13 Hours

13 hours. That’s how long pink monkey was missing slept outside Walmart under the bikes.

Lynzie is our blanket/snuggy girl. Isaac liked them, but really any soft (silky material) would do, could be the tag on his pants or shirt. Lynzie seems to like small blankets snuggies with silky material. She carries them everywhere. Thankfully, I switch them around enough she isn’t attached to just one, rather she wants any in sight sometimes this means three or for must leave the house with us!

Last week, we ran to get some item for and end of year gift for Isaac’s teachers. It was about 10:30 or so when we came back to the car. Lynzie was grumpy, so I went to give her pink monkey. There was no pink monkey. I asked Zach if he let her take it in. He said yes, so I told him he’d better go look.

Several minutes later he returned saying he thought shed left it at Cold Stone because he didn’t see it. Unfortunately, we left as Cold Stone was closing, so an hour later, there was no one to ask and they didn’t open until 11 the next morning.

We resigned ourselves to go home and search a bit the next day. I was upset. Isaac was upset. Lynzie, thankfully, has plenty more snuggies to sleep with.

After dropping Isaac off at school the next morning, I stopped at Cold Stone (it was on the way). Although it was two hours before opening, there was a guy at the register who was kind enough to see if they had anything in their collection. Nope!

I called Zach and told him the news. We were both so sure it was going to be there.

I decided to stop one more time at Walmart. I asked customer service. Nothing. I searched everywhere we’d been before I knew for sure she didn’t have it. Still nothing.

I returned to the car call Zach again. This time I told him I was so sad because it was a special snuggie. It was the first gift Isaac had ever given Lynzie and he’d chosen it himself. I promised never to mention it in front of Isaac again, because he really took it to the extreme. I also told Zach that I blamed him because he allowed her to bring it in.

A few hours later, I got this text:


Zach had left a few minutes early to pick up Isaac so he could go look. Pink monkey never made it inside. She must have fallen on the trip in and ended up near the bikes.

We are happy she is home and I doubt she’ll be making any trips outside if the house soon.


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