The Waiting Game

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today.  I feel like I’m just playing a waiting game.

  • I’ve done an amazing job preparing people at work to take over for me.
  • We got most of the house clean thanks to some amazing help from my father-in-law. The exceptions are the ceiling fan in the dining room, a bit of dusting in the kids’ room and office and the bathroom.
  • Everything is washed for the baby.
  • The car has been cleaned and carseats installed.
  • The Baby’s bag is packed…but I have yet to think about my hospital bag or what I need to have together for Isaac (Zach’s on his own).

And now I just sit around an wait…I’ve been trying to occupy myself, but it’s just not too easy when I’m ready to hold this little girl in my arms.  I’m ready to stop poking myself.  I’m ready to eat pizza and cheesecake and enjoy it.   I’m ready to stop wondering when it is going to happen…will she come on her own or will we induce?  Will my water break?  What day?

But in a lot of ways it’s good she hasn’t shown up yet.  I was so sick for two plus weeks and then Isaac got sick again at the end of last week.  I think he had bronchitis.  He had a very dry unproductive non-stop cough all day on Sunday and even through most of the night.  Poor kid just kept saying “I’m just so tired” through his coughing.  He has a bit of a residual cough now and his voice isn’t quite normal (how could it be after coughing for 24 hours with only 30 second breaks).

Zach also needed some time at work.  They have to ensure a proper ratio of kids to adults and he had one staff member on a four week vacation and then two quit because they found better paying/in their field jobs, so before he could feel okay with not being their and leaving things in the hands of his assistant, he needed to hire some people and it’s just a bonus that the four week vacation is over.

So now we all wait…and wait…and wonder…



2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I am sure I will be in your same shoes soon, but it sounds like the timing will be great now that things have worked themselves out. I have just started doing some of the stuff on your list and still haven’t thought about a hospital bag either. I can’t wait to hear stories and see pics of your precious baby girl. We pray for a quick and easy delivery.

    • Thanks! I’m trying to go without pain meds this time around, I think it slowed my labor completely last time, so quick and easy is good. 🙂

      I’m excited for you! Wish we lived in the same state and could get our baby girls together!

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