Christmas 2012

Where has the time gone?  I keep wanting to write and then I feel like I can’t write until I write about this or that and then another week goes by.

We had a nice Christmas.  We spent a lot of time baking and making things the two days before Christmas.  Let me see if I can remember everything we made: sugar cookies, Gingerdoodles, four loaves of raisin bread, peanut butter truffles, peanut brittle and I think more, but I can’t remember.

Christmas Eve we went to Zach’s mom’s.  It always feels a bit weird to me.  We don’t do presents for the parents beyond a picture or calendar or something.  This year it was are yummy goodness and Isaac’s school photo.  I want to be more purposeful about getting Isaac and Lynzie together to get a gift for all the grandparents in the future.  Anyway, it always feel like we go there to get our gifts and leave.  I feel like such a taker.  And it’s not that my feelings would be hurt if we stopped doing gifts at all and just spent time together, in fact, I thing that would be far less awkward.

On Christmas day, my parents came over (Ron and Cody were sick and we asked them to please not share with us).  Dad brought a gift of orange stuff for Isaac, but other than that we don’t trade gifts with them.  We actually got a really slow start to the day.  We all woke up at about 10 or so and because Mom and Dad were coming over and we got a nice 3 or so inches of snow the night before, shoveling was high on the list.  Isaac insisted on taking off his cute jammies as he got out of bed, so we all just got dressed and the boys went out to shovel in the 9 degree weather.  Lynzie wanted to eat, so we got to stay inside where it was warm.  Once the boys made it in we did stockings and then Zach fixed us pancakes.  We were just eating pancakes when my parents called to say they were headed our way (it was 12:15), and by the time they arrived we had just sat down to open the first presents.

I didn’t want Isaac to think Christmas was all about him, so I insisted on wrapping up presents for Lynzie…this made for a long, long, long unwrapping.  Not to mention Isaac insisted on playing with most everything.  3 hours.  You read that right.  Not 30 minutes, not 3 minutes….3 hours later we were done unwrapping and that was with a LOT of “Isaac unwrap this now.”  It was somewhat stressful for me…I don’t know why.

Although Zach and I don’t really trade gifts, we wanted Isaac to “give,” so he chose a videogame for Daddy and went shopping with Daddy for me.  On the day they went shopping Isaac brought me flowers.  He is a sucker for the flower department at any store.  He always wants to get me some because they are so pretty.  🙂  Such a sweetheart.  Anyway, Zach let Isaac make the decision on my gift so I got Vegesal….yep, seasoning.   Really it was a sweet gesture and shows he thought about it knowing his track record.

After presents we had baked Ziti and just relaxed and watched Isaac play and read.  It was a very low-key day.


One thought on “Christmas 2012

  1. I kept reading “vegesal” as “vagesil”… Oy!
    I hear ya on feeling like “takers”. I struggle with this every year.

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