An Evening Out with the Kids

Last night we went to Olive Garden.  No one wanted to cook and I didn’t want fast food.

Now, the last time we went, it was miserable.  Lynzie does not do restaurants well.  She wants too much to do her own thing and has no problems throwing a fit when that doesn’t happen.  High stress for us.

Yesterday, Lynzie hadn’t taken but a short five minute catnap in the car, so she fell asleep on the way and then allowed Zach to pick her up and carry her in while still asleep.  We were sat on the main walkway in a half booth and Isaac choose to sit on the chair side next to Lynzie.  Normally Isaac wants to sit next to me, so this was a rare treat for Zach and I to sit together.  Do we dare leave the 17 month old and 5 year old on the same side with no adults?  Yes we dare!

Lynz slept until food came, but during that time, Isaac managed to make friends with most of the people who work there.  Including one guy, who made Isaac his very own Olive Garden name tag, which Isaac then wanted to show off to everyone who walked by.  Remember, everyone who enters the restaurant must pass us.  Most customers did their best to ignore him, so thankfully, the staff picked up on it and said Hi to him by name every time they walked by, which just made his day.

We enjoyed the best night out in a long while, due in part to the entertainment of the staff and Lynz sleeping through the beginning.  But even when the kids were sitting next to each other, they ate.  They shared mac and cheese, Lynzie had some of my pasta and half of Zach’s soup, which she ate by herself on the other side of the table.  Zach thought we were in for disaster (and I’m sure some people walking by thought the same), but she did amazing.  I was so proud to watch her use the spoon to ladle some liquid and bring it to her mouth without spilling (most of the time).

As Lynzie started getting restless, our dessert was brought, which we all enjoyed before we walked out with two happy kids that multiple people were complimenting and two happy parents.


2 thoughts on “An Evening Out with the Kids

  1. Yay! Over the past year or so we’ve been slowly experimenting with putting the kids on the same side of the table so Chad and I can sit together. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (they both want to sit by me; Oliver usually gets his way). It sure is nice when it works, though! There are things I miss about them being babies, but older kids definitely have their perks!

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