On the other side of fear…

Remember, on the other side of fear lies FREEDOM. ~Robin Sharma

In my new role I had the chance to take a class taught by associates within our organization in other countries.  A few weeks later, I met one of those instructors (a Canadian) at our National Sales Meeting.  We had a nice conversation and later linked up on linked in.  Which is where he had posted this quote.

It really resonated with me.  I wrote it down in bright neon sharpie and put it on the wall in front of my desk. And now I look at it a million times a day.

Whenever I feel anxiety it stems from fear.  These are some of my big ones:

  • Paying bills
  • Health concerns
  • Uncomfortable discussions
  • Having kids
  • Losing my job
  • Starting a new job
  • Traveling
  • Buying a house

When I face that situation, I get beyond the fear, whether the results are good or bad, the fear is gone. 

The anxiety is gone.  

I’m free!


2 thoughts on “On the other side of fear…

  1. I was thinking more about this quote this morning (quotes about fear really resonate with me, too) and I remembered another that I thought I’d share with you. This one is on a bulletin board that I walk past every morning at school: “What could you do if you weren’t afraid?”

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