A Force

Ever been overwhelmed? Felt the weight of all your worries, fears and doubts bearing down on you? It’s easy to get burried in those moments, but it’s equally easy to be burried in the good moments.
This month I’m celebrating 15 years at my company and received my certificate today…my first visit to our corporate offices. I took photos with a friend (who was also celebrating an anniversary) with our “Be a force for GOOD” wall and as I was looking through the photos this afternoon, I thought, What a powerful statement!!!!

While I do want to “be a force for good,” I also want to be surrounded by others who are forces for good….and when I take a look, I am.

We could start with the obvious…my amazing family, but that’s the easy way out and they get a lot of blog time already.

So let’s start with the less obvious…my neighbors! When we first moved into the neighborhood, everyone wanted to connected. We have a book club that meets monthly and all the kids are always playing, but the true gems are my more immediate neighbors. The ones that moved in later or with us.  

C moved in the week after us. We refer to each other as house twins, as we have the same style and color, but she is light years ahead of us in interior design. Her home looks amazing in just a few short months and ours looks like we just moved in. The odd thing is we’ve only spoken once….in six months! But our sons play together daily and let me tell you, you can tell a lot from a persons children. E (and his older sister H), are polite, respectful, not afraid of adults and not crazy loud. Isaac started walking home with E a few months ago and C always keeps me updated. I feel like we can really count on each other, even if we aren’t best friends. 

A few houses away is S and her daughter L. L is a crazy loud (but in a fun way) beautiful little girl. She is smart, respectful and can speak her mind. She is a perfect strongwilled match for Isaac. A great positive influence. L definitely gets a lot of her positive energy from her mom. S is so bright and energetic. In addition to being fun to be around and L being a good influence for Isaac, S is always willing to let Isaac come over for a few hours.

In December, the house across the street was finally sold. It took a few months but we soon learned they had a young son (Lynzie’s age, but Isaac’s size) and M is one of those people who has a way of encouraging and motivating people to accomplish goals, be productive and be healthy without judgement. A safe zone. 

In another world, I have others who share these same qualities. I work with amazing people! People who support, people who smile, people who laugh. Intelligent people, productive people, strong, energetic people.

I want to learn from these people. I want to grow and be better than I am. I want these people to see me as a force for good as well. A person they want to be around and learn from.


One thought on “A Force

  1. Just caught up on your last 3 entries! I’m glad you’re writing again. I’m a little jealous of your neighbors. Ours seem okay, but not outwardly friendly. Since I’m not outwardly friendly, either, it will probably be years before I feel really established in the neighborhood. Oh, well.

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