The thing about writing is you have to do it.  You have to MAKE time for it.  Just like anything else that is important – making dinner, working out, spending time with friends and family.  It’s easy to say you are too busy — but am I really?

Lynzie went to the doctor today.  She is in the 35% for height, but a bit smaller on the weight side.  She answered all the doctors questions and the doctor suggested a multivitamin since she eats no veggies and very limited fruit.  I can get onboard with that.  Jury is still out on the doctor…we’ll see.

My sister moved to Alabama last week.  She only had six weeks lead time and when she told me she was moving we had a debate in the house on what states bordered Alabama….no one was 100% correct.  We do not know our southern states, or eastern for that matter.

Today we were going to Skype….but turns out she doesn’t have it on her phone.  I didn’t remember my password and after I logged in I decided I’d change my profile photo and I noticed I had a tag line directing people to Myspace.  WHAT?  Myspace?  Does that even still exist?

So I logged in to Myspace.  Can you believe I could remember that password and I haven’t logged in in years, but I couldn’t remember Skype and I just had to change that a few months ago….does that mean my short-term memory is going?

Myspace is different.  I doubt I’ll hangout there, but I did scroll through all my photos….many of them are also on Facebook, but seeing them in a single stream and scrolling through them is different.  I stopped using Myspace shortly after Isaac was born, so the photos there are pre-kids, while Facebook is overwhelmed with all my children’s photos.

It’s funny how seeing photos of the past can bring such emotions, but hands down, what I feel is happy.  We had good times (still do)!

But it’s also a bit sad….the kids will never meet their Dad’s grandparents….and while they knew my grandparents, they won’t remember them, maybe Mom’s mom, but not Dad’s.  They know my mom, but they will never really know her.  And now with Stacy moved to Alabama, they will know their cousins, but not as well (hopefully better than I knew mine).  It’s a sad reality, but if we wallow in that, we miss out on all the great things around us.

So we spend more time as a family.  We take photos, so that someday I can see again that we were happy (and still are)!



One thought on “Myspace

  1. I’m sorry your sister had to move so far away. BQ asks to see her cousins all the time and has only met them twice. It is sad, but you are right, so much good and happiness in life to focus on that. We have an amazing life, amazing church, friends and new family here. Life is hard, but good!

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