When Isaac was six months old we stayed in a hotel.  They had a bath tub, but it didn’t look clean enough for me to want to wash my baby in it.  So, we showered as a family.  We all got in and passed the baby back and forth and tried not to lose the slippery guy.  Let me tell you…wet babies are the hardest thing in the world to hold onto.  Thankfully we never dropped him, but I remember telling Zach, “I really wish they made a wrap or something so this was easier.”

From that point on, we’d shower more with Isaac.  It was way easier than giving him a bath and he wasn’t particularly fond of bath time anyway.

When I ran across a mesh sling specifically for showering with a baby while I was pregnant I couldn’t pass it up.

It has been great.  Both Zach and I have used it to shower with Lynzie.  Most of the time, whoever is not showering is “on call” to get Lynzie and dry her off when the other person is ready to have the shower back to themselves (in my case so I can make the water really HOT).

Here is a picture of Lynzie in the sling.

She really does love it.  It calms her right down and sometimes she even wants to nurse in the shower.  It has really made the transition of having two kids easier, because I even get clean sometimes too. 🙂


A Busy Week

What a busy week we’ve had.  I go back to work next Friday, so I figured I needed to get things done.

On Tuesday after we dropped Isaac off at school, Lynzie and I headed to my OB/GYN.  I wasn’t quite healed up at my 6 week appointment from my tear and I needed my annual, so off we went.  I’m healed, but still pretty sore, so I’m supposed to be using some estrogen cream on the spot (if only I could find it) and this may be TMI, but I’m still having extremely painful and bloody bowel movements, so I was referred to a doc for that (we go on Monday), my doc isn’t 100% convinced it’s just hemorrhoids and thinks it might be related to my tear.

On Wednesday, both Isaac and I had dentist appointments.  I only made the appointments because my tongue was getting eaten alive by my chipped tooth (my front bottom tooth, thanks to some peanut brittle I was eating last week).  Isaac did great, but the dentist did find a cavity, so we made an appointment to get that taken care of on Friday.  Then we rushed with Zach to Target for a few things and dropped him off at work.

On Thursday, after Isaac was at school, I had a chiropractor appointment.  My chiropractor is the daughter of the office manager and another doctor at the practice.  They are really nice and always love on Isaac and this was the first time they’ve met Lynzie.  As the office manager was holding Lynzie, Lynzie had her first blow-out ever.  And I realized I didn’t have any extra clothes (thankfully it wasn’t the coldest day of the week).  I changed Lynzie into a clean diaper and used the blanket we keep rolled around her head to bundle her in and then covered her in her carseat blanket.

Because I realized my registration on my car expired in December, but I never got a card, I headed to the DMV to get that taken care of.  After standing in line, I was told that this year, they require emissions for the first time on my vehicle.  Arg.  I tried to call Zach to see where the emissions place in Aurora is, but couldn’t get ahold of him and couldn’t find the location on my phone, so I just went to the place in Parker I know.  It took 30 minutes to get there and then another 30 minutes to get through and then I headed back to the DMV, but to the one I was now closer to.  We were able to get done with that just in time to get home for a quick lunch before taking Lynzie to her 2 month appointment (a bit late as she was 11 weeks on Friday).

Lynzie did great at her appointment (of course) and she is sitting at 50% for weight (11 pounds, 4 ounces) and head and 25% in height.  She is doing everything good and even the doc noticed that she “only wants to stand.”  She needed three shots and they laid her on the table and held her legs down while they did it.  Zach typically holds or is around them during that time and I was sitting at the end, when the first needle went in, she practically did a sit up when she first realized the pain.  It was crazy.  Zach said the look on her face was priceless and that he’ll never forget it.  We expected her to have some reaction as Isaac got a fever, super red legs and was in a lot of pain.  About three hours later, Lynzie started showing some signs of pain, so we gave her some Tylenol, but she stayed awake.  After a short nap, she woke up just as happy as she was earlier in the day (and she was quite happy that day) and never showed any other signs of a reaction.

