Almost a kid-free night

In Isaac’s three years, 9 months, he has never spent a night away from Mommy and Daddy.  With the impending arrival of Baby #2, we decided we needed to try it out.  We talked to Isaac about the fact that when his sister comes Daddy and I will go to the hospital and he will need to sleep at someone else house for a night or two.  He seemed to understand and we asked him where/who he wanted to stay with.  His immediate response, “Grandpa Greg! (pause) and Grandma Cher and Muffin’s house.”

My parent’s have physical limitations, so I didn’t know how they would feel about having him for such a long period of time, but beyond that, I was quite thrilled that was his choice…it was my choice too.  I discussed it with my parents and they said they were up to it, so I asked them if we could do a trial run.

I remember once when I was a kid, I was spending the night at my grandparent’s house and for whatever reason I got freaked out and wanted to go home.  I called Mom and Dad and Dad drove the 30 minutes in the middle of the night to come and get me. I wanted us to be able to do that for Isaac is it needed to happen.

Friday night was the scheduled trial date.  Isaac was so excited, he won’t eat (or so we thought).  Mom said, “Don’t worry.  I’ll make mac and cheese.”  We weren’t too worried (except that he’d wear Mom and Dad out), until I gave him a hug and he was burning up.  He seemed otherwise fine, so we decided to leave him and see what happened.

Zach and I had three things on our list: dinner, movie, sex…a typical date, right?  After a nice dinner (that didn’t even raise my blood sugar level), we sat in the car deciding if we were going to go to the movie or have sex, because there was no way I would manage to stay awake for both – sad reality on a Friday after work at 34 weeks pregnant.  Finally we decide to go home and skip the movie.  On the way home I called to see how Isaac was doing.  Dad said he was hot and complained of a headache, but that otherwise he was fine and they were watching a movie.  I asked if they would have Isaac call to say good night before he went to bed and they agreed.

A few minutes after we arrived home, Isaac called to say good night.  It wasn’t even 9, but Dad said he was fading and he didn’t expect he’d last long.  I was surprised as 10 is generally the earliest he goes to bed, but since he seemed to be slightly under the weather, I brushed it off.

A few moments later the phone rang, this time it was Dad.  He said they gave up and we needed to come get Isaac.  Isaac had thrown up and just wanted to come home.  We rushed out the door laughing at how we’d only accomplished one thing on our list for a no-kid night, but thankful we’d decided against the movie as we’d have been watching previews at that moment.

We arrive at Mom and Dad’s to a pathetic looking boy, who was calmly watching a movie until I sat down with him.  Then he started crying and freaking out and caused himself to throw up again (thank goodness both times someone was able to get him to the sink).  Daddy wrapped him up in his blanket and calmed him down and Isaac repeatedly asked to go home as I picked up his stuff and caught up with Mom and Dad.  Turns out the kid never really ate.  He choose to eat a ton of watermelon and drink juice (which is what caused him to puke the first time) and then he followed up puking by eating a ton of Cheese-Its.  When I heard that I wasn’t too surprised he’d thrown up.

We got him in the car and decided to go to the store to get some pedialyte to help him rehydrate after throwing up twice and being so hot.  The original plan was for Zach to drop us off at home and then go to store, but Isaac was out before we were half-way.  At the store, Isaac woke up just after Zach walked in and saw the sign for Cici’s Pizza.

“Let’s go to Cici’s,” he whispered.

“They are closed buddy.”

“But there are cars there.”

So I had to explain that it was the workers cleaning up and then I told him he could go back to sleep if he wanted.  He snuggled up and went back to sleep.

At home Isaac said he was hungry, so we offered him some toast with peanut butter with his pedialyte.  He ate half a slice before I told him he needed to give it a few minutes to see if it upset his stomach.  He passed out in seconds and he didn’t wake for hours.  At this point his temp was 102.5, and according to our doctor, that is the point you give medicine, so when he did wake a few hours later, we gave him tylenol and he slept pretty well until 9AM.

On Saturday he seemed fine.  No fever, a little tired, but pretty normal.  We did some shopping for groceries and I got my hair cut while the boys wandered the farmer’s market, we went to the bookstore at Isaac’s insistence (they were headed there when I got done with my hair and Isaac was kinda stuck on it) and we shopped for groceries.

