A New Day

We’ve always been pretty flexible with my son’s bedtime…meaning he doesn’t have one.  He generally goes to bed between 11 and midnight.  I know for a lot of parents, this is crazy, but for us it works.

You see, when Isaac was first born, the only time Zach really got to see him was a bit in the middle of the day and in the evenings, he didn’t get home until 7.  Plus, keeping Isaac up later makes him sleep longer in the mornings, which allows me to get lots of work done, without having interruptions and my back-up (AKA Mom), doesn’t have to rush over in the mornings.

Last year, Isaac started school and as expected, being woken up in the mornings was rough.  Half-way through the year, we added in the nebulizer in the morning which made it even earlier for him.  Thankfully, the neb and a show was actually a very easy way to ease into the day.

This year Isaac’s sleep schedule isn’t much different.  We’ve been trying (not very hard) to modify it slightly so he is up and out of bed by 9AM daily (Zach gets home at 9:30ish), but it’s the afternoon naps that are killing us.  He goes to nap when Zach goes back to work at 1:30 and most days I’m waking him up at 5, which, of course, means he doesn’t want to go  to bed any earlier.  Maybe the new baby will help disrupt things enough to get him into bed slightly sooner…say 10?

Anyway, this is all not the point I was trying to write about.  Isaac is not a morning kid.  Most of the time he wants to snuggle at least 15 minutes before getting up and then getting him going is constant whining and redirection (or so it seems)….but yesterday…yesterday I had a different kid.

Isaac woke up before I got out of bed and wanted to snuggle.  We snuggled a bit and talked about how it was a school day and such.  I got up and got to work and Isaac went into his room and played (this never happens in the mornings).  I reminded him that he needed to get dressed and he came in with the shorts and shirt he’d worn the day before. I told him they were dirty and he needed warmer clothes.  He went back to his room, took off the other clothes and put on new pants, socks and shoes (I had to get a shirt down, so I helped with that) and then he was ready to go.  Go complaining.

We got breakfast, which he ate (it’s a fight most days) and picked out a snack (that was still a bit of a fight) and we headed to the car.  Isaac wasn’t quite done with his pancakes so I asked him to carry those and his backpack out to the car.  He started to complain and I asked him if I had more than him, he agreed and stopped complaining.

When we got to the car the strangest thing happened.  Isaac informed me that he could buckle himself in.  We’ve been trying to encourage this as we figure it’ll help out when the baby comes, but the buckle is a little challenging.  But he didn’t want my help.  I told him he could try while I ran into the house for one more thing.  When I got back to the car, sure enough, he’d buckled himself all the way in and then announced, “I didn’t know I could do that, but I can.”

On the way to school, we counted cows and discussed why pancakes are not served in a pan even though they are called “pan”cakes.

At school, we were a bit early, so were the first ones there.  He hung up his coat, threw open his classroom door, put away his snack, wash his hands as he told his teacher, “I can write S’s now,” pulled his name for attendance and then went and stood in the middle of the room with his hands on his hips.

He teachers laughed as I told them the story about how he can now write S’s and how he has been quite on top of things this morning.  I honestly don’t think Isaac knew quite what to do with an empty room or toys and no friends. 🙂

My little guy sure is growing up.

Sidenote about the S’s.  Isaac has always struggled with S’s, it’s the hardest letter in his name.  Recently he has taken to writing a lightening bolt in the S place instead of whining “I can’t.”  We’ve encouraged that and he even started writing Stop every where too.  Then the other day we were talking to my sister online via video chat and Zach and I mentioned how Isaac S’s look like lightening bolts and we need to work on it (my sis is a kindergarten teacher).  Isaac stopped what he was doing, went over to his easel, grabbed a blue marker and wrote a perfect S and said, “Look, I can write an S now.  I didn’t know I could do that.” and ever since, S’s are S’s not lightening bolts and he is just as excited as we are.


One thought on “A New Day

  1. S is a hard letter. Julian write his S’s backwards a lot.
    My kids are usually wide awake once they’re up. They’re like Chad: they open their eyes, then they jump up and they are awake. I hate it, because I am not a morning person, but I guess it makes school mornings easier. I struggle getting Julian to eat his breakfast every single morning. It doesn’t matter what we’re eating, it’s a fight. So I can totally relate.

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