Making Bugs

We are constantly running.  Working, trips to school, fixing meals, cleaning up the house, etc.  It’s somewhat rare that I just let things happen.

For Lynzie’s first birthday, I wanted to decorate the house with ladybugs.  It was somewhat of a last minute thought.  I had plans to do it all on my own, and then I remembered, my sister just moved out here and it would be a great bonding moment.

Somehow the event became her cooking dinner (her AMAZING chicken curry) and us all (my sister, my brother-in-law, my husband and my son) sitting around the table cutting, gluing, painting and chatting through the night.  It was fun.  Of course, Zach did spend a lot of time distracting Lynzie and periodically Isaac.

The best part about it was how much fun it was for Isaac and how much he liked being a part of the group and learning how to make lady bugs.  After my sister and her husband left, we still had several lady bugs to put together, so I was working much faster and Isaac sat there with me whipping our lady bugs – cutting bodies, cutting heads, gluing them together, making wings, painting spots and setting them to dry.  The whole time he was chatting about this and that.

The next morning, I was on a conference call and Zach wasn’t home yet, when Isaac woke up, went downstairs and started making ladybugs again.  When Zach got home from work, he found Isaac working on bugs.

It is so great to see him growing up, to see the skills he is learning in school and to see how eager he is to learn more.  Several years ago, you couldn’t get Isaac to do art, now he can’t get enough, as long as he doesn’t have to get dirty.


Share the Love

Several years after I quit teaching, I looked at my husband and asked, “is it okay if I never teach again?”  Up until that point, the plan was always to return to teaching.

We began a conversation about how unfulfilled I was teaching. I loved the students so much, but wanted to help. You might say, “but you were helping the students.” Maybe I was, maybe not. The challenge I faced was that many of my students had more immediate needs than learning English. I was so restricted as a teacher to help the students with what they needed most.

Of course, my husband is not going to force me to go back to teaching or not to stay away, he supports me in what I want, which for now, is to remain in my current job and raise our children, but there is room for more. A place to fill the need for teaching and helping others.

Enter some of my favorite things to talk to people about in recent years: diapers. Not just any old diapers, cloth diapers.

I honestly don’t remember exactly how we decided on cloth diapers for Isaac five years ago, but I do remember it was a bit me and a bit Zach. We decided against a diaper service (I can’t remember why) and jumped in with a package if six BumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers by Cotton Babies. Eventually, we increased our stash to cloth diaper full time.

Five years later and my Cotton Babies diapers are the ones I reach for most.  Of course that learner in me, couldn’t just be satisfied with enjoying my diapers; I had to research the company behind them.  The more I learned about the company and the owner, Jenn Labit, the more I wanted to pack up and move to St. Louis.  And then I learned about Share the Love.

StL Cover Photo

Share the Love is a cloth diaper bank program coordinated by Cotton Babies. The program uses local donations to serve the diapering needs of families that are struggling financially to make ends meet.

It took me almost a year to apply to host the program locally. I’m sure it was God’s will. I probably wouldn’t have had the time with a newborn nor some of the connections from the last year, but I am, officially the host of Share the Love Aurora (serving the Denver metro area). I could not be more excited! According to my father-in-law, I glow when I talk about it.

As a host, I get to teach, I get to help, I get to show my community a little bit of love. And that is so exciting!  But I can only do this with the help of others, therefore, I ask for your help. Obviously, we need diapers: Prefolds, pockets, covers, etc and anything else that goes along with cloth diapering. The less obvious needs are elastic, Velcro and snaps to repair diapers. Or maybe you have the time and skill to help in repairs. Or maybe you have some old receiving blankets that can be made into wipes.

Of course, one of the most helpful things, is to spread the word.  If you have friends in the Denver metro area that might be able to help in anyway (or need our assistance with diapers), please have them contact me at and put Aurora, CO somewhere in the subject.