The Watching Game

Sometimes being a parent means keeping yourself from freaking out or voicing your concerns and just letting your children experience life and make mistakes on their own as you watch.

A few weeks ago, as one of the Bronco play off games was winding up, I found Isaac walking across the stove with a tin of pasta to reheat in the microwave.  His little sister stood in the middle of the kitchen with her Payton Manning jersey and jean skirt staring up in anticipation.

I decided to avoid a fire and offered a bowl to Isaac instead of the foil pan, but continued to let the scene play out.  He reheated his food, hopped down off the counter and then laid down in the middle of the kitchen with his sister and shared his leftover pasta.

How adorable are they?

Now, I could have freaked out that he got on the counter.  That he was eating a snack too close to dinner and I’m sure a host of other things.  But in this situation, I took a step back and just watched.

Really, Isaac was using the skills we’ve given him.  He solved his problem of being hungry and being too short to reach things.  He didn’t whine about it and say he couldn’t do it, he just did it.  And then he shared.  I don’t know that many children who would sit with the last of their favorite pasta and feed half of it to their sister.  True love I tell ya, true love…but I suppose some good modeling from Mom and Dad doesn’t hurt.