Everyday Miracles

God made us such incredible beings.  I’ve been amazed at how my tiny newborn knew by instinct exactly where to go for milk the second she was born.  How her oxygen levels were struggling, until she was placed skin-to-skin on my chest.  How my body spends months nurturing this tiny being.  She had always been surrounded by liquid and then is thrust into the world and must breathe and eat to survive.  Every little bit of life is a miracle.

The other day I’d just taken a nice long hot shower.  As I was getting dressed it was time to feed Lynzie, so I decided to forego putting my shirt and bra on and feed her skin-to-skin.  As I picked her up, she started crying and I immediately thought her diaper was leaking and pee was running down my belly.  As I looked down, I started laughing as I was dripping milk for both sides.  All over myself, all over the bed, the floor, everywhere.  I quickly put Lynzie down and grabbed a towel to clean up as she continued to cry and I continued to leak.  Zach looked over at the mess and said, “go something about her crying.  You are just making things worse.”  And true enough, I wasn’t going to be able to clean up a mess, until I could keep it from happening.  It was so funny, but it also was such a reminder of how amazing our bodies are.


One thought on “Everyday Miracles

  1. Oh, I don’t miss that! I had to wear a nursing bra with pads nearly 24/7 during most of the year I was nursing Oliver or else I made a huge mess! But amazing, yes. Truly.

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