For being the season of thanks, that last post seemed more like a complaint…so, on a happier note:

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the negative, but I’m reminded daily about how much God has blessed us.  A little list of the things that have been at the forefront recently, but in no certain order…

My family: Zach, who is an amazing companion to me.  The first person I ever felt comfortable enough around to admit when I didn’t know something and didn’t walk out the door the first time he met my dad who was at the time yelling at me stating that despite me wanting his house to be a democracy, he was “the alpha male;”  Isaac, my amazingly smart, courteous and all things good (most of the time) almost four year old;  Lynzie, my precious four-week old.  A blessing we waited for for many years;  Mom, my best friend, who is always there for me, even when it’s hard on her;  Dad, we might not always see eye to eye, but he loves me and would really do anything for me;  My sister Stacy, who I miss so much, who else can find the laughter in anything; Cody, my brother-in-law, who is amazing with Isaac and one of the most thoughtful young men I’ve ever been around.

My job: I wonder sometimes if I made the right decision to leave teaching after only one year, but more and more I believe I did 100%.  My job has led us to have great insurance that keeps my medical bills very low (I just had a baby for $100).  I’m able to work from home…cooking bread on my lunch, shuffling my kid around, taking naps when I was pregnant, seeing my family more, having our internet paid for and a host of other things.  I also work with some pretty amazing people (even if I’ve never met any of them face to face).  This job allows me to pay my bills, enjoy what I do, but most importantly, keeps my family as the top priority in my life.

Zach’s job: We wanted Zach to have a teaching job this year, but honestly, his current job pays just as much as teaching, he just doesn’t get the breaks, and the split shift works extremely well for our family.  Being as manager gives him more flexibility with his schedule and he works with a great bunch of people.  Not to mention, he can take Isaac with him ever so often and Isaac gets to enjoy the interaction with the kids.

Our House: Our house is tiny, we have too much stuff.  My kitchen is tiny and a bit of a challenge to work in.  There are a host of other things I’d change, and we wanted to sell and move about two or three years ago, but it’s OUR house.  We have always been able to make the payments and pay our utilities (which, BTW, I’m thankful for as well).

Our Cars: We may only have one car that can hold the family and really only one car that can carry a passenger in the front seat, but that one car is great.  We bought it brand-new when I was pregnant with Isaac and I was scared it wouldn’t be worth the car payment, but I’ve never regretted it.  Zach’s two door car, has been well loved and recently had a passenger seat mishap, which had led to no airbags on that side and it might be a bit of a challenge to get rid of someday, but it’s a perfect car for getting too and from work and it’s completely paid off.

Our Neighbors: We haven’t always gotten a long with our neighbors, but recently we’ve bonded and I have to say, someday when we move, I will miss our neighbors most.  By that point, they might be family.

My friends: I don’t have many and I don’t really call any when I’m having a bad day and need some help, but I’m oh so thankful for the ones I do have.  They are bright spots in what could otherwise be a very boring day-to-day.

These are the big things, but there are more subtle things to be thankful for in everyday…the geese flying low and the golden sun reflecting of their bellies…the glow on my sons face when he sees the moon through binoculars…gas in the car…12 weeks of paid maternity to love on my kids…cheesecake…hot showers…fresh water…afternoon walks…the list goes on and on and on.


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