It was about naptime as we headed home, but when we got home our neighbors were out (Isaac’s best friend who is 48 years old), so we let him go say Hi, he went on an ATV ride and blew some bubbles.  I was exhausted, so I went inside to to rest while this all happened.

When I woke up an hour and a half later, Isaac and Zach were asleep on the couch next to me.  We let Isaac sleep a bit longer, since he’d missed his nap, but when we woke him up, he was not happy and he was HOT.  Back up to in the 101-102 range.

We basically ate dinner and went to bed.  Sunday continued the high temp.  We pushed liquid and tried to get him to eat, but didn’t push too much.  I’d wanted to get the trim painted (I’ve been working on it for a year) and the house clean.  Meanwhile, I was starting to feel yucky — sore throat, congestion.

Zach and I got to work on the trim while Isaac was still sleeping and then he woke up and was pretty clingy.  Isaac stuck with Zach most of the day, while I primed the trim.  They cleaned and ate and watched football.  By the time the Bronco game started I’d just finished priming everything and was so exhausted I decided to be done for the day.  Isaac took a nap with Zach, but was starting to show other symptoms – running nose and coughing, eventually becoming hoarse.

Zach took on the role of taking care of us.  Isaac dozed and stared out the window for hours.  I laid next to him and read.  At one point, Isaac woke up crying and got off the bed.  I asked him if he needed to pee and he nodded as he continued to cry.  He walked past the bathroom and into the office (still crying), I was trying to get out of the bed as quickly as possible (it’s a production!) as he seemed disoriented and was crying so much.  He stopped in front of the recycle bin and pulled down his boxers.  I finally got out of bed, and rushed him to the bathroom where he peed a ton, but I still couldn’t get him settled down.  Zach had to come to the rescue.  It was so funny, but it is also what caused me to be overly concerned about Isaac.

Isaac slept with us last night and I insisted if he still had a fever in the morning we were going to the doctor.  He did still have a fever and woke me up crying after Zach had gone to work.  It was 8:00am, so I quickly called the doctor, got straight in and was able to get a 8:15 appointment, that I might barely be able to make.

Isaac calmed down when I told him we were going to the doctor, as I rushed to get us both dress, take my sugars and get out the door.  Only to find that Zach had taken my car, which had my wallet in it.  We rushed out into the rain to get to Zach’s car and it started (it needs jumped often)!  I somehow managed to get Isaac buckled in the carseat I hate in the backseat of the two door car and we headed out.  I turned on the wipers to see and the one over the drive side just flapped.  Thankfully, it was only sprinkling and only in our neighborhood, but I don’t know why that hasn’t been fixed yet.

We arrived 10 minutes late and I had to explain I had no money for my co-payment.  Thankfully, they have a plan for that – sign a piece of paper that you’ll pay within 24 hours.

The doctor asked a bunch of questions, listened to Isaac, said he sounded fine, looked in his holes and couldn’t see beyond some wax build-up in the ear Isaac was complaining about.  So she tried to dig it out – he didn’t like that much, started screaming, which caused him to cough and allowed the doctor to immediately determine he has croup.  But I had to ask her to stop for a minute because I didn’t want him to throw-up and so she called in a nurse to do an ear wash….to which Isaac freaked out and my little lap wasn’t keeping him on very well.  They were never able to get all the wax out, but enough that the doc could see that his ear looked fine.  She did give us some steroids to help his airway swelling, but other than that he’ll just have to get over it and we can just make him as comfortable as possible — so glad we didn’t go to the ER or Urgent Care.

We got home and Isaac requested pancakes.  He ate the whole bag, drank a bit of milk, finishing up as I got to work.  He took his shoes off and I found him snuggled in my spot of the bed, under the covers fast asleep about 30 minutes later.  He slept until 1PM.  But his fever hasn’t returned since the Advil wore off, but whenever he talks, he coughs, so he has watched movie, after movie, after movie this afternoon/evening.

He’ll miss school tomorrow, but I sure hope he picks back up quickly (and that I don’t get any worse and that Zach doesn’t get it at all).  We have friends coming in from out of town this weekend and lots of fun stuff planned.


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