Isaac is 4!

Isaac’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year.  We decided since this was the first real year with friends, instead of having a party on his actual birthday in the evening like we have in the past, we’d have people over on Saturday around lunch time.  Isaac really wanted to go to a playground, but with the weather in December, it couldn’t be counted on.  We thought of booking a place, but they seemed cost prohibitive for the amount of kids we were having.

We let Isaac choose the guest list and I sent out the invite a week before, not expecting everyone to be able to make it.  Well, sure enough, as the RSVPs came in it looked like everyone was going to make it…bringing the number of people coming through my home to over 30.  I began to stress a little, but put that energy into cleaning the house and truly making it possible to have that many people in our tiny 1300 sq ft home.  The tree came down and other items (trash cans, microwave cart, etc.) that were deemed unnecessary  were moved to the garage.  We laid out the mats downstairs on the tile (or it is too cold to stand on at this time of year, especially when it was supposed to stay right around freezing outside on the day of his party) and brought out the rug we put up when Isaac was a baby.  Zach cleaned while I made a birthday cake and by about 10PM the night before we were ready.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to do last minute things and get ready to learn that one family of five was not going to be able to make it because they were having some sickness in the family and didn’t want to share their germs (thanks! we appreciate it!) and my dad had decided it was going to stress him out too much, so he was going to just drop Mom off and go work.

By 11:15, we had 25 people (adults and kids) in our home and the pizza arrived.  I setup a towel for the kids to have a “picnic” downstairs and they all sat and ate.  Then Isaac wanted to do presents.  Then cake and the kids played with all the new toys while the adults talked.  About 1ish or so I had to go nurse Lynzie and suddenly all the people with kids were gone (I suppose it was nap time) and some grandparents and we were left with my Mom, Russ and Julia.  Shortly, Russ and Julia left as our neighbors showed up and then my dad arrived.  It was a great day and somehow I had that many people in my house.  I think need to seriously be looking for a bigger house.

On Isaac’s actual birthday we got up and asked Isaac what he wanted to do.  We gave him a ton of options and let him choose.  At first he wanted to go to the zoo, but since it was still hovering around freezing, we encouraged him to pick something else.  This is what he choose in order: chocolate chip pancakes, aquarium, movie at the movie theater, silly penguin (frozen yogurt) and ice skating.  We told him we might not be able to pull it all off, but we’d try.

We went to Village Inn first.  Mainly, because they have pancakes and Mommy and Daddy were too tired to actually fix breakfast.  After breakfast (which was more at lunch time) we went to the aquarium.  Isaac has this habit of speeding through these types of things, so we kept having to slow him down.  We had a great time with the otters, that kept swimming and jumping off the glass in front of us, we enjoyed the sea turtles and the mermaid show (we just happened upon that section just three minutes before it started and Lynzie needed to nurse, so it seemed like a good time to just sit and chill for a while, but we split up (I sat in the way back on a bench, the boys got up-close) and Isaac was concerned that I missed it all), we saw people swimming with the sharks and got to pretend the sharks were trying to eat us, Isaac touched a starfish for the second time in his life and then he got to touch a sting ray.  He says is favorite part was the sting rays.

After the aquarium, we looked up movie times and told Isaac he had to choose to see a movie or go to Silly Penguin, but we couldn’t do both.  He choose a movie, and since the move didn’t start for two hours, but was on our way home and Isaac was hungry, we asked him where he wanted to eat.  McDonald’s was his choice and the one closest to the theater happened to have a playground.  Even though it was a Sunday evening and the Broncos game was just ending, there was a big family with four or five kids playing on the play structure and they immediately began playing with Isaac.  He was having a blast, but at one point he came to check on us and was having trouble breathing, so we had to do his inhaler  but he went right back to playing.  Shortly before we were going to go another bigger family came in and the first family left.  The second family wasn’t as accepting of Isaac, so when we told him it was time to go, he was ready.

We went and saw Wreck-It-Ralph and by this time I was exhausted and could barely stay awake.  Lynzie slept for only about 10 minutes of the movie and was awake the rest of the time, so I was constantly moving her to keep her occupied, but that kept me awake.

On our way home Isaac told us he had a good day.  I’m glad he enjoyed it, it was a little rough on us. 🙂  He even told us again the next day what a great day it had been.

One thing we’ve been working on with Isaac is sucking his thumb.  About 10 days before his birthday I came up with this plan that he would have a jar of jelly beans (his choice) and would lose one every time he sucked his thumb.  At the end of the week he could have computer time based on the amount of jelly beans left.  Well, a week is too long for a almost four year old, so we ended up modifying the idea to be 10 jelly beans a day in his bowl and whatever was left at the end of the day he could eat.  This worked about very well.  We did tell him his bed was his free zone and he could suck his thumb there if he needed to.  On his birthday he woke up and told us he wasn’t going to suck his thumb anymore.  I could see him trying so hard and he really made it through the day.  I was so proud of him.  Since, he has gone back to sucking his thumb in his bed, but he has been pretty good every where else.  He forgets sometimes, but does well when reminded.


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