The Dreaded M

September hasn’t been good to me…well at least the beginning.  It had me wishing I was a kid again, without having to deal with adult issues.

Two years ago we bought a bed…that was our first big furniture purchase in our 8 years of marriage.

Recently, we’ve noticed that both Zach and Isaac have breathing troubles after hanging out on our downstairs couch.  We finally decided on a new couch and went to make the purchase.  It was a big purchase.

We spent the whole day out and when we returned home we all started sneezing.  I spent most of the night up, worried about the cause.

On Sunday morning, I got out of bed before the family (which I NEVER do), and I started cleaning the house.  I was cleaning the hall and came to an air intake vent and it smelled funky.  I decided to go search the crawlspace.

I searched the entire crawlspace looking for evidence of mold or water and found nothing, until I was headed out….and I saw a plastic comforter bag with moisture beads inside.  It was a quilt my grandmother made out of flour sacks when she was eight.  It was soaked in both water and mold. 😦

It turns out there was a section of our crawlspace, the low point, that was getting water with all the rains we’ve had.  Due to the carpet (carpet in a crawlspace, bad idea, right?) and the cardboard boxes of books at that point, there was quite a bit of mold.  It was about a 2 foot by 3 foot spot on the carpet.  Everything I read said homeowners could clean up less than 30 continuous square feet on their own.  We began the clean up.

First we removed everything that was not near the mold.  Then we got masks and trash bags and began going through the stuff that was wet.  We lost my grandmother’s quilt, two boxes of books, a box of photos in frames, a few fans, a suitcase of VHS’ and probably some other things I’m forgetting.

Then we began to cutup the carpet.  It was black and green and yellow and brown and had some nice fungus.  And then I started to see stuff under the foundation and we decided to stop and get a second opinion.

Our whole day had been used and Zach was supposed to be going to the Bronco game.

We spoke with several companies and got a few estimates.  In the end we decided to have a company come and finish the clean up and properly line the crawlspace in plastic and in addition, we decided to get the vents and furnace cleaned since it is down there and has been sharing the same air.

By Friday it was done…

On the next Monday the dryer started not drying.  I figured it was just the vent and since the vent guy was coming to clean the furnace on Tuesday I asked him also to to the vent.  Although he got a bird nest out of the pipe, the dryer still did not work.  It tumbled, it heated, but it wasn’t getting air flow.

During the day on Wednesday, Zach cleaned out the vent again, just to see if we were missing something.  He got a bit more lent, but nothing to cause our issue.  So after work I decided I had to take the dryer apart.

Okay, to be honest, I was ready to call a repair guy.  Just too emotionally tired from all this.  But Zach didn’t seem to think it was that big of a deal and that we could “take apart the dryer” and solve the problem on our own.  The funny thing about this is I’M the one that typically does this sort of stuff.  And I’d already searching the Internet and YouTube looking for directions, but our dryer seems to be the odd type and I couldn’t find one video to tell me how to do it.

After work, I felt the need to do something.  Laundry was piling up!  So I began the process.  It took me about an hour to find all the right tools, get the front off the dryer, vacuum all the extra hair and lent and find the problem….the blower belt and pulley had fallen off.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it back on or I would have had the whole thing done by the time Zach got home, but instead I had to wait on him.

It took us about 20 minutes to fix the belt and put the dryer back together and guess what?  It was fixed!  It works!  And wonderfully.

Sometime in all this, our new couch arrived in boxes…but I suppose I’ll save that for another day.


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