13 Hours

13 hours. That’s how long pink monkey was missing slept outside Walmart under the bikes.

Lynzie is our blanket/snuggy girl. Isaac liked them, but really any soft (silky material) would do, could be the tag on his pants or shirt. Lynzie seems to like small blankets snuggies with silky material. She carries them everywhere. Thankfully, I switch them around enough she isn’t attached to just one, rather she wants any in sight sometimes this means three or for must leave the house with us!

Last week, we ran to get some item for and end of year gift for Isaac’s teachers. It was about 10:30 or so when we came back to the car. Lynzie was grumpy, so I went to give her pink monkey. There was no pink monkey. I asked Zach if he let her take it in. He said yes, so I told him he’d better go look.

Several minutes later he returned saying he thought shed left it at Cold Stone because he didn’t see it. Unfortunately, we left as Cold Stone was closing, so an hour later, there was no one to ask and they didn’t open until 11 the next morning.

We resigned ourselves to go home and search a bit the next day. I was upset. Isaac was upset. Lynzie, thankfully, has plenty more snuggies to sleep with.

After dropping Isaac off at school the next morning, I stopped at Cold Stone (it was on the way). Although it was two hours before opening, there was a guy at the register who was kind enough to see if they had anything in their collection. Nope!

I called Zach and told him the news. We were both so sure it was going to be there.

I decided to stop one more time at Walmart. I asked customer service. Nothing. I searched everywhere we’d been before I knew for sure she didn’t have it. Still nothing.

I returned to the car call Zach again. This time I told him I was so sad because it was a special snuggie. It was the first gift Isaac had ever given Lynzie and he’d chosen it himself. I promised never to mention it in front of Isaac again, because he really took it to the extreme. I also told Zach that I blamed him because he allowed her to bring it in.

A few hours later, I got this text:


Zach had left a few minutes early to pick up Isaac so he could go look. Pink monkey never made it inside. She must have fallen on the trip in and ended up near the bikes.

We are happy she is home and I doubt she’ll be making any trips outside if the house soon.


All About Lynzie – 18 months

Life with two children is quite a bit more challenging than one. I find myself pulled I. So many directions that sometimes I forget to stop and just enjoy the moment, the stage we are in.

Today lets enjoy Lynzie and everything she is at 18 months (almost 19 months). At her well care visit last week she is creeping up the charts to 26% in height (at 31.25″) and 18% in weight (20lbs 6oz). She’s still got a big head – ha! – at 48cm (88%).

She actually visited the doctor a lot over the last two weeks and earned herself the title of our first kid with stitches.

Lynzie had her own fashion sense and it includes wearing sunglasses almost all the time. She was heading downstairs, backwards as normal, got to the last step and turned around to take a step not realizing she wasn’t on the ground.

Tears! Landing on tile didn’t feel too good and pushed her sunglasses up and into her forehead giving her a little cut. Upon looking at it, I thought it would need some sort of medical intervention as it was pulling away from the sides leaving a big gap. It wasn’t deep and didn’t bleed too much. Thankfully it was during the day and we were able to go to the doctors office, where they agreed a stitch was needed and put it in.

Lynzie is not a big talker, but she has great motor skills. She loves to color (even my walls!) and put items into containers. She’s a little mommy who cuddles her babies, changes their diapers, swaddled them, nurses them and even wears them around the house. It’s so much fun to watch her pretend! And even more fun for her to practice on the real babies in our lives.

Lynzie does communicate. She gets very worried and concerned when babies cry or dogs bark. She will turn your face and point to things gesturing to what she means. We have worked on signing because we all needed some way to communicate. And along the way she has created other signs along with her “words” to communicate her needs.

Lynzie is currently working on all four if her k9 teeth. She likes to work on teeth in 2s and 4s. Not once has she gotten just one tooth. Thankfully, they don’t seem to bother her too much!

On Jobs

I love my job, I really do.  I take pride in my work.  I enjoy the flexibility it allows me and the benefits it provides.  And I really love how low-stress it is (compared to teaching).

But it is corporate America.  Years ago, my mom worked for this same company and was let go due to consolidating.  During my time here, I’ve weathered quite a few down-sizing efforts.

Recently, it was announced that a certain office is being moved across the country.  Well, some of the jobs, the others will be outsourced, but the end result is that many of the people I’ve worked with over the last 10 years will no longer be with us by this time next year.  These folks have worked with the company for a long time, longer than me in many cases.

I was extremely saddened by the news.  And one of the downsides of not working in an office, is that when news like this hits, you are on your own.  Not really anyone to talk to.  I internalized it for the evening, but decided to call one of the other gals on my team to talk through it the next morning.  It was so good to talk with someone.

I’m blessed to have my job.  Zach is blessed to have his job.  We are blessed.  But we do not know what the future holds, that’s how life is.  It changes in a blink.

I recently read an article written by my favorite song writer Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.  My favorite line was this: “Death is the certainty, life is the unexpected gift.” Life is more free when we realize this.  Jobs are more enjoyable when we treat them as gifts, as they are.

Read Jon’s full post here: Hitchhiking


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that my favorite band is Switchfoot.

Although we went to Disneyland to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we took the kids, so didn’t get any “us” time.  Fortunately, Switchfoot was coming to town!  YAY for date night.

The day after we got home from Disney (7 days of walking and carrying kids around), I woke up early for work, joined Isaac for Muffins with Moms at school and finished out the work day, my dear father-in-law came over to watch the kids for a few hours.  I honestly, was questioning the decision.  I was tired, really tired.  And it was raining…bed seemed like such a better option.

It turned out to be a great night!

We walked in the rain.  I took my glasses off so they wouldn’t get drips on them and had to rely on Zach to guide me. (Yes, I’m that blind!)

Zach stood behind me, close, sometimes even rubbing my back.

We chit-chatting and just relaxed in each other’s company.

As crazy of a plan as it was, and as tired as my feet were, it was quite refreshing to ditch the kids after vacation and do something just the two of us.

On Writing

I hate that I don’t write here often…I’m going to try to do that more…a few upcoming topics:

  • Lynzie is 18 months
  • My sister had a baby.
  • Disneyland and LEGOland Adventure
  • Keeping House

Hopefully, once I’ve finished on these topics, I’ll be able to continue at a better pace.  I want to remember all this fun (and challenges) later in my life.