Little things

I searched for a set of workout clothes for about 30 minutes yesterday. At one point I tried to wear some dirty ones, but they’d been in the floor and the digs had used them as bedding, so they were all pokey and hairy. Once I finally found my clean clothes and put them on, I decided against going to the gym.

Things around the house had been in chaos for the week. My office was over taken by baby things and coats. Laundry needed to be done and other random things.

So I skipped the gym to clean and man, it was so nice to have things picked up and organized today. But you know what was even nicer? My husband just jumped in. He put a lot of baby things away, got the kid to pick up toys and a variety of other things I’d mentioned was bothering me. I felt so loved every time I noticed one of the things today. What a great man I have!


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