Isaac goes to the doctor

I began this blog as a way to document our lives for the kids.  Then the kids came along and I rarely post.  I used to post almost daily an last year I post 5 times!!!  At least I captured the seriously big things….but so many of the little things get missed.  And my writing suffers as a result.

I took Isaac to the doctor for his well care visit the other day.  Our favorite doctor retired and I sure do miss him!  Isaac has always been between the 1%-3% in almost all categories.  As he has gotten older, it’s been closer to the 1%, but the doctor has never been concerned because he was perfectly on his OWN growth pattern.  This doctor comes in and is giving me an update on where he stands and says, “2% for height, we’ll talk about that.”  We spend a lot of time discussing and she plots him and realizes, surprise, surprise, that he is on his own growth curve, just under the typical one.  Talks about why we should be concerned.

She continues on with the exam talking to Isaac about various things.  Meanwhile, he is being busy walking around the room, climbing on the table, you know, being a boy who has been stuck in a classroom all day.  I felt like she was trying to determine if we needed to medicate him.  She asked repeatedly, “but he is doing okay in school?”  YES!!!!!

I felt like our whole parenting style was being pushed and didn’t fit into her box.  Ugh!

Yes, Isaac goes to bed sometimes at 11.  Yes, that’s because he isn’t settling down, but not settling down means he started getting ready for bed at 9:30, did his nebulizer and started reading and then couldn’t stop reading, because you know he enjoyed it, so we had to remind him (while we are doing other things around the house), to get ready for bed, brush his teeth, etc.  And THEN he is finally ready and jumps in our bed, still with his book and wants to read a bit longer.  We give him 5 minutes and that becomes 20.  It’s a struggle to get him to relinquish the book and then he wants to snuggle.  So a quick snuggle (he is seriously in this 5 minute snuggle stage) and he goes to bed.  The not settling down in all in the reading!!!  Yes, he is tired the next day when I drag him out of bed at 8:15, so the next night I’ll try to get him to bed earlier….but NO, he doesn’t need a drug to help him sleep…he just needs to stop reading!

As we are wrapping up her last question to me is, so exactly how concerned are you about his growth?  We already spent 10 minutes on that….I’m NOT!  He is small.  Lynzie is small.  Zach and I are both not tall.  Isaac is on daily nebs.  We see an asthma doctor 4 times a year who we specifically talk to about the growth.  Due to this, I am not worried at this time.  I’ll let you know when I am.

Ugh….we’ll see how Lynzie’s appointment goes tomorrow.  Might have to find a different doc at the practice to go to.


One thought on “Isaac goes to the doctor

  1. I feel your pain. Our wonderful doc moved away, now we have a prick (to put it nicely). Always seems to question everything we do as parents. Not fun! Your kids look awesome and smart to us. I say keep it up.

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