When Isaac was six months old we stayed in a hotel.  They had a bath tub, but it didn’t look clean enough for me to want to wash my baby in it.  So, we showered as a family.  We all got in and passed the baby back and forth and tried not to lose the slippery guy.  Let me tell you…wet babies are the hardest thing in the world to hold onto.  Thankfully we never dropped him, but I remember telling Zach, “I really wish they made a wrap or something so this was easier.”

From that point on, we’d shower more with Isaac.  It was way easier than giving him a bath and he wasn’t particularly fond of bath time anyway.

When I ran across a mesh sling specifically for showering with a baby while I was pregnant I couldn’t pass it up.

It has been great.  Both Zach and I have used it to shower with Lynzie.  Most of the time, whoever is not showering is “on call” to get Lynzie and dry her off when the other person is ready to have the shower back to themselves (in my case so I can make the water really HOT).

Here is a picture of Lynzie in the sling.

She really does love it.  It calms her right down and sometimes she even wants to nurse in the shower.  It has really made the transition of having two kids easier, because I even get clean sometimes too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Clean

  1. Billie Quinn loves showering. We do the same thing, whoever showers with her the other dries and dresses her. I didn’t know there was a sling, that sounds amazing!

  2. Ooh I’ve seen mesh sling used for swimming/wading but never thought about using. One in the shower! I still shower with both my boys, but Oliver is too big for a sling. Now. I wish i would have thought about this when he was little! Great find!

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