Snow Day!

Today is a snowy, blizzardy day.  And I’m filled with joy!

Last night was the first night in a while that Isaac spent the whole night in his bed.  Lynzie slept until 4 and then went back to sleep in her crib until about 8:30.  Then Zach and I got to spend sometime just playing with Lynzie with no distractions.  How wonderful that was!

Because of the snow I didn’t want to go to the gym to run, but it had already been three days, if I didn’t go today, chances were I wouldn’t be back until Tuesday – a whole week later.  As I was getting ready, Lynzie was getting fussy, so Zach wrapped her up onto him – which I love, but I’ll save that for another post.

And then I was walking and when my phone told me to run for 10 minutes, I kinda freaked out, but I made it, even if it was a bit slower pace than normal for me, and I made it again when it told me to run for 10 more minutes.

When I came home, two fresh hot pieces of french toast were waiting for me on the table (do I have a great guy or what?).

Zach is at the store because despite our best efforts to stock up for the week last night we forgot the heavy cream and let me tell you, you can’t make good, creamy soup without the heavy cream.  And he likes to drive in the snow, so was searching for a reason.

Lynzie is sleeping and Isaac is playing video games (I told him a long time ago snow days are for movies and video games and he hasn’t ever gotten to do that with the snow).  I plan on setting up my computer downstairs at the table so I can watch some shows and finish converting diapers from hook and loop to snaps.  And I think I might make a cake.

What a great day!


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