out the internet…unpacked my entire bag (I never do this)….and then I was lonely and hungry and wanted some milk. I was driven by my desire for a nice cold glass of milk. So I ventured out. This hotel is huge….I got lost trying to find the shuttle and just barely missed it. Attempted to ride the city bus accidentally while I waited 30 minutes for the next shuttle. Just to take me five minutes down the road to the outlet mall….which for those of you in Colorado is almost exactly like Colorado Mills….except its Opry Mills. 🙂 Walked the whole circle….got back to the food court to decide to go to TGIFridays….mashed potatoes and a bit of chicken and a large glass of milk….mmmm, so good. Then I ordered an oreo cake and large glass of milk to go and watched the shuttle back to the hotel drive by while I paid….so instead of waiting for the next shuttle, I decided to walk…..I passed tons of people walking to the Grand Ole Opry and you’ll never guess what I saw growing between some yellow flowers. My purple plant….yep, that’s right – my prized purple plant that my grandfather gave me grows like weeds here and such a vibrant purple….at home it doesn’t get quite enough sun, so it’s a little green. I took a picture that will probably end up in my project 365 in the next few weeks. It took me 22 minutes to walk….I would have still been waiting for the shuttle.

Now, I’m tucked in bed watching American Idol and typing. My ankles hurt…my back hurts every time I breathe…my body aches….I need to go to sleep and back home it’s only 7:30…this is pitiful.

Well, I’ll end with this map of states I’ve visited, idea courtesy of Gina. For being such a home body I’ve made a good effort on my states. I need to get south a bit more and east, but excited to explore Tennessee the next few days.

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