Date Night Co-Op

Date nights around here don’t happen very often.  Since we had Lynzie (five months ago) I think we have been without Isaac one time for a few hours and that was to go Christmas shopping…Lynzie came with us.

Several months ago, I decided I needed to find a cost effective way to make date nights happen.  So, I enlisted two families from Isaac’s school.  Isaac has two really good friends from school – one little boy and one little girl.  We’ve taken to calling them the three amigos, because they are pretty close.  The little girl is quiet and Isaac likes to pull her into activities (and she seems to like him a lot too) and the little boy is the rough and tumble through thick and thin type of friend.  Both have younger brothers.

My plan was simple…we would choose three evenings that works for all of us.  Night one, Family A would watch all the kids at their house, while the other two couples enjoyed the evening.  We decided on a Saturday night from 5-8.  It’s wonderful, because you get free childcare and two nights free.  And, because we aren’t paying for a babysitter to come to our house, we can go back home and just watch a movie if we want, or clean, or do a project.

Last night was the first night.  We had the kids the first night and I didn’t expect to love having that many kids running around my house as I did….Isaac was the oldest at 4 and Lynzie the youngest at 5 months, L1 is 4, A is 3, B is almost 2 and L2 just turned 1.  I made dinner, we had tears, we had laughter, we had fights.  We read books, had Cinderella playing in the background, but mainly the kids just played.  A loved on Lynzie and Lynzie sure loved her.  B read books with me and Zach and I guess that never happens at home. L2 is recovering from an ear infection, so he wasn’t too happy and ended up falling asleep.  It was great!

I had a smile on my face after everyone went home.  When it’s just my kids around I sometimes forget to stop and play, but for those three hours, that’s all I did.  I sat on the floor, passed kids around, cuddled, and just enjoyed them and I think they enjoyed it too!


3 thoughts on “Date Night Co-Op

  1. That’s awesome Jenn. I’m glad you figured something out. Sounds like a great system that more parents could be using. Maybe you’ll start a fad.

  2. I have a friend who does this and loves it. I’ve been wanting to try it, but I don’t have any friends around here and I have trouble reaching out to people I don’t know.

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