National Grilled Cheese Day?

My cousin posted about an Ultimate Grilled Cheese she made herself for lunch today and we were then informed by her brother that it was National Grilled Cheese Day, who knew?  In honor of this great day, I’ll tell you about how I make a grilled cheese sandwich.

I grew up making traditional grilled cheese.  Butter a piece of bread, put in skillet, place slice of cheese (always American at my house) and top with another piece of buttered bread.  Once toasty and melty, flip.  We occasionally opened then up when they were done and added in a bread and butter pickle or two and some miracle whip.

Then I got married and saw the movie V for Vendetta   Yes, that is right, I learned how to make an amazing grilled cheese from a movie that didn’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich.  There is a scene were they make breakfast by melting real butter in a pan, add a piece of bread with a hole and add an egg.  That’s didn’t sound too great, but the butter drenched bread did.

I started melting about 1/2 tbs butter in a skillet, adding my bread and my cheese.  Once it got melty, I’d remove from the pan and add another 1/2 TBS butter and the other slice and top with the melty piece, cheese side down.  These are amazing!  In fact, if we are having grilled cheese, I’m the one that has to make it.

Then last year, I we went to a restaurant and I had a grilled cheese that was amazing…and so when I was pregnant and couldn’t get many carbs, I decided to recreate that sandwich.

Start with the 1/2 TBS butter melted in the pan (medium low), add some grated parmesan cheese then top with one slice of bread.  Add a slice of cheddar and some feta, bacon and some apple and some sort of white cheese (I’ve used Muenster and Gouda), top with another slice of bread.  When it is time to turn it over, remove it from the pan and add 1/2 TBS butter and some more parm, then place the sandwich back with the untoasted side down.  Allow everything to melt together and get ooey, gooey, you may need to flip it a few times to keep from burning.  Mmm…mmm..mmmm, so yummy!  Sometimes I’ll add a little spice (garlic or something) to the parm and butter, but you don’t really need it.

Now, when we don’t have apples, or bacon or white cheese, I still add the parm on the outside, it’s just so tasty.


2 thoughts on “National Grilled Cheese Day?

  1. So my ultimate grilled cheese is very close to yours but I wasn’t brave enough to try it until recently (about 6 months ago) when I bought my first ceramic coated nonstick pan. Teflon will not cut it with this recipe, even with a ton of butter. So here it is:

    Warm a ceramic coated nonstick pan to medium low and make sure that the pan has reached the target temperature before preparing the sandwich. Take two pieces of white bread and lightly coat the insides of the bread with Canola Mayo. I like to use a quick melting cheese inside the sandwich like Muenster or Havarti and I like two slices per sandwich. Assemble the sandwich with the mayo and chees on the inside (of course). Place one slice of a slower melting cheese, I prefer a medium cheddar, directly on the center of the pan. Place the assembled sandwich on the slice of cheddar and let it bubble away until you cant see the cheese bubble around the sides of the bottom of the sandwich anymore. Use a spatula to remove the sandwich from the pan. Place another slice of slower melting cheese directly on the pan and place the other side of the sandwich on that piece of cheese until you see that it stops bubbling around the edges.

    Ther ceramic pan does two things, it is slick enough that the cheese will not stick to it and it alleviates the need for butter. This may seem like a travesty but considering that my sandwich already has 4 pieces of cheese on it I figured it might be better to forego the butter. It is delicious and has a nice crispy cheesy outside. The only other thing that could possibly one-up my sandwich would be this… LOL!

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