On Jobs

I love my job, I really do.  I take pride in my work.  I enjoy the flexibility it allows me and the benefits it provides.  And I really love how low-stress it is (compared to teaching).

But it is corporate America.  Years ago, my mom worked for this same company and was let go due to consolidating.  During my time here, I’ve weathered quite a few down-sizing efforts.

Recently, it was announced that a certain office is being moved across the country.  Well, some of the jobs, the others will be outsourced, but the end result is that many of the people I’ve worked with over the last 10 years will no longer be with us by this time next year.  These folks have worked with the company for a long time, longer than me in many cases.

I was extremely saddened by the news.  And one of the downsides of not working in an office, is that when news like this hits, you are on your own.  Not really anyone to talk to.  I internalized it for the evening, but decided to call one of the other gals on my team to talk through it the next morning.  It was so good to talk with someone.

I’m blessed to have my job.  Zach is blessed to have his job.  We are blessed.  But we do not know what the future holds, that’s how life is.  It changes in a blink.

I recently read an article written by my favorite song writer Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.  My favorite line was this: “Death is the certainty, life is the unexpected gift.” Life is more free when we realize this.  Jobs are more enjoyable when we treat them as gifts, as they are.

Read Jon’s full post here: Hitchhiking


One thought on “On Jobs

  1. The uncertainty of the permanence of jobs has been something we’ve been living with for years, and it’s so scary. 😦

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