Nine Months

It goes so fast.  It’s so cliche, but it’s the truth.  My little baby girl is growing up.  She is no longer a snuggly, tiny baby who needs me for everything.  She is now nine months…

A nine month old who…

  • Has army crawled for months*
  • Eats real food with no teeth better than her brother**
  • Loves her brother, he can always make her laugh
  • knows when she is poopy and wants it gone
  • prefers to go to sleep in her bed, if she is extremely tired she might give in to her carseat or a wrap, but nothing else
  • prefers to nurse standing up
  • loves to dance to “this little light of mine.”
  • loves babies and dolls and shiny things

Lynzie is a quiet little girl.  She does chatter her and there and will copy our sounds, but not too much.  She still prefers to take it all in.  And she is happy as a clam as long as she doesn’t see me…if I’m around, I better be holding her.  She is slowly starting to gain a bit of independence from me and will even whine for Daddy to hold her.

She loves, loves, loves to eat.  We decided this time to go the baby-led-weaning route and have primarily giving her our food, not baby food.  This has worked out very, very well.  The first week or so was a bit nerve-wreaking, but now she happily sits at the table with us and eats, generally faster and better than her four year old brother.  She really likes frozen fruits and breads or anything greasy.

Until today (three days into her 10th month), she’s done it all without any teeth.  Today, one little tooth pierced the bottom gum (bottom left center) and I think the one next to it is close on the trail.

Another big milestone happened yesterday.  She took her first crawl with her tummy off the floor.  I was so excited for her.  She loves to pull her self up to her knees and feet and is really into investigating things.


When Nap Time Fails

Nap times have been rough lately.  Isaac has always been a good sleeper and taken a very good afternoon nap.  It is part of what has allowed us to keep him home while I work.  Since school has been out, naps happen less and less.  This is problematic when the kids take a nap in the same room.

I normally put the kids down, turn on the ocean noise that is on a 1 hour timer and Lynzie goes right to sleep, but Isaac is hit or miss.  He knows that when the ocean turns off he can get up.  Sometimes he can’t even wait that long before is he up asking for something.

Today was different.  I turned the music on and walked out of the room.  A minute or so later I heard laughter and playing….then it was 20 minutes, then it was 40 minutes.  The kids played for close to an hour and when the music turned off, Isaac popped out.  I told him since he’d been playing he needed to go back to his room and I’d come get him when it was time to get up.

No arguments, but soon I heard more jumping and playing and the radio on.  I let it go and eventually I heard Lynzie fuss for a minute and Isaac apologized for waking her up.  When I was done with work, Lynzie was fast asleep, with both of Isaac’s pillows and his radio – Ha!

Today I let it go.  I didn’t let it bother me and they were fine.  In fact, part of me just loves sitting and listening to them chat and play together.  As I started this blog they were in our room across the hall, sitting on the floor with a basket of books.  Isaac was reading and Lynzie was playing.  I love these moments and want to hold tight.