Lessons from the Rain

Isaac has been in public school for about a week in a half.  Last week, on Tuesday I think, he learned a very valuable lesson.

I’ve been trying to walk to get Isaac.  It’s a 11-12 minute fast walk to the school, but the trip home up hill with Isaac can be a bit of a challenge, especially, when I need to get back to work, so it’s really been about half and half.

On this particular day it decided to start pouring right as I was leaving the house, I decided to drive instead.  I fumbled with the umbrella, carrying Lynzie (I don’t typically wrap her for the short walk from the car to the school) to stand in the rain awaiting for Isaac.  As school got out the rain stopped.

They have this weird system of only letting one kid out at a time and only if they make eye contact with the parent.  It takes forever and I’m not a big fan, but I understanding they are trying to keep the kids safe.  Anyway, Isaac finally came out with his backpack and a paper in his hand.  Then told me he forgot to tell his teacher something and wanted to go back.  I told him he’d have to wait until tomorrow and he threw a bit of a fit(this is important for later), but recovered well.

We walked around the school, across the crosswalk and got in the car.  As I was putting Lynzie’s straps on, I asked Isaac where the paper he was hold was.  He didn’t know and said someone must have stolen it.  I convinced him someone probably did not steal it and that he probably dropped it.  He wanted to go search for it, but I didn’t want to get Lynzie back out and I could see most of the way back from the car. 

So I let him go himself.  He got to the crosswalk and waited forever (the teacher on the other side was busy talking and didn’t see him) and the car waiting to leave the parking lot wouldn’t go and kept waving Isaac across, so he crossed.  He searched and then returned to the car without the paper.

He was sad and by this time almost everyone had gone, so we re-parked and bit closer and all got out of the car and searched again.  We found the paper in the exact spot he threw a fit, face down in a puddle of water.

He was devastated.  It turned out it was a little coloring book they’d colored at school.  He’d only gotten the first page colored because he colored in the lines and “that takes a long time.  It’s slow.”

We had to discuss the importance of the backpack (that had nothing in it) to protect his stuff and allow him use of his hands.  Rough lesson for him.  I’m thankful it happened with just a coloring sheet.


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