I don’t write much on my mom’s challenge’s with MS.  We spent a lot of time growing up ignoring it.  I remember several years ago Mom broke down crying.  She was struggling with this disease that was sapping her of her mental health, sapping her of her physical stability.  We talked about how she had spent many years denying she had a problem, hiding it from others and trying to just go on as normal.  She’s a pretty strong woman to have battled it on her own for so many years.

In recent years, she is no longer able to hide it.  I think some just think she is a “little old lady,” but at 61, she could be sitting at the park enjoying her grandkids instead of using a scooter to get to the bathroom.  

In honor of my mom and this battle she’s been in for almost half her life, I’m participating in the MS MuckFest in September.  I know it’s going to be hard for me, but it can’t be any harder than the challenges my mom faces daily.

I’m asking for your support.  If you have some money to spare (even $5 or $10), please consider this organization, for their research, but mostly for the support they show people and families effected by this disease.

Please help me reach my donation goals, but donating here: My MuckFest Page.

Thank you!


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