A Day in the Park

Sometimes life is too slow to want to write.

Sometimes life is too fast to have time to write.

Sometimes you realize you’ve not written a blog or any such thing in over a month and there is really no explanation.

We were going to go camping this weekend…we didn’t.  Instead, we decided to head out early on Saturday and do some geocaching and hiking.  A new state park just opened in the middle of May, so we thought we might check it out.

We didn’t get going quite as early as we hoped (we left at 9:30 instead of 7), but we had a nice time geocaching a bit in the foothills.  We got to see a beautiful herd of 11 deer, went on a short walk (while I nursed Lynzie) discussing animals and rocks, were entertained by a few horse in a meadow and got to search red rocks for hidden treasures.

We headed down to Staunton State Park in hopes of finding a new cache that no one has found yet.  It was a little brisk when we got there, so we put on our warm clothes, strapped on babies and backpacks, made a brief stop at the rest room and headed out.  The walk was beautiful…an evergreen forest speckled with aspen.  It’s got to be amazing in the fall.  As it was, the meadows were green and the tips of the aspen were starting to get leaves.

Unfortunately, we had Isaac, who 20 feet down the trail decided his feet were tired.  We convinced him to walk on, only to be about 1/4 a mile down the trail when he peed his pants and SCREAMED and CRIED and threw a fit.  We looked like the best parents of the year.  We were so frustrated because the only reason he peed in his pants was because he’d waited too long to pull them down.  He was peeing on a tree.  We eventually got him to pull his wet pants up, but the next 1.5 miles, he whined and complained about how much he didn’t like this, he was cold, he wanted to go back to the car.  But we didn’t have extra clothes for him in the car, so it was walk out the wet or sit in the car wet for the hour ride home.

I fed Lynzie here and there and she dozed off and on.  I drug Isaac along, trying to distract him with conversation.  It was so going.  About 1.75 miles in we stopped for a snack, sat on a stump eating some granola bars, apples and water.  Suddenly Isaac was a different kid. I’d say he needed food all along, but he’d just eaten a snack on the way to the park (about 15 minutes before we got there) and ate a sandwich at the car while we were gearing up.

The next mile or so, was a pretty steep, rocky climb.  But Isaac was having a great time, even if he did fall down quite often, and so were we, until Lynzie had a meltdown.  She didn’t want to ride anymore and had eaten her fill.  So we hustled the last .2 miles and searched around for the cache.  First I searched while Zach kept the kids occupied and then he searched while I played with the kids.  The whole time Isaac was going on and on about how much fun he was having and that it was the best day ever.

An hour or so later we gave up.  The sun was behind the cliff and it was getting a bit chilly. So bummed we didn’t find the cache, but our GPS signal was jumpy and a nano cache isn’t the easiest to spy.  All the way down the mountain and across the meadow Isaac was chatty and happy.  Talking to everyone, asking questions and being the great kids he normally is.

With about a mile left, I asked if Zach would carry Lynzie so I could walk faster to get to the bathroom.  He wasn’t too keen on it, but eventually relented and I walked as fast as I could (I was pretty sore) to get to the bathroom only to have to stand in line and wait.

Back in the car we changed diapers, snacked and hydrated and were off to a few more caches so we could end the day on a positive caching note.

We stopped in for dinner on the way home because it was nearly 7:30 and we hadn’t brought dinner.  An hour drive home and we all climbed into the shower to get the dirt off and crawled into bed.

Isaac went nearly six hiking miles and at least 1,000 foot elevation change.  I’m pretty impressed by that, even if he did whine the first half.  Thankfully, we all recovered well and aren’t sore or in pain today.  Yippee!  Now we just need to do that every weekend to keep Isaac and myself in shape. 🙂