A bit of an update

I knew these holidays were going to be a bit different, but man, we are four days before Christmas and I can’t believe it’s already here.

I’ve felt a bit lonely, which I suppose goes with the territory of being home. We weren’t invited to any Christmas parties this year and I’m feeling a bit out of sorts.

We were invited to my mother-in-laws on Christmas Eve for dessert. But we are going to have to change something. We did that last year, but didn’t get dinner before hand, so it was a bit of a challenge with a sugared up kid. Just because they have an early dinner late lunch and are ready for dessert at 6pm doesn’t mean we are. Isaac generally naps until 5 and its a 30 minute drive there. Always a bit stressful.

We will probably have my parents and Ron and Cody over on Christmas Day, but I haven’t really made any plans.

Today is Zach’s last day for five days. It’ll be nice to have him home. We plan on baking and making yummy things and watching Christmas movies. Should be good.

Then we’ll pack up Christmas do we can celebrate Isaac’s birthday next weekend. I can’t believe he is going to be four!

Lynzie is eight weeks old today! She is more alert everyday and has started giving smiles on purpose. They are wonderful to see. And if you are lucky she’ll try to say a few things. So cute to watch her grow.

Isaac loves her and I think she is learning who he is. Today they shared done smiles and she followed his movements around. He was so excited that she was playing with him.

Looking forward to the holidays, but its hard to believe I’ll be working 4 weeks from today.



Zach and I recently celebrated the 12th anniversary of our first date.  (You can read the whole story under My Love Story.)  Twelve years.  I still wonder sometimes about how we ended up together and have stuck so well.

I asked Zach a few weeks back if it bothered him that he had to explain EVERYTHING to me and he responded with, “No.  I didn’t really have to explain everything.  You do a good job of hiding that you don’t know something.”

Upon further questioning, he explained that the first time he realized I faked knowing things was at a Christmas party probably 2 years into dating.  There was a conversation about bongs going on and someone looked at me and asked if I knew what a bong was.  I guess I put on a good show of knowing what they were talking about and the conversation continued.  Later that evening, when we were alone, Zach asked me if I really knew what a bong was and I answered no and had him explain.  Of course, by then, he was hooked on me and it wasn’t going to bother him to explain everything to me.

And when I say everything, you can take that to really be everything.  I was very sheltered and naive.  I was a good Christian girl and didn’t want to look silly, so I never would ask questions of things that it seemed like everyone know about.  Drugs – knew nothing, not even nick names.  Sex – completely blank slate.  Music – I could tell you a lot about Christian music.  TV, pop culture, etc….I was lost in a world of books.

Thank goodness I had Zach.  I would have been eaten alive as a high school teacher.  I needed someone who was willing to tell me the ways of the world and wouldn’t laugh at me when I asked.  I might have had other people around me that would have taken up this role, but none that I ever felt wouldn’t laugh in my face first.

And still twelve years later, I come up with random things I don’t get and that he has to explain to me.  So thankful for him for so many reasons…this is just one.