The past

This weekend we were cleaning the basement. I got lost for quite a while in a box that had old writings…mainly old journals and IMs from my late high school and early college years.

A few items of note, as I’m very much the same person I’ve always been:

  • I have always been s networker/connector of people, yet I’ve never had a home.
  • Feelings of not feeling in and accidental pushing people away are identical to today.
  • I wrote about my first dates with Zach just days after and I’d forgotten about it and the tangled weave that was my love life back then.
  • After reading my writings, I think my morals pertaining to any physicalness were more because of my ideas of being judged by others (the person I might kiss, or be physical with) rather than a strong moral conviction.

In 15-20 years, I wonder what my blogs will show me about who I am now. Will I still be struggling to make human connections, or will I have grown to be confident in who I am and not care?


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