The Best Day.

My first labor experience can be found in part here and here, although as I re-read these I realize there is far too much missing.  Missing is the fact that I was REALLY out of it after delivery.  I was so tired I could barely focus.  I was in extreme pain.  Because of the trauma Isaac was under there were a MILLION people in the room.  Isaac was rushed away from me and worked on by about 10 people.  Zach didn’t get to cut the umbilical cord.  This is how deliveries go…they are unpredictable and don’t always go as “planned.”

But sometimes the change in plans creates the best experience in the world…as was the case on Friday when our daughter, Lynzie Rain was born.

For several months I’ve had extreme pelvic area pain.  It is mainly present when I try to get in or out of bed, turn over, basically move my legs if I’m sitting or laying.  It is practically unbearable.  About a week ago I looked at Zach and said, “I don’t know how they are ever going to get me to move during labor with cords attached to me.”  More than anything else, this is why I was done being pregnant.

Then, on Tuesday I had several hours of mild, but consistent contractions.  The next two days brought me pretty severe pain when I walked and longer distance than around the house. I really began to wonder why I told the doc I wanted to induce the day before week 40 instead of day 1 of week 39.

On Thursday I dropped Isaac off at school and then rushed to my doctors appointment.  It was a snowy, snowy day and my “snow” shoes and the only shoes I can wear with my only pair of pants that were fitting have absolutely NO tread, so I had to walk really slow and be very careful to keep from falling on the ice.

The nurse took all my stats…I was down to 175, another pound from the week before (and my sugars had been high the entire day before).  My blood pressure and such was fine I think.  I always have trouble remembering those numbers, too many.

I’ve seen the same doctor since I was diagnosed with GD, so every week for eight weeks I’ve seen her and we have a better relationship than when I see a different doctor each time, so when she walked in I jokingly (kind of) said I don’t know why I said we should wait until Monday and didn’t go with today.  She said, “well, you want to induce tomorrow?”  Of course I did!  So, after checking me…I was 2cm dilated and at a -2 station…she went to make sure they had beds that night up in the Birth Place.

Yep, they had beds and even better, the doctor on-call who would be delivering our little girl was the same doctor who delivered Isaac and is who we’ve wanted to deliver her all along.  I was so excited and ready to go.

While I was finishing up my last day of work, I was also preparing Isaac’s stuff to take to Mom and Dad’s.  The plan was for him to be there for three nights, so I wanted to be sure they had everything they needed.  Especially because he’d been coughing.  Part of the plan was to make sure Isaac was tired enough to sleep for them, so we decided to forego nap-time, which could have made a rather challenging work afternoon for me, but instead Isaac was amazing.  He colored and wrote letters, brought in toys, sorted crayons, pencils and craft sticks.  Somehow he occupied those two hours without anything electronic or even asking for it (he #1 go-to) and I’d actually planned on letting him watch a movie.

After work, Isaac and I took a shower and packed his bags.  He was such a helpful boy!  And then we headed to McDonald’s (didn’t want the dishes) for our last meal as a family of three.  Isaac choose to sit next to me, which he never does and it was just so special to enjoy him that it made me emotional.

We arrived at Mom and Dad’s right on time and gave them directions and rules (more for Isaac, but we wanted him to hear us tell them), showed them the nebulizer and got Isaac settled with a movie and plans to see him the next day. And we were finally off to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 10PM and got checked into our room.  It took about an hour to get hooked up to the IV, start the monitors and answer questions.  Then the nurse went to get instructions from the doctor on how we were inducing.  The idea was to sleep, but unfortunately, going to the bathroom was a pain (literally…because of my pelvic/hip pain) and all the things I had to take with me and un-plug and then if my blood-pressure cuff went off while I was in the bathroom, then we’d have to call a nurse to reset the darn thing.  Then, my oxygen levels were slightly low, so every time I was almost asleep the alarm would sound stating my oxygen levels were low.  And I had a stuffy nose!  I was a mess.

Once we finally got all that settled, it was about 1AM and the nurse gave me 2 quarters of a pill (so I guess 1/2) that was supposed to start some contractions.  It did what it was supposed to do and I started dilating and having contractions – mild, but consistent.  At 5AM the nurse started the pitocin drip and came in about every hour to increase the rate.  During this time, I dozed occasionally, but no real sleep.