On Friday we had to get Isaac’s cavity filled.  We had worked really hard on prepping him but not scaring him and we had told him that if their was any pain to just raise his hand and we’d address it.  Zach hates the dentist and so I have a challenge of keeping Zach from tainting Isaac.  Isaac was a champ!  When we got in, I reminded Isaac (in front of the tech and dentist) that anything hurt to just raise his hand.  The dentist was also really good about tell Isaac what was going to happen and how he was going to get rid of the “sugar bug.”  Because the cavity wasn’t too deep yet, the dentist was able to drill it out without the need of numbing medication and Isaac did a great job keeping his mouth open and following directions.  A few times Isaac raised his hand because they were stretching his cheek too much, but he didn’t freak out or cry or anything.  Zach and I were both amazed and so very proud.  They said he was the best four year old they’ve ever had, even better than a lot of adults.

As a reward, Isaac wanted ice cream.  So we went to Taco Bell for lunch and picked up a frosty on the way home.  Did I mention a storm had blown in while we were on the way to the dentist and it was still snowing. 🙂

What a busy week.  I don’t know how I get these things done while I’m working.  I feel like I just spent a week of full-time work running errands!  Next week I had an appointment on Monday and then I go back to work on Friday.  I can’t believe my 12 weeks is up already, it makes me sad, but I’m also kind of ready to go back.

Isaac is 4!

Isaac’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year.  We decided since this was the first real year with friends, instead of having a party on his actual birthday in the evening like we have in the past, we’d have people over on Saturday around lunch time.  Isaac really wanted to go to a playground, but with the weather in December, it couldn’t be counted on.  We thought of booking a place, but they seemed cost prohibitive for the amount of kids we were having.

We let Isaac choose the guest list and I sent out the invite a week before, not expecting everyone to be able to make it.  Well, sure enough, as the RSVPs came in it looked like everyone was going to make it…bringing the number of people coming through my home to over 30.  I began to stress a little, but put that energy into cleaning the house and truly making it possible to have that many people in our tiny 1300 sq ft home.  The tree came down and other items (trash cans, microwave cart, etc.) that were deemed unnecessary  were moved to the garage.  We laid out the mats downstairs on the tile (or it is too cold to stand on at this time of year, especially when it was supposed to stay right around freezing outside on the day of his party) and brought out the rug we put up when Isaac was a baby.  Zach cleaned while I made a birthday cake and by about 10PM the night before we were ready.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to do last minute things and get ready to learn that one family of five was not going to be able to make it because they were having some sickness in the family and didn’t want to share their germs (thanks! we appreciate it!) and my dad had decided it was going to stress him out too much, so he was going to just drop Mom off and go work.

By 11:15, we had 25 people (adults and kids) in our home and the pizza arrived.  I setup a towel for the kids to have a “picnic” downstairs and they all sat and ate.  Then Isaac wanted to do presents.  Then cake and the kids played with all the new toys while the adults talked.  About 1ish or so I had to go nurse Lynzie and suddenly all the people with kids were gone (I suppose it was nap time) and some grandparents and we were left with my Mom, Russ and Julia.  Shortly, Russ and Julia left as our neighbors showed up and then my dad arrived.  It was a great day and somehow I had that many people in my house.  I think need to seriously be looking for a bigger house.

On Isaac’s actual birthday we got up and asked Isaac what he wanted to do.  We gave him a ton of options and let him choose.  At first he wanted to go to the zoo, but since it was still hovering around freezing, we encouraged him to pick something else.  This is what he choose in order: chocolate chip pancakes, aquarium, movie at the movie theater, silly penguin (frozen yogurt) and ice skating.  We told him we might not be able to pull it all off, but we’d try.

We went to Village Inn first.  Mainly, because they have pancakes and Mommy and Daddy were too tired to actually fix breakfast.  After breakfast (which was more at lunch time) we went to the aquarium.  Isaac has this habit of speeding through these types of things, so we kept having to slow him down.  We had a great time with the otters, that kept swimming and jumping off the glass in front of us, we enjoyed the sea turtles and the mermaid show (we just happened upon that section just three minutes before it started and Lynzie needed to nurse, so it seemed like a good time to just sit and chill for a while, but we split up (I sat in the way back on a bench, the boys got up-close) and Isaac was concerned that I missed it all), we saw people swimming with the sharks and got to pretend the sharks were trying to eat us, Isaac touched a starfish for the second time in his life and then he got to touch a sting ray.  He says is favorite part was the sting rays.

After the aquarium, we looked up movie times and told Isaac he had to choose to see a movie or go to Silly Penguin, but we couldn’t do both.  He choose a movie, and since the move didn’t start for two hours, but was on our way home and Isaac was hungry, we asked him where he wanted to eat.  McDonald’s was his choice and the one closest to the theater happened to have a playground.  Even though it was a Sunday evening and the Broncos game was just ending, there was a big family with four or five kids playing on the play structure and they immediately began playing with Isaac.  He was having a blast, but at one point he came to check on us and was having trouble breathing, so we had to do his inhaler  but he went right back to playing.  Shortly before we were going to go another bigger family came in and the first family left.  The second family wasn’t as accepting of Isaac, so when we told him it was time to go, he was ready.

We went and saw Wreck-It-Ralph and by this time I was exhausted and could barely stay awake.  Lynzie slept for only about 10 minutes of the movie and was awake the rest of the time, so I was constantly moving her to keep her occupied, but that kept me awake.

On our way home Isaac told us he had a good day.  I’m glad he enjoyed it, it was a little rough on us. 🙂  He even told us again the next day what a great day it had been.

One thing we’ve been working on with Isaac is sucking his thumb.  About 10 days before his birthday I came up with this plan that he would have a jar of jelly beans (his choice) and would lose one every time he sucked his thumb.  At the end of the week he could have computer time based on the amount of jelly beans left.  Well, a week is too long for a almost four year old, so we ended up modifying the idea to be 10 jelly beans a day in his bowl and whatever was left at the end of the day he could eat.  This worked about very well.  We did tell him his bed was his free zone and he could suck his thumb there if he needed to.  On his birthday he woke up and told us he wasn’t going to suck his thumb anymore.  I could see him trying so hard and he really made it through the day.  I was so proud of him.  Since, he has gone back to sucking his thumb in his bed, but he has been pretty good every where else.  He forgets sometimes, but does well when reminded.

Christmas 2012

Where has the time gone?  I keep wanting to write and then I feel like I can’t write until I write about this or that and then another week goes by.

We had a nice Christmas.  We spent a lot of time baking and making things the two days before Christmas.  Let me see if I can remember everything we made: sugar cookies, Gingerdoodles, four loaves of raisin bread, peanut butter truffles, peanut brittle and I think more, but I can’t remember.

Christmas Eve we went to Zach’s mom’s.  It always feels a bit weird to me.  We don’t do presents for the parents beyond a picture or calendar or something.  This year it was are yummy goodness and Isaac’s school photo.  I want to be more purposeful about getting Isaac and Lynzie together to get a gift for all the grandparents in the future.  Anyway, it always feel like we go there to get our gifts and leave.  I feel like such a taker.  And it’s not that my feelings would be hurt if we stopped doing gifts at all and just spent time together, in fact, I thing that would be far less awkward.

On Christmas day, my parents came over (Ron and Cody were sick and we asked them to please not share with us).  Dad brought a gift of orange stuff for Isaac, but other than that we don’t trade gifts with them.  We actually got a really slow start to the day.  We all woke up at about 10 or so and because Mom and Dad were coming over and we got a nice 3 or so inches of snow the night before, shoveling was high on the list.  Isaac insisted on taking off his cute jammies as he got out of bed, so we all just got dressed and the boys went out to shovel in the 9 degree weather.  Lynzie wanted to eat, so we got to stay inside where it was warm.  Once the boys made it in we did stockings and then Zach fixed us pancakes.  We were just eating pancakes when my parents called to say they were headed our way (it was 12:15), and by the time they arrived we had just sat down to open the first presents.

I didn’t want Isaac to think Christmas was all about him, so I insisted on wrapping up presents for Lynzie…this made for a long, long, long unwrapping.  Not to mention Isaac insisted on playing with most everything.  3 hours.  You read that right.  Not 30 minutes, not 3 minutes….3 hours later we were done unwrapping and that was with a LOT of “Isaac unwrap this now.”  It was somewhat stressful for me…I don’t know why.

Although Zach and I don’t really trade gifts, we wanted Isaac to “give,” so he chose a videogame for Daddy and went shopping with Daddy for me.  On the day they went shopping Isaac brought me flowers.  He is a sucker for the flower department at any store.  He always wants to get me some because they are so pretty.  🙂  Such a sweetheart.  Anyway, Zach let Isaac make the decision on my gift so I got Vegesal….yep, seasoning.   Really it was a sweet gesture and shows he thought about it knowing his track record.

After presents we had baked Ziti and just relaxed and watched Isaac play and read.  It was a very low-key day.