We bought a house…

We decided to build a new home.  It will be far bigger than the home we live in now (3200 sq ft vs 1300).  We signed on the dotted line on 02.26 and on Monday (5 days later) we put our house on the market.

We have hardly been home since Monday because there have been so many showings.  So far we have four offers.  We decided to leave it on the market for the weekend and then we’ll make a decision on Monday.

Unfortunately, this means a double move as the new house won’t be ready until September-ish.  Apartments in this area for short-term are expensive.  And we don’t get the garden and yard stuff Zach likes so much.  But we do get a pool for the summer and A/C…both pluses in our world.

It’s a strange time.  Lots going on in my life, my family’s life and my friends lives…it’s going to be a big year.