At 8AM, my doctor came by to check on me before going to the office.  We discussed pain  options.  She said she always recommends the epidural, but they would support whatever decision I made and told me the benefits/disadvantages of them all.  She also asked if I wanted to have my water broken, or if I wanted it to break naturally…I told her that we should break it, we were already beyond “natural.”  So, she broke my water and left for the day.

By 9 or 9:30 I was having pretty good contractions and was managing them okay, but the getting up to go pee and all the pain associated with that on top of the contractions made me finally consider the epidural.  At this point I think I was about 5cm, but the nurse and doctor kept asking me if I felt like I needed to push because I was making so much noise (crazy because I was pretty quiet with Isaac).  In reality, I only wanted to cuss (unusual for me) and I needed to squeeze a hand or something really tight through every contraction.

By 10AM, the epidural was in place, I was 6cm dilated, the cath was in place and feeling much better than when I was in labor with Isaac.  All I could really feel was the cath when I had a contractions, which told me I was still progressing.

At 11:30AM, Mom, Dad and Isaac showed up.  We were talking and Dad and Zach were watching the monitor and discussing the contractions and they changed.  I felt some heat between my legs during two contractions that Dad and Zach said were big and I could no longer feel them through the cath, but instead in my butt.  I still didn’t feel like I needed to push, so I didn’t really mention anything.

Zach decided to go get lunch and not two minutes later the doctor walked in to check on me.  I asked Dad and Isaac to step outside. (I later found out they decided to go find Zach in the cafeteria).  The pillow between my legs was wet and bloody and the doc quickly determined that I was ready to push.  She said to let Zach no, but that he didn’t need to rush and that she would let the teams know and get lunch herself and be back.

I called Zach twice and sent him a text…no response.  I learned later that he didn’t get any of the notification until he was up on the third floor again, guess the basement is a pit of no reception.  But, Dad and Isaac were snuck up on Zach and scared him.  Meanwhile, the doc saw Dad and told him we were ready to go and Dad pointed her to Zach, who turned around to see the doctor running at him.  So even though I couldn’t get through, Zach got the message.

Zach got back to the room and everyone started setting up.  The mirror I requested was brought in and the nurse helped us do some “practice” pushes and after two, she said she needed to go get the doctor.  It was kind of funny.  The doctor came in and asked if I wanted the mirror (because it was right in the spot where her tools went), I said, “Yes and suggested we move it to the other side.  We started pushing as it was being moved and I was a little distracted during the first push because I couldn’t see.  We finally got it all in position and I pushed two more times and Lynzie popped out!  I watched it all and was tearing up as they put her on my belly and let me help rub her while Zach cut the umbilical cord, which had been wrapped once around her neck.  Then they took her over to get warm and looked at.  Her cries had sounded fluidy and she was blue.  They gave her some oxygen, tested her blood sugars and weighed her…she was 7 lbs, 12 oz…11 oz bigger than Isaac was. And her head was 14 inches, which I guess is big.

The doctor stitched me up, so she could get back to the office before missing an appointment.  She ate lunch and delivered a baby in her lunch break…crazy!

I was bought some juice and snacks, ordered lunch and eventually, Lynzie was brought back to me.  Her oxygen levels were low, so they monitored that, but as soon as we got skin to skin, they rose to normal levels and we nursed.  Everything took a while and I think it was around 3 when Isaac and Dad finally got to come back.  Isaac was a little unsure at first and more interested in going on an adventure, but that was to be expected.

It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.  There is nothing like being alert and watching your child come into this world!

And my recovery so far has been easier…but then again, I didn’t tear as bad as the first time.

Lynzie is perfect…her sugars were all fine the first 12 hours, so we didn’t have to do anything special.  She has a bit of jaundice, and was 7 lbs 4 oz when we left the hospital and had already gained 2 oz by her doctor’s appointment the next day.  She eats like a champ.

Isaac is in love!  The morning after we got home, I went and woke him up to see if he wanted to snuggle with us in our bed.  His first words…”And Baby Lynzie too.”  He tells her all the time how precious and beautiful she is and loves to hold her hand and asks to hold her all the time.  It really is precious seeing how loving he is.


2 thoughts on “The Best Day.

  1. I’m a bit jealous of your great birthing day, but you certainly earned it after your difficult pregnancy! Congratulations again, and thanks for stirring some of my own memories; I had forgotten my own last dinner as a family of three.

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