We moved!

I’m still going to try to go back and post on the 2.5 week long road trip, but we’ve jumped another 4ish months and so, we will start here and now.

We closed.  I don’t think I was as excited as I thought I should be.  It’s taken me the last two months to feel like this is home and be happy in it.  Why?  Because when you spend more than you ever imagined you could on a home and watch it be built from the ground up, you expect it to be perfect, or at least hope it is….but then there is the reality….the fact that people are building your house and they are human and you are not in direct contact with anyone actually doing anything on the house and the fact that contractor cut corners when they can..

And then…..you realize your furniture doesn’t fit the home and that decorating is really not your thing.  So yeah, our neighbors across the street moved in a week after us.  They have the same model that we do.  They painted all night the night they closed and have a perfectly decorated and furnished home.  Mine, all white wall (that I HATE) and no decorations or homey things.  It feels almost sterile.  I’ve bought furniture and window covers….but I really need help.  I have no decorating sense, none what-so-ever!

I do love how much space we have….the toys all go back to the same room (even if it is almost always a disaster).

I love the double doors leading to my master suite.

I love my shower….the rainbows when you shower at just the right time in the morning as the sun shines through the windows, the waterfall shower head, the fact that the whole family can fit in the shower if needed and not even touch each other.  Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

I love my kitchen….it has no organization at the moment, I just kinda threw things in cabinets, but I love the island and how so many people can be in it and it still doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic like the old one did.

I love that I can heat only the upstairs or only the downstair, depending on where we are hanging out.

We need to finish the backyard so the mud and dirty that comes in the house is limited, because I’m kind of over dirt.