Thanksgiving 2013

Every year, Zach wants to host Thanksgiving and every year I fight it. I’ve always said I hate to be the only one hosting and that it doesn’t cross anyone else’s mind, but in reality, I love being a host. I love the organizing and the control. I love being around people.

I don’t like the prep. Or begging people to bring the thing I know we need – corn! People really do like plain ol’ corn and banana cream pie over pecan is a winner every time. Or worrying that a person will bring enough of their item. I get flustered when people don’t arrive on time. And I really, really don’t like getting stuck with food we will never eat – that dang pecan pie that shows up every year and only has one slice gone at the end of the night.

This year was different. My sister just moved back from VA and her husband was in town. I don’t think he has ever had Thanksgiving with us. Dad just finished a kitchen for Stacy, so I knew there would be a pull to do it over there. I told Zach I would be okay if he wanted to host it, but he’d have to arrange it. And then I did a super crazy thing – I invited my sister’s in-laws. Soon we had 16 people coming for dinner in our tiny little house!

We asked everyone bring something but kept the ones we didn’t want messed up…we did the turkey, stuffing, fresh rolls and green bean casserole (I can’t stand green bean casserole with canned beans or too much sauce). Then we ended up with three people who wanted to bring dessert and no one bringing food, so we had to ask them for other things, bit it worked out. We were only really missing corn in my opinion.

On Thanksgiving, Zach woke at five to get started on the turkey and had it in the oven and the kitchen bleached by 6 when I came down to start on rolls and he worked on gravy. It was a really great way to start the day, just the two of us working together, chatting, listening to music. It was so much like life before Isaac was born.

After our kitchen stuff was done, Zach went back to bed for a bit while I cleaned the kitchen and the remaining items in our house. He got up and cleaned the bathrooms and then headed to work (he’d taken our meat thermometer to work and forgot it) and to Walgreens pharm for some Claritin-d. I continued working on bread and kitchen stuff and around the house while the kids slept. Somehow, we had one of the most relaxing, stress free mornings.

I hear that was not the case at my parents house. They had gravy, potatoes, deviled eggs and carrots to make between the two kitchens. They seems a bit flustered when they arrived.

Before everyone arrived Isaac and I started a poster board of Thanksgiving and I told Isaac it was his job to have people add to it. I was a little disappointed that the only thing everyone was thankful for was family and thanksgiving. I wanted a board filled with things, random things…not cliches, but Isaac was still really excited about it and kept adding new things and even asked to keep it up for a few days.

Dinner was good. We did buffet style and made everyone walk around the house and snake through the kitchen, it worked really well. We had two tables and I ended up at the smaller table with Dad, Joe’s little brother, Zach, Cody and Lynzie.

After dinner, we played a few games and let the youngest and oldest watch a movie.

Overall, it was an amazing day. And I was so happy at the end of it all.