I don’t write much on my mom’s challenge’s with MS.  We spent a lot of time growing up ignoring it.  I remember several years ago Mom broke down crying.  She was struggling with this disease that was sapping her of her mental health, sapping her of her physical stability.  We talked about how she had spent many years denying she had a problem, hiding it from others and trying to just go on as normal.  She’s a pretty strong woman to have battled it on her own for so many years.

In recent years, she is no longer able to hide it.  I think some just think she is a “little old lady,” but at 61, she could be sitting at the park enjoying her grandkids instead of using a scooter to get to the bathroom.  

In honor of my mom and this battle she’s been in for almost half her life, I’m participating in the MS MuckFest in September.  I know it’s going to be hard for me, but it can’t be any harder than the challenges my mom faces daily.

I’m asking for your support.  If you have some money to spare (even $5 or $10), please consider this organization, for their research, but mostly for the support they show people and families effected by this disease.

Please help me reach my donation goals, but donating here: My MuckFest Page.

Thank you!


The Top of Our World

I talked Zach into driving to the top of Mt. Evans for his birthday.  He told me he didn’t want to spend the whole day driving or hiking and I figured it was a good compromise.  I’ve always wanted to go and it’s not too far from us.

Mt Evans Road is the highest paved road in the North America.  A short hike from the parking lot leads to the top of the mountain where you can stand proud at 14, 263 feet and look around for miles and miles.  Well, if you didn’t go when we went.

The drive up the mountain had me pretty nervous.  I’m not too into mountain driving and we were driving in and out of the clouds so at times we couldn’t see but 10 feet in front of us.  I felt like we were going to drive off.

As we approached the top we ran into a heard of Mountain Goats that actually followed us up to the parking lot where a baby and mama walked right in front of Isaac, about two feet away.  It was pretty crazy and fun.

We watched the clouds come and go and the wind blow.

After a bit of investigating, we headed up the trail to the top of the mountain.  At the top the clouds really blew in.  We had a brief moment to see exactly how high we were.

But as Zach and Isaac stood at the top most point, there was nothing but a white wall of clouds.

We heard some thunder, so headed down the mountain as fast as we could. Mountain tops are not the best place to be in a thunder storm!  We lost the trail and ended up having to boulder down to the car.  It was a good thing I wrapped Lynzie up or I don’t know how we would have managed it.

Back at the car, I started to get a headache.  We drank water and then went in search of a geocache.  We saw a Marmot and Isaac build his very own Rock Tower.

We eventually, got back into the car and started the drive home.  I wasn’t feeling too well, but we decided to try to find another geocache on our way off the mountain.  I knew I was having altitude sickness, although this was a first for me.

As we parked and were searching for the cache on a switchback, a bunch of Sheep came out and eventually drove us back to the car, where they surrounded us.  It was serious fun watching them so close.

I began to feel worse, nausea on top of the headache, but we still stopped by the garden center to explore.  The birds were singing and it was so quiet and peaceful.

 Finally, we headed home.  I got a bit worse, but then began to feel better.  But by the time we got home I was miserable.  I thought I was going to throw up.  Thankfully, my headache had gone away.  I drank a bunch of water and went straight to bed.

Three days later, I was still feeling off.  I was light-headed, sick to my stomach, extremely tired, having trouble catching my breath and had this burning pain in my back.  After Googling (don’t do this), I began to convince myself that I might be having a heart attack and the anxiety of this thought was making it worse (I’m convinced of this).

We were supposed to be going camping with family in Wyoming the next day, but that didn’t seem like the best idea if I was really sick.  After Isaac’s T-Ball game we headed to the ER.

Two hours later and a bunch of test (totaling almost $10,000) I was diagnosed with low potassium, given potassium, told to eat lots of potassium and that I should be okay because everything else looked fine.

It was a scary day, but it gave us the opportunity to talk with Isaac about emergencies and what to do.  Poor kid had no clue, which is completely our fault.

We slept the night and then packed up for camping in Wyoming.



Nine years ago we bought this house.  It’s all of 1300 square feet and was perfect for us and a dog.  Then we added another dog, some fish, a snake, a baby and it started to feel crowded.  Although we are down some pets, we are up one more kid.  It might not feel so crowded if their weren’t so many toys, but I digress.

Nine years ago we bought this house.  We planned on keeping it five and then selling and moving on.  We never thought much of having kids in this house.  And then the economy went crazy and we got cozy.

At some point, it became nine years, and somehow at nine years we have a five year old that is going to school.  I didn’t think it would be too bad.  I mean he has gone to Preschool since he was 2 and it wasn’t really, but it’s gotten me to thinking how fast time goes.

It seems like yesterday we moved into this house…did I mention it was really NINE years ago?

In nine more years, we will have a high schooler!  WHAT!!!

Back to Kindergarten….

My super smart five year old is going to a half day kindergarten.  Afternoons only, just down the street from our house.  I wonder if we did him a disservice by sending him to the local elementary school and not researching charters and trying to get him into one of those.

Really, I was done with driving.  It was 1 hour round trip to take Isaac to school last year and poor Lynzie had to sit in the car for that trip twice.  And just this summer, we’ve seen Lynzie’s development take off.  I think she was spending too much of her awake hours strapped in a car.

And really, what do we want out of Kindergarten?  Isaac can already read extremely well.  Seriously, I had to make him leave because he was reading over my shoulder as I typed.  He can print and spell at level that I’d consider a end of year Kindergartener.  He likes to do simple addition and subtraction and can count to 100 and write numbers too.

Social, more than anything, we want Isaac to learn to get along with other kids (which he already does well), be responsible for himself and his actions, he a leader, stand firm and do the right even when no one else is.  We want him to learn about others and care about them and there feelings.

I’m sure Isaac will learn academic stuff this year, but more than anything we want him to be social and that can happen at any school.

The day before school started, we took Isaac out on a Mommy and Daddy date.  We left Lynzie home with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed a few hours a the family sports center.  We played video games, climbed a rock wall, challenged each other to the bounce obstacle course, played a round of mini golf, but we all probably had the most fun playing laser tag.  It was the first time for Isaac and it was definitely fun for all.  I’m glad we took the afternoon to play together.