A few weeks ago my mom called me with some good news…she received a letter from Social Security stating that she was disabled as of 3/2011.  She has been working on the paperwork and appealing the original decision for that long.  It’s been a long hard process for her.  When you have MS, you have to prove not only a physical disability but also a mental disability.

Mom has always been the provider in our home.  Dad had jobs here and there, but Mom was consistent.  For years she worked for the same company I work for now.  When they consolidated, she went to another company that she worked at for 10-ish year.  When they let her go, she was starting to have trouble walking and we’d noticed a difference in her ability to process information, but she went out and got another job that she had for a little over a year.  Since then, she has been on the look out for jobs, applying and such, but at almost retirement age in this economy, nothing was happening.

Dad has really stepped it up and stayed home from trips and worked his tail off to keep them in their house, but it’s been really hard on them.  Part of the reason we are so happy for this, is because now my mom will have the ability to see a doctor.  A person with MS shouldn’t have to go for three years without seeing her doctor.

It’s hard for Mom to be disabled.  She denied it for a long, long time.  When I really think about it, it makes me sad, like this weekend, I just wanted to go shopping with her like we used to.  But, I try to stay on the bright-side. Mom’s top priority was always her family.  That is what she always wanted in life and I’m so blessed that she is so close and can come over every day and play with her grandkids.  I’m so thankful my kids will know how much their grandma loves them.  Time is everything for kids and she gives them so much – every tiny bit she can get.


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