Where does the time go?

Almost five months has past since my last post.  The quick ….

The house sold in hours.  We left it on the market for 7 days, but the offer we accepted the second offer we received on the first day.  And on April 13, exactly 9.75 years after we signed to buy the house, we sold it.  And that weekend we moved into an apartment.

We are so thankful for the apartment we got.  It was reasonably priced for what we needed.  First floor, on a greenbelt, two bedrooms with a “retreat” on the master that has served as my office.  It is very functional, but we are so looking forward to more space!!! 37 more day!

And that brings me to….our house will be done at the end of August!!!  We close September 3!  We are all so excited!

To help pass the time, we went on a marathon road trip from July 2 to July 18.


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