Thanksgiving 2012

At some point in my life, we stopped getting invited to my grandparents or aunt and uncles house for holidays.  We’d never done anything with my Dad’s side of the family, even though they all live within an hour of us.  So we always just had our family day.

And then Zach joined the picture.  It seems like he used to do more holiday stuff with his mom than he does now and I’m sure I’m to blame.

Holidays stress me out slightly.  Our family is small — My parents and my sister (and her husband); my father-in-law and brother-in-law; and my mother-in-law and her husband.  Zach is technically and “only child” and his mother’s only kid.  Her husband has two kids in Kansas, but they never do holidays with them.   As a result, I always end up hosting which is a LOT of work.

No one in our family even thinks to offer to host.  If we don’t mention anything, no one asks us until maybe the day before and then it’s only “what are you doing?”  Well, this year, I told Zach I wasn’t doing anything…I was going to have a four week old.

It wasn’t so much the cooking, although that was part of it, but it’s so stressful to get the parents together.  Z’s dad is the most easy going, but Z’s step-dad isn’t too fond of being around his wife’s ex-husband.  My parents, especially, my dad tries to fit in, but I don’t think Z’s mom and step-dad like them very much, which makes for awkward conversations.  Cody fits where ever (I couldn’t ask for a better brother-in-law) and my sister is only around on occasion as she lives in VA and when she is in town, she has to split her time with her in-laws.

I think things would be less awkward and more fun if we had more people.  I love to play games, but can only get about half the people on board and most of those always leave as soon as possible.

So we weren’t having family over, Zach agreed, but he still wanted to have turkey so he could have left-overs.  And I have to admit, Zach makes pretty much the best turkey and stuffing I’ve ever had.  Anyway, the weekend before thanksgiving, Cody asked what we were doing, even though he was working that day.  And then later on Sunday, my dad asked if he could make a turkey and bring it over.  I explained that we were just staying home and I was trying to avoid the stress-out.  We never heard from any of Zach’s parents.  So again, no one was coming over.

On Thanksgiving, we got to cooking really late.  I think the turkey went in the oven at 1 or 2.  When it was cooking, we decided that we’d call/text the family when we took the turkey out and tell them they could come over in an hour to eat if they weren’t busy.  The three of us weren’t really going to eat a whole turkey!  And I was going to make green bean casserole, which is always too much food (but that didn’t work out because I didn’t have enough onions).  Right after we’d determined this, my dad texted to see if we had a meat theomometer that he could borrow to check his turkey that he was cooking.  We said yes, and he came over with Mom and was just going to leave Mom while he went and checked his turkey.  But then Zach called him and asked if they wanted to eat with us.  He offered to make the gravy (his specialty) and carrots.  And then Zach texted the rest of the family (his family).

We ened up with everyone by his mom and step-dad, who eventually texted back to tell us they were at a friend’s house that day.  I hardly did anything.  I made the potatoes and some rolls and whipped cream, but Z did the rest.  It worked out just fine, but had more of Sunday night family dinner than a holiday dinner.  And Z and his dad cleaned the whole kitchen, so I didn’t even have to worrry about that.  I just got to sit around and hold Lynzie all night and chat with the parents.  Now to determine what to do for Christmas and Isaac’s birthday…


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