Lion’s Den

Isaac has been listening to the original VeggieTunes lately. There are several sings that tell the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den.

Today, in one part of the story, I said, “is that what I should do when you are bad, throw you into the lion’s den?”

Isaac: “they don’t have those in this world?”
Me: “Oh yes we do.”
Isaac: “Where?”
Me: “In Africa. And some zoos.”

Skip ahead several hours and I over hear this conversation:
Isaac: “Daddy, will you take me to Africa?”
Zach: “why do you want to go to Africa?” (Note: he knows nothing of our earlier conversation.)
Isaac: “To see stuff. Like maybe some lions.”

I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversations, but Zach came into the house singing the song.


Joined the Club

Up until last month, we’d made it through five years of parenting without a trip to the ER, including pregnancies.  We won’t count my trip to the ER, as it wasn’t kid related.

We are the research it, watch it, wait until we can see our normal doctor type of parent.

One afternoon, Lynzie was choosing not to nap and was instead playing on my bed while I worked.  All was fine, until she started playing with things on my dresser…first item that I took away were a bunch of alphabet dice Isaac had out.

Then she moved on to a little battery operated LED candle light.  I wasn’t as quick to snatch it away from her because I didn’t think it was a problem.  Then she slid between the dresser and the bed and I realized she’d gotten the back off the light and all two batteries were out and a third one was stuck in the light.

Now these are those tiny coin batteries.  And with my little eater that will swallow ravioli whole, I was quite certain she *could* swallow a battery, but I didn’t think she would.  Hard things she will normal spit back out.  But, it was a battery!!!  No guessing on this one.

Isaac and I searched.  We used flash lights.  We moved furniture.  And were only able to come up with one of the missing batteries.  One was still missing.

At this point I began to panic.  I called Zach and informed him of what was going on.  I called the doctor and was told if it was possible that she’d swallowed it, I would need to go to the ER to get an X-Ray.

SIDE NOTE: My old doc had an X-Ray machine.  My chiropractor has an X-Ray machine.  How come a very BIG pediatric practice does not?

I searched some more.  Isaac asked a bunch of questions.  Lynzie cried.  I’ll be honest.  I was frazzled, I was worried and I even started to cry.

We got in the car and drove to the ER where Zach met us.  We were quickly moved through the waiting area, into triage and back to a room.   The doctor came in and was nice and explained we’d have to do an X-ray and that if she had swallowed a battery, we’d have to go to the other hospital (REMEMBER to always go to the main campus of Children’s).

A few minutes later, two nurses come to wheel me (yes, they made me sit in the wheel chair), down to Imaging, where we took one full body Xray of my little girl.  Then they whisked us back to our room to wait.

This was the longest wait we’d had and I began to worry again.  I should have known that with less urgency, came good news, not bad.  Finally the doc came in to tell us no battery.  Thank God!  That is what we were praying for.

It took us a little longer to get checked out, but all in all I think it was less than a 1 hour ER trip.  And I got to sleep easy.  But we still had one missing battery, so I had to keep searching.  I finally found it about a week later.  So thankful to have my baby safe and sound.  Feel a little silly for having to go to the ER, but there was no way I was going to let a battery sit inside my little girl.