Circus Time

When Zach and I learned the circus was in town we began discussing taking the kids. We thought Isaac would really enjoy it, but are schedule has been pretty packed. We finally decided we’d just go on Sunday morning and not tell Isaac where we were going.

Somehow, Isaac didn’t figure out where we were going or what we were doing until halfway through our visit with the animals before the show. Isaac enjoyed the animals, but Lynzie LOVED them. Her face glowed as she pointed and shouted at the “dags.”

We then found our seats and watched the preshow (we would have gone down, but it would have taken us far too long from our seats). Zach went to get us cotton candy as we enjoyed the elephants. Again, Lynzie was in love, even from so far away.

The real show started and Zach took Lynzie. She was so super excited. Pointing at all the animals and squealing. It was so adorable.

As expected, she got restless, and I had to stand in the aisle rocking her in the wrap for a bit before she fell asleep.

Isaac on the other hand seemed slightly overwhelmed at times and bored at others. All he really wanted or cared about was getting a light up toy. Which he later had taken away due to a bad attitude.

I don’t know that we will do the circus often, but I’m so glad we took Lynzie this year. And can’t wait to take her to the zoo soon.