The Shower

Before kids, Zach and I showered every weekend together.  It wasn’t the “sex in the shower” experience you might be thinking.  It began as a way to both get out of the house at the same time and still get hot water.  It turned into a great place to have conversations and touch base without the distractions.

A week before Isaac was born I started crying and made Zach promise that we’d still shower together at least once a week.

Five years and two kids later, I take only two to three showers a week.  Most of those are with one or both kids, so this morning when I had to get ready, the kids were still in bed and Zach had to get ready as well, I thought for a minute about showering together and then, I looked at him and asked, “can you go without a shower today?”

Yep, I relish those quiet moments alone where I can turn the water as hot as it will go.