Date Night Co-Op

Date nights around here don’t happen very often.  Since we had Lynzie (five months ago) I think we have been without Isaac one time for a few hours and that was to go Christmas shopping…Lynzie came with us.

Several months ago, I decided I needed to find a cost effective way to make date nights happen.  So, I enlisted two families from Isaac’s school.  Isaac has two really good friends from school – one little boy and one little girl.  We’ve taken to calling them the three amigos, because they are pretty close.  The little girl is quiet and Isaac likes to pull her into activities (and she seems to like him a lot too) and the little boy is the rough and tumble through thick and thin type of friend.  Both have younger brothers.

My plan was simple…we would choose three evenings that works for all of us.  Night one, Family A would watch all the kids at their house, while the other two couples enjoyed the evening.  We decided on a Saturday night from 5-8.  It’s wonderful, because you get free childcare and two nights free.  And, because we aren’t paying for a babysitter to come to our house, we can go back home and just watch a movie if we want, or clean, or do a project.

Last night was the first night.  We had the kids the first night and I didn’t expect to love having that many kids running around my house as I did….Isaac was the oldest at 4 and Lynzie the youngest at 5 months, L1 is 4, A is 3, B is almost 2 and L2 just turned 1.  I made dinner, we had tears, we had laughter, we had fights.  We read books, had Cinderella playing in the background, but mainly the kids just played.  A loved on Lynzie and Lynzie sure loved her.  B read books with me and Zach and I guess that never happens at home. L2 is recovering from an ear infection, so he wasn’t too happy and ended up falling asleep.  It was great!

I had a smile on my face after everyone went home.  When it’s just my kids around I sometimes forget to stop and play, but for those three hours, that’s all I did.  I sat on the floor, passed kids around, cuddled, and just enjoyed them and I think they enjoyed it too!


Snow Day!

Today is a snowy, blizzardy day.  And I’m filled with joy!

Last night was the first night in a while that Isaac spent the whole night in his bed.  Lynzie slept until 4 and then went back to sleep in her crib until about 8:30.  Then Zach and I got to spend sometime just playing with Lynzie with no distractions.  How wonderful that was!

Because of the snow I didn’t want to go to the gym to run, but it had already been three days, if I didn’t go today, chances were I wouldn’t be back until Tuesday – a whole week later.  As I was getting ready, Lynzie was getting fussy, so Zach wrapped her up onto him – which I love, but I’ll save that for another post.

And then I was walking and when my phone told me to run for 10 minutes, I kinda freaked out, but I made it, even if it was a bit slower pace than normal for me, and I made it again when it told me to run for 10 more minutes.

When I came home, two fresh hot pieces of french toast were waiting for me on the table (do I have a great guy or what?).

Zach is at the store because despite our best efforts to stock up for the week last night we forgot the heavy cream and let me tell you, you can’t make good, creamy soup without the heavy cream.  And he likes to drive in the snow, so was searching for a reason.

Lynzie is sleeping and Isaac is playing video games (I told him a long time ago snow days are for movies and video games and he hasn’t ever gotten to do that with the snow).  I plan on setting up my computer downstairs at the table so I can watch some shows and finish converting diapers from hook and loop to snaps.  And I think I might make a cake.

What a great day!

Little things

I searched for a set of workout clothes for about 30 minutes yesterday. At one point I tried to wear some dirty ones, but they’d been in the floor and the digs had used them as bedding, so they were all pokey and hairy. Once I finally found my clean clothes and put them on, I decided against going to the gym.

Things around the house had been in chaos for the week. My office was over taken by baby things and coats. Laundry needed to be done and other random things.

So I skipped the gym to clean and man, it was so nice to have things picked up and organized today. But you know what was even nicer? My husband just jumped in. He put a lot of baby things away, got the kid to pick up toys and a variety of other things I’d mentioned was bothering me. I felt so loved every time I noticed one of the things today. What a great man I have!

Lynzie Rain: Four Months

Lynzie is 4.5 months old and I haven’t posted nearly enough about her.  She is such a blessing!  She is the most easy going, quiet little girl.  We are starting to hear a little more from her recently, but mainly she just likes to smile and take everything in.

She had her 4 month visit to the doctor a few days ago and seems to be measuring just about where her brother was at this age.  She was 13 lbs, 2.5 oz, which puts her right in the 25%.

Here are a few photos…

These before and after photos were taken about two weeks apart.

Now, here is my pretty girl four months later:

Getting Around to It

I’ve always wanted to be a runner.  But I’ve always made excuses…my knees hurt, I can’t breathe, etc.  Before I got pregnant, I was “trying” to start running.  And by trying read, tired to run once every two weeks a made excuses the rest of the time.  I’m really good at making excuses!  I would try to inlist Zach to motivate me, but honestly, he is worthless in that regard, he always lets me give into my excuses.

And then I was pregnant…the best excuse of all to not start a really running program, especially when you feel as miserable as I was the first couple of month and then the rest. 🙂  Unfortunately, this mind set and the fact that I work from home and can literally take maybe 100 steps a day in my tiny home, led me to lose muscle and gain gestational diabetes.  Just before I was diagnosed with GD, I realized how flabby my thighs were.  I’ve never had “great” thighs, but it was noticeable to me…and my tiny calves were still tiny, but had no definition.  Ugh.

I determined that when I was done being pregnant, I was going to start slow but steady on getting in good cardio shape (honestly I could care less about the rest of my muscles, but I’m they’ll come along in their own time…note I loathe being alone and all workout time is alone time.)  And then I tried walking during my maternity leave…but I went too far, I caused myself pain and not only that it took my twice as long to heal as it should have.  When I went to my six week appointment and I still wasn’t healed, I decided to put on hold my workout efforts and allow my body to recover.

Well, it is recovered and for the last four weeks I’ve managed to get to the gym three times a week to run on the treadmill (I know a ton of people hate the treadmill, but I push myself a bit more than I do out in the real world).  This weekend I was having a discussion with Zach about how I’ve done this for four weeks and have yet to see any changes in my body.  He quickly stopped me and said he had seen changes.

“Really? What?”

“Well, your butt and calves are smaller….well, tighter.”

Hmm…okay, so there has been a change.  That’s good.  I gave him a hard time that he needs to tell me these things before I ask to give me a boast of motivation.

The good news is I’m not burnt out and have been able to push myself to get to the gym, only 30 minutes, but again, my goal was a slow enough pace to keep myself doing it and so far it is working.  I go on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (these are the nights Zach gets home between 5:30 and 6 instead of closer to 7) and then once during the weekend.  Zach takes care of the cooking, so that when I get home we can eat.

I’m trying to keep my “vision” in check.  I know that sounds horrible, have big dreams, push yourself harder…  but that doesn’t work for me.  I’ve lost focus too quickly in the past that way.

Phase 2 of my “plan” starts the next four weeks of getting rid of the sneaky junk food and possibly adding in some back and ab work.  I’ll let you know how it goes in a month.

The big picture is I’d like to make it to 133 by 33…that’s a little over 20 pounds by